1. If you absolutely have to remove the label on a piece of clothing, save the label so you know how to wash it in the future.


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62 steps to do laundry


Check for stains before washing, once you wash the clothing, the stain is normally set in after you wash it.


Don't overload your machine, the washer will get your clothes cleaner and the dryer will dry the clothes faster with less wrinkles.


Accidentally use too much detergent? Pour salt on top of the suds, it will make them go away and keep the machine from overflowing.


Don't buy those expensive tablets to clean your washer, use vinegar instead. Use a gallon of white vinegar once every 3 months and run the washer with warm water to get rid of the built up soap residue.


Hard water not only changes the color of your whites, but it is hard on the clothing and makes it wear out sooner. If you can't afford a water softener use washing soda instead to make your clothing last longer. Just remember when you do this, you will need less detergent.


Loose your scoop for the powdered detergent? Use the top of an old bleach or milk jug. Cut the top off and leave the cap on. Turn it upside down and pur the correct amount of detergent you normally use in it. Then use nail polish to make a mark and now you know where to measure to next time.


If you go to the laundromat, use powdered detergent and bleach, so you don't have to bring the whole amount. Pre-measure the amount you need for each load and place in a pillow case or a t-shirt you have tied shut. Then just pop that into your washer and save the energy and space of lugging the detergent and bleach bottles.


Finding your silks don't last as long as they should? Wash them by hand with baby shampoo and tepid water then hang dry. They will last much longer if you do this.


Ring around the collar part 1. There are multiple ways of combating this. The first is to work in a paste of vinegar and baking soda and rub it into the collar, then wash as usual.


Ring around the collar part 2. You can also rub your shampoo into the collar and wash as usual to get the stain out.


Ring around the collar part 3. Try using an abrasive hand soap to get the ring out. Just wet the collar and rub the soap in.


Have something you don't ever think will come clean? Add 5-6 capfuls of household ammonia and it will come clean.


Running colors part 1. To prevent colors from running, add 1 teaspoon of Epsom salts per gallon of water.


Running colors part 2. 1 teaspoon of ammonia also added to your wash water will keep the colors from running.


Get a new cotton shirt? To set the colors in it, soak it overnight with salt water and your won't have to worry about the colors running.


Brighten your colors and soften your clothes by adding 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the rinse cycle.


Another clothing brighter is cream of tartar. Mix 2 teaspoons cream of tarter. Mix 2 teaspoons cream of tartar. Mix 2 teaspoons cream of tartar to 1 gallon of water and let the clothing soak overnight then wash as normal.


Bag break for your delicates? Wash them in a pillowcase instead. Just tie the pillowcase instead. Just tie the pillowcase shut after you put the clothing in. It is a cheap alternative.


Regular laundry soap is too harsh for your delicates and will wear them out sooner. Use this mixture on them instead. Mix 1 cup of soap flakes with 1 cup of water and put in a jar to use for later.


Is your lace yellowing? Wash them in hot water on the gentle cycle with 1/4 cup baking soda and detergent.


Too much lint? Add 1/2 cup of white winegar to your rinse cycle or turn your clothing inside out before washing.


Prevent pillowcase stains by lightly starching them. This prevents oils from soaking into them.


Have a stain? Apply any stain treatment to the back of the fabric to keep the stain from going further into the material.


Use a dabbing motion on stains instead of a rubbing one. Rubbing will only set the stain.


Instead of buying a stain remover mix 1 part rubbing alcohol to 2 parts water.


Stained suede? Rub the spot with an emery board then hold the spot over steam. It will look just like new.


Removefresh bloodstains by applying a paste of meat tenderizer and cold water. Let it sit for 1/2 hour and rinse in cool water.


Remove dried bloodstains by using ammonia.


To remove gum place the clothing in the freezer for about an hour, you will be able to just pull it off easily after that. This also works on wax.


To remove the wax that doesn't come off in the freezer, use this method. Take 2 pieces of paper towel and cover the wax stain, then warm up your iron and run over it. The wax soaks into the paper towels.


To remove mud stains, rub a cut potato on them, then wash like normal.


Grease stains part 1. Try dabbing on waterless hand cleaner to remove then launder like normal.


Grease stains part 2. Place baby powder on the stain and allow it to absorb then wash like normal.


Grease stains part 3. Place cornstarch on the stain and allow it to absorb then wash like normal.


Grease stains part 4. Dab with eucalyptus oil and then wash like normal.


Grease stains part 5. Dab with teatree oil and wash like normal.


Grease stains part 6. If you have grease stains on your delicates, try washing them with baby shampoo.


Rust stains can be removed by applying a paste of lemon juice and salt. Then hang in the sun to dry. After dried wash like normal.


Mildew can happen easily and it is just as easy to remove. Soak in a mixture of salt and milk overnight and wash like normal.


Mildew on leather is a bit different. use antiseptic mouthwash to remove it from leather.


Perspiration stains can be removed by soaking in water with 1 cup of vinegar for an hour before washing.


Red wine, treat immediately with salt. It absorbs the wine and then you can wash it.


Grass stains, dab with eucalyptus oil to remove.


Tomato based stains. You can remove it by dabbing denatured alcohol and washing it in cool water.


Acid stains can be removed by rinsing it immediately and then make a past of baking soda and water. Let it sit for 1 hour and rinse and wash.


Adhesive stains, remove these by saturating with baby oil, letting it sit for 10 minutes then washing with dish washing liquid. After that wash as normal.


Urine stains. Accidents happen, to help get the smell out wash with 1 cup of white vinegar with your detergent.


Soften a brand new pair of jeans by soaking them in water with 1 cup of salt overnight and then wash as usual.


Sequined and beaded dresses. To freshen these up spritz with a bottle of vodka. It will take the odors away.


To Soften wool, add a few drops of Glycerin to the final rinse when hand washing.


Make your dryer work more efficiently by clearing the filter after each use and clean the outside vent at least once a year.


Save money by using a cloth sprayed with inexpensive fabric softener instead of buying softener sheets.


If you forget to take your clothes out of the dryer and they get all wrinkled, you don't have to iron them. Just throw a damp towel in the dryer with the clothes and let it run again. This removes the wrinkles.


Add new life to your pillows by throwing them in the dryer with a damp cloth, they are like new again.


When drying comforters add a couple of tennis balls in the dryer to keep them fluffier.


Make your iron last longer by using demineralized water. If you don't want to buy it, scrape the frost from your freezer and use that instead of tap water.


Remove brown spots on your iron by rubbing it with steel wool dipped in vinegar.

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