Laundry smells better when it is dried outside?

Sunlight, through a process called photolysis, breaks down compounds in laundry that cause odor, such as oil and perspiration absorbed from the body. The process doesn’t remove the compounds but makes them less odorous. Post by Laundry Bubble. Dry Cleaning & Laundry To Your Door!


Ironing gratifies the senses. The transformation of wrinkled, shapeless cloth into the smooth and gleaming folds of a familiar garment pleases the eye. The good scent of ironing is the most comfortable smell in the world. And the fingertips enjoy the changes in the fabrics from cold to warm, wet to dry, and rough to […]

What Happens Inside Your Washing Machine.

What Happens Inside Your Washing Machine. The type of automatic washing machine that most people in this country have in their homes is a top-loading machine that “agitates,” or churns or jerks the clothes back and forth by means of a post in the center of the tub in order to wash and rinse them. […]

What Care Labels Do Not Have to Tell You

You should not assume, when you read a care label, that the manufacturer is trying to give you the least expensive or the best or even both of two equally good sets of care instructions. The rules do not require this, and care labels very often do not do so. When care labels give warnings, […]

Laundry Machine or washtub.

Preparing the Clothes. Some commonsense precautions are necessary to prepare the clothes for the machine or washtub: Turn inside out any blue jeans or other articles that may fade or whose color may abrade (if you wish to prevent that); also turn inside out articles made of synthetic fibers, knits, and other articles prone to […]

Why Sort Laundry?

Why sort laundry? Sorting is the process of separating soiled clothes and linens into heaps or piles such that all the articles in a pile can safely receive similar laundry treatment—similar washing methods, washing products, water temperature, washing vigor and duration, and, usually, drying methods, times, and temperatures. Sorting the laundry has become more complicated […]

When Do Clothes Need Washing?

All new clothes, sheets, and other household fabrics that are launderable should be washed once before they are used. After this, wash launderable clothes, linens, and household textiles when they look, feel, or smell dirty. Even if they look fine, you should launder them if you know that they have accumulated dirt and dust, because […]

How Often Should You Launder?

In most households, doing laundry only once or twice a week is more effective and efficient than doing a load or two every day, and that is because the first step in preparing to do laundry is to accumulate an adequate stock of dirty clothes and linens to wash. It is inefficient and ineffective to […]

About Laundering

Gathering, Storing, and Sorting Laundry Laundering at home vs. sending out the laundry … Reducing the amount of laundry in your home … Scheduling; how often you should launder; laundry day … Deciding when clothes need washing; clothes hampers … Why we sort before laundering … Care labels; the rules of sorting; sorting by washing […]

Laundry Detergent Counterfeit In Los Angeles

Recent raids by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department turned up more than 400 buckets of apparently counterfeit laundry detergents at multiple locations in the Los Angeles area… ABC News was there when the raids were conducted. According to authorities, the fake detergent is available for sale at swap meets, fundraisers and online. Investigators say […]