Los Angeles Laundry Prices

No service fees. No Delivery fees. No subscription fees of any kind. All orders minimum $30

Wash and Fold

$1.85 / Pound

Perfect for all of your everyday laundry needs, returned freshly washed and nicely folded - including paired socks! Price per pound.

Hang Dry

$2.50 / Pound

Perfect for delicates, activewear, and other clothing that should avoid heat from the dryer. Machine washed and hung to dry. Price per pound.

Save With Subscriptions

$42/ bag

Laundry charged by the bag. One price per bag. If it fits, it'll get washed! Next-Day Rush Delivery. Plans start at only $59/ month.

Dry Cleaning Prices

Price per item* delivery in 2 days

  • All Shirts (Men's and Women's)
    All Shirts (Men's and Women's) $3.50

    Laundered and pressed

  • All Shirts (Men's and Women's)
    All Shirts (Men's and Women's) $6.50

    Dry Cleaned

  • Shorts
    Shorts $7.99
  • Skirts
    Skirts $7.99
  • Blouses
    Blouses $7.99
  • Pants
    Pants $7.99
  • Sweaters
    Sweaters $7.99
  • Vest
    Vest $7.99
  • Jacket
    Jacket $7.99
  • Dress
    Dress $10.00+
  • Coat
    Coat $14.00

Los Angeles, CA

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