Earn at least $2,000
a month with
Laundry Bubble

Terms apply


Earn at least $2,000
a month with
Laundry Bubble

Terms apply

What's in it for you?

laundry bubble provider payment

Make money on your terms

Get paid for your work quickly and easily.

Laundry Bubble provider flexcibilty

Choose Where You Work

Set your service area to work with clients who are convenient to you.


Only work when you want to! That means you’ll set your hours.

laundry bubble Stress-free Business Management

Stress-free Business Management

We handle all invoices, payments, and new client sign-ups for you.

laundry bubble 24/7 Support

24/7 Support

1-on-1 support from a Laundry Bubble Provider Success Manager

Mobile Business Management

Manage your Laundry Bubble business from any smartphone with our easy-to-use mobile app

What Is Laundry Bubble?

Laundry Bubble is a cutting-edge business that connects independent laundry Providers to customers in their area who need laundry services. Our customers are often busy families, active professionals, and hardworking businesses that need a little help in getting it all done.

Our Providers are independent self-starters who love helping people and know how to provide service with a smile. We make it easy to connect Providers to clients, all while offering the support and management tools they need to grow their business.

What you'll need to apply

Your driver's license

be 21 years or older

pass basic background check

Daytime availability

Access to a washer & dryer

Can pick up and deliver laundry


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get paid?

Your pay is based on the laundry and dry cleaning you pick-up (and you keep 100% of your tips, of course). All payments are made through the Laundry Bubble Provider app weekly, so you’ll need to add your banking info to get paid.

How much money can I make?

When a Laundry Bubble provider service 2 clients a day they make an average of $28,976.00 annually. With 4 clients they make an average of $57,655.00. With 6 daily clients, an expected yearly income is $86,272.00.

The average order at Laundry Bubble is around $60 and about 70% of that money goes to the provider.

Are you in my area?

Absolutely! We currently operate in more than 50 cities in the United States and are adding locations all the time. Check out the map above to see all our locations. It’s no problem if your city isn’t within our current service area. You can still join our team of Providers and help us expand! In fact, being the first person in the area often has an advantage, as you’ll be the only Provider there, which means more clients for you!

What supplies do I need?

Basically, anything you would use to do your own laundry: detergent, fabric softener, stain treatments, and dryer sheets. You will also need a laundry weight scale, laundry bags to collect and Clear Bags to deliver. 

List of items: 

How does Laundry Bubble work?

It’s easy: Clients place a request for laundry pickup. You collect the laundry and bring it back to your home or other place of work. You wash, dry, and fold/hang the laundry, then you return it to the client all clean and neat. Everything—from scheduling to getting paid—is conveniently handled through our app.