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Training yourself to become more selective is the single most effective thing you can do to upgrade your wardrobe. Try to think of your closet as an exclusive, members-only club. Only pieces that you love and are truly excited to wear get an invite. Anything ill-fitting, scratchy, worn-out, barely “good enough,” or that simply doesn’t suit your personal style is not invited. Now, it may seem common sense to not buy things you don’t really like all that much, let alone keep them in your closet or even wear them, but, in reality, we often make do with imperfect things:

And why do we do all these things? Why do we spend our money on stuff that we don’t even like? Why do we put up with clothes that are uncomfortable?

Because it’s easier, at least in the short term. It takes less mental energy to just make a quick decision and buy that top you need for an event at work, even when you don’t really like how it fits around your bustline, than it is to spend another hour looking for one you really love. It’s easier to just keep wearing your worn-out, stretchy pair of jeans than it is to go through the oftentimes exhausting process of finding a pair that fits the individual contours of your body perfectly. Most people are also more comfortable just putting up with battered feet after a night spent in ill-fitting heels than admitting that those eighty dollars were not well spent. In the same way, it’s easier to keep telling yourself you’ll fit into your old favorites again someday, even though they’re now two sizes too small, than it is to let go of them.

Of course, all these decisions make life easier only right in that moment. In the long run, having to keep readjusting a skirt that rides up with each step or deal with straps that painfully dig into your shoulders each time you wear a no-good piece is way more stressful. It’s also stressful to have to comb through piles of clothes each morning just to find one acceptable outfit. And of course, if what you wear is important to you, not being able to find anything you truly love will affect your confidence levels eventually, and that’s stressful too.

In the long run, putting more effort into selecting the right piece always pays off.

But because of our natural human tendency to conserve energy in the short term and choose the easiest route when possible, being more selective when it comes to your wardrobe is something you actively have to practice.

As you work through this blog, you will come across many different techniques that will not only help you be more selective but also make the process feel easier. You’ll learn how to assess the quality of potential new wardrobe additions and how to recognize pieces that may look great on the hanger but won’t feel good on your body by the end of a long day. You’ll develop strategies for how to resist clever marketing ploys, de-stress your shopping

experience, and prevent impulse buys and other less-than-ideal purchasing decisions. And most important: You will become more and more aware of your own personal style and individual wardrobe needs and eventually be able to tell in an instant whether an item suits your style and works with the rest of your clothes or not.

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