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What is a typical order size?



est. $15-20/week



est. $30-35/week



est. $30-39/week


1. What services laundry bubble offer?

Wash and Fold, Hang Dry and Dry Cleaning. 

2. Do I have to be home?

You do not. You can leave your bag of laundry outside your home by the door. You can also leave your items with your doorman. Make sure to let us know in the ‘Pickup’ notes so we know we have your approval. 

3. Payment methods accept?

You can link your credit card right in your Laundry Bubble account. We accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express. 

4. Do I need to sort the clothes?

Not for laundry, but If you have Hang Dry or Dry Cleaning, please put them in separate bags. 

5. When is my laundry weighed?

As soon as your laundry is brought to our facility it is sorted and weighed. We check and test our scales daily to ensure we are providing the most accurate measurements possible. 

6. What is the delivery time?

First available delivery is next day after 6PM. You can also change your delivery date from your Laundry Bubble account.  

7. What is your customer service like?

You can call us at 424-272-6063 or email us at info@laundrybubble.com a real person will respond.

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