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We provide a hassle free, economical commercial laundry service for your business. Instead of renting you the towels and charging for the cleaning service, we provide the cleaning service for the towels you own, and only charge you $1.10/lb for the cleaning. Pressing/Ironing Service is also available for additional $0.90/lb.


How we differ from our competitors:

  • Minimum Pickup 30lbs
  • Minimum Monthly Volume 400/lbs ($1.65/lb otherwise)
  • Free Pickup/Delivery
  • Volume discounts
  • Ironing/Pressing Service for additional $0.90/lb
  • Individual load processing
  • Environmentally safe detergents and bleach
  • Bags made from recycled materials
  • No Contracts
  • No Lost Item Charges
  • No Subscription Fees
  • No Inventory Charges
  • No Hidden Cost of any kind

Let us show you how to save 30-50% on your laundry service!

Our growth and profitability is a reflection of our quality service, our dedicated team of highly trained employees, and our commitment to continually improve everything we do so that we can deliver the world-class quality that our customers expect from us. We are committed to providing the highest quality service available, with the highest regard to our employees safety.


From the time the linen is picked up until the linen is delivered, our staff provides extra care handling it every step of the way.  As our turn-over is minimal, we have staff that has extensive experience with linen laundering, and our quality shows it! Quality you’ll rave about.


Our drivers pick up soiled linen from our customer’s and bring the linen to our plant to be processed. Our employees weigh in, sort, wash, dry, press, fold and weigh out the linen. We use continuous batch washers, dryers, ironers and folders. We process and deliver our customer’s linen within a 24 hour turn around. 



(424) 272-6063

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