Get Laundry Service In Hollywood, Los Angeles

A larger-than-life symbol of the entertainment business, Hollywood beckons tourists with landmarks like TCL Chinese Theatre and star-studded Walk of Fame. Highlights include Paramount Pictures, historic music venues like the Hollywood Bowl, and Dolby Theatre, home of the Oscars. Scenesters can choose from improv comedy clubs, retro-cool bars and velvet-roped nightclubs. Locals frequent eateries in nearby Thai Town.

Hollywood is a neighborhood in the central region of Los Angeles, California, notable as the home of the U.S. film industry, including several of its historic studios. Its name has come to be a shorthand reference for the industry and the people associated with it.


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laundry service Hollywood Los Angeles
laundry service Hollywood Los Angeles

Laundry services near me in Los Angeles

NameAddressReviews$CityServicesPhone #
Caff Laundry443 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90020I finally did my laundry here after ing all these reviews. It was super nice and huge. I did like the laundry loading zone that was convenient. I didn't have change had $20 bills
$Wilshire Center, Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 568-3799
Desis Coin Laundry2377 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006Great local laundry facility. I love the arcade machine which allowed me to relive my childhood and play Metal Slug. I would definitely recommend this location for all of your
$Pico-Unionlaundry near me(213) 529-4331
Wash On Western1548 N Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90027As an Angeleno unable to afford house (AUH), I've grown to appreciate a good laundromat. A good coin laundry can make the tiresome chore of clothes washing quick and easy, which is
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 829-1288
Our Beautiful Launderette8105 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90048Machines are fast and reasonably priced. Parking lot is small, but I've always managed to find a place. Machines take credit cards. Four little ads of laundry cost me only $9 to wash
$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(310) 614-5444
The Laundry Room of Palms10413 Tabor StLos Angeles, CA 90034This spot has grown on me over time. No matter how nice this facility, laundry is never something I want to do. That being said, The Laundry Room is an OK place to spend a mere 90
$Palmslaundry near me(760) 560-3870
Community Coin Wash3724 W Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019GOOD/DECENT PLACE TO COME WASH! This laundry place may be small but it comes with a few cool things like $1.50 machines (don't waste your money on the $2.50, the $1.50 fits
$Arlington Heightslaundry near me(323) 744-3526
Quick & Bright Coin Laundry5151 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019an employee and they'll gladly type it in for you. Totally makes laundry day easier and entertaining.
$$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 452-9599
Launderland Coin Laundry1119 North Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90029Love this laundry mat! Haven't used a coin laundry in years and am glad to find one near my new house that's clean and friendly. I feel safe and the services and machines are great!
$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 960-9000
WeHo Wash7757 Santa Monica BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90046needless to say we had about 4 loads of laundry to do! I finally decided F it- I'm gonna check out WeHo Wash and I'm SO glad I did! I went around 4pm- plenty of parking available and
$$laundry near me(323) 829-1288
Love Laundry5960 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035I fricken love this place. Its clean and they have free dryers. They also have a lot of different sized washers as well as a mini store with a great variety of laundry supplies. It's
$Mid-Citylaundry near me(818) 259-0690
Oasis Laundry2815 W Jefferson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90018I've been a customer of Oasis Laundry for about 3 weeks now. I have a full time job so I do not have time to do laundry myself, that is why I love there fluff &I fold service! I drop
$Jefferson Parklaundry near me(213) 516-2603
24 Hour Coin Laundry768 S Mariposa AveLos Angeles, CA 90005It's the best laundry around the area. It's best to go at night like at 11pm because it's lonely. I have had to wait 30mins at least to use a machine so that's why I don't like going
$$Wilshire Center, Koreatownlaundry near me
The Laundry Room of Atwater Village3334 Glendale BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90039Wow! I mean wow! I am surprised at how clean & amazing this place is. I have used many public laundry services, but this one tops it all. First convenience -- no need to use coins!
$$Atwater Villagelaundry near me(760) 560-3870
Los Lavaderos Coin Laundries110 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90004Very clean and easy. Took me about an hour and a half to launder my bed comforter and decorative pillow shams, but I may have had them in the dryer longer than necessary. Washers are
$Koreatownlaundry near me(323) 463-6354
City Laundry5605 San Vicente BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019This place is AMAZING! Customer service, speediness of reply, hours of operation, and service of clothing was 10/10! I had a mountain of laundry I needed to tackle and gave a ring to
$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(877) 578-6576
Laundry Room1802 Hillhurst AveLos Angeles, CA 90027What can you say about a laundry mat. I appreciate the fact that it is open later than 10pm because I of course have to do laundry at 10pm.. smh. I went here in a crunch needing some
$Los Felizlaundry near me(626) 861-1124
Laundrywood747 N Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90029are carefully folded directly from the dryer so they are wrinkle free for so much longer. We all have our skills set and mine does not include laundry. But I do love the smell of
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 467-2001
Aroma Laundry & Water1448 N Alvarado StLos Angeles, CA 90026Previously a dump, the refurbished Aroma laundry is fantastic! Everything is in working order and the staff is helpful and friendly. Come in early on Saturdays and you will find
$Echo Parklaundry near me(323) 400-8534
Los Lavaderos Coin Laundries4371 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90029This laundromat rules. Problem: I live in a building with dozens of humans fighting to share exactly two washers and two dryers. And then one of the dryers broke. And the laundry
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 463-6354
La Brea Cleaners310 S La Brea AveLos Angeles, CA 90036Disaster! I unknowingly washed (and dried) a full load of laundry and neglected to take a tube of red lipstick out of my wife's pocket. My regular dry cleaner (which sends their
$$Hancock Parklaundry near me(323) 931-7093
Clean King Wash & Dry Lavenderia3012 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90007I think this is one of the better places to to laundry around USC. I mean I haven't really tried doing it else where because I lived in a house with a washer and dryer an I now live
$$University Parklaundry near me
Beverly Coin Laundry4477 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90004I am returning customer of Beverly Coin Laundry. I am impressed with quality of customer service and they do super clean job with latest machines.. They charge really reasonable
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 964-6512
Los Lavaderos Coin Laundries954 N Virgil AveLos Angeles, CA 90029I have only been here once, but place is fresh and there is TV and wifi. WIFI password is washer1968! I called customer service after not seeing a sign anywhere- other laundry mats
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 660-7331
Manhattan Cleaners3980 W 6th StLos Angeles, CA 90005this place which was nearby with 5stars. I had it dropped off for wash and fold & dry cleaning and stinky gone came back like new with fresh laundry smell 🙂 So happy I have found
$$Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 387-7805
Limpia Laundromat722 Vine StLos Angeles, CA 90038of both washing and drying for 40 minutes I paid $4.50. I guess thats kind of normal price? If you don't have time you can also turn in your clothes and they will do you laundry for
$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 345-1020
Wash HouseIt's clean and nice facility ! a lot of new machines! I have never had a problem finding a machine! The only problem that I had was to wait for the folding table. Sometimes you get
$laundry near me(323) 451-9601
The Laundromat of Hollywood720 N Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90029Clean, and yes, legit free dryers. 4 regular sized loads of laundry done for less than $10. It's in a somewhat isolated location as in there isn't much to do but eat McDonalds or
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(760) 560-3870
The Washing Machine8247 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90048What a find. We live in Park La Brea where the laundry rooms are messy, often flooding and filled with people at all hours pulling your laundry out of the dryer before it's done.
$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(424) 835-1425
Los Lavaderos Coin Laundries2625 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90026Clean and well staffed. A few times I needed help and there was someone there to assist. Their floors are a bit slanted though, so the laundry cart goes sliding if you don't keep a
$$Echo Parklaundry near me(323) 463-6354
The Hollywood Laundry7359 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90046haven't used the machines yet so I can't comment on that. Even though the parking situation isn't ideal, I can usually find a spot for long enough to drop off the laundry even if I
$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 599-1200
La Brea Coin Laundry1543 N La Brea AveHollywood, CA 90028This is my second time here at La Brea Laundry Mat. It's a really chill spot to do Laundry, we drive a conversion van and parking hasn't been an issue. They even have the parking
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(818) 809-7411
The Laundry Room Express3334 Glendale BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90039fact, he was able to send a driver to pickup my laundry, wash/dry/fold it, and deliver it back to my apartment on the 3rd floor...in 24 hours (from a Thursday-Friday). I didn't ask
$Atwater Villagelaundry near me(323) 455-3000
Soro Laundry Center1507 S Robertson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035" which is really annoying. I guess they didn't pay their bill or something? In any case it's definitely fine if you're just doing your laundry, which is what the place is for. If
$$Pico-Robertsonlaundry near me(424) 365-2299
Catalina Laundry3658 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90020I super love Catalina Laundry when I have at least 2 weeks of laundry backed up. Ew, sorry guys, I completely spilled the beans on my lack of enthusiasm when it comes to laundry but,
$Wilshire Center, Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 290-1878
Krystal Kleen Coin Laundry4165 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90004Usually I do my laundry at home, but I needed to wash my large comforter and decided to give Krystal Clean Laundry a try after ing some good reviews. I must say the reviews were
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(213) 533-6579
Sunset Laundry3812 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90026When I first moved to the area, it took a while to find a good fluff and fold; too much perfume, poorly folded, takes 2 days to get done... Thank goodness for Sunset Laundry! Right
$$Silver Lakelaundry near me(310) 292-2323
Wash and Fold Laundromat1410 W 6th StLos Angeles, CA 90017I rarely write reviews (well good ones) any but I love this place and want it to prosper. I rolled in with 80 (yes 80) lbs of laundry around 8:45pm and was instantly greeted,
$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 640-9274
Lucys Laundry4005 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90020Dudes, I HATE doing laundry. I just hate the entire process: the waiting, the sorting, the folding, the wrinkle avoidance (you know, where you have to pull out the sort-of-dry
$Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 388-6878
Highland Laundromat1428 N Highland AveHollywood, CA 90028Since moving to Hollywood, I've only done my laundry here since I don't have an in-unit laundry facility in my apartment complex. There is a quarter exchange for bills under $20 so
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 207-9846
Downtown Cleaners647 S Main StLos Angeles, CA 90014Used the laundry service for the very first time and I couldn't be happier! Everything is perfectly clean and folded neatly! And the laundry smells amazing! Highly recommend this
Downtownlaundry near me(213) 622-7733
Coin Laundry Lavanderia6383 Yucca StLos Angeles, CA 90028for the small parking lot. I could see that the parking could be problematic if one comes at a peak time since the lot is also shared with a 7-11. It's a laundry mat and you get what
$Hollywoodlaundry near me
Hollywood Coin Laundry4840 Hollywood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90027laundry carts and good luck finding a dryer. They obviously have a lot of fluff and fold clientele because the whole back area is ladies washing tons of sheets and towels. I
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 665-7242
Poppy Cleaners8730 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90048Love coming here and ive been a loyal customer for years! Very satisfied with the service and how clean my clothes come out!
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(310) 276-2048
Coin Laundry1542 S La Cienega BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035and satiated while you do your laundry. Lots of wacky people come here, it's like a mini visit to a Walmart. One crazy lady came in this very clad one-piece swimsuit and started
$Mid-Citylaundry near me(310) 360-0935
Thrifty Wash2712 Griffith Park BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90027and a short walk from Pinkberries, a taqueria, wine and cheese store, pizzeria and Crossroads second hand clothing store. So there are plenty of distractions while you are doing the
$Los Felizlaundry near me(323) 660-2749
Lavanderia1041 S AlvaradoLos Angeles, CA 90006Hours  Mon-Sun 8am-10pm, last wash at 9 Location is near Olympic & Alvarado, across from the library and the McDonald's. Aside from the $2 card cost, prices are as follows: +$3.39
Pico-Unionlaundry near me
Clean King3601 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016money at laundry mat
$West Adamslaundry near me
Virgil Coin Laundry713 N Virgil AveLos Angeles, CA 90029can't blame them.) I don't think I'll ever do my own laundry again given how fantastic this place is. Edit: You need to knock on the door in the far right corner, and there are gaps
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me
Cleaners on 8th225 W 8th StLos Angeles, CA 90014Their laundry service is everything I could ask for: fast, reliable and affordable. The location is also accessible, and the owner and staff have been genuinely warm and friendly.
$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 489-9400
Sunset Laundromat1316 Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90026Awesome place to wash & dry. Machines are big & it's very nice & clean. Attendant Angie was very welcoming & nice since it was my first time here she gave me $1 so I can dry my
$Echo Parklaundry near me(213) 807-3669
Jefferson Laundry1271 W Jefferson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90007I been coming to this laundry mat for many years and now that I'm married I come after work. Lots of commercial sizes all different sizes and the drugs are great ! Dryers give you
$Adams Normandielaundry near me(323) 730-0068
MLK Coin Laundry1755 W Martin Luther King Jr BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90062My elderly parents live across this place. I visit my parents to help with the laundry on the weekends. As they have much linens and towels that need commercial style washer, I
$Exposition Parklaundry near me(323) 596-3772
Laundry Lounge5871 West Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019The wifi does not work and only one setting was working on the washing machine that I paid $5 to wash a load of laundry. Yes, $5. I call the attendant over and ask him to help me
$$$$Carthaylaundry near me(323) 985-8710
World Cleaners8107 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90048I hate doing laundry....so contacting World Cleaners was a dream come true. I have used them for the past year and Nick was always on time when it came to picking up and dropping off
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(323) 651-5505
Laundromat4001 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019I usually go to the Laundry Mat near pico and Cochran... by the domino's but... my grandma told me to go here since my condo is on Wilshire and crenshaw.... this laundry mat is
$Arlington Heightslaundry near me(323) 732-0461
Thrifty Clean1449 La Cienega BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035Such a great cleaners! I've been coming here for years and trust them with all of my alterations! They always do an amazing job. They never fail to get stains out and have my dry
Pico-Robertsonlaundry near me(310) 657-0817
4 Season Laundromat5173 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90029i love this place. the woman that works here is just plain lovely. it feels like i'm doing my laundry with my grandma. so far we've talked politics (she hated mitt romney), grocery
$$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 662-1528
Verdugo Plaza Laundromat3330 Verdugo RdLos Angeles, CA 90065Great laundry spot , I come here when I get REALLY behind on my laundry cause it's much efficient and I can get it all done at once . This spot is CLEAN and has lots of
$Glassell Parklaundry near me(323) 344-8893
Echo Park Laundry1411 Echo Park AveLos Angeles, CA 90026Ok laundry, pretty clean, they have recently gone up on the prices on all of their machines which is def a minus, but all in all good place.
$Echo Parklaundry near me(213) 985-7427
Best Laundry2616 S San Pedro StLos Angeles, CA 90011Sitting here waiting for my laundry to finish and what do I decide to do? Write a review of course! What do I spy with my little eyes? 4 huge tvs playing telenovas, soccer, cartoons,
$Historic South Centrallaundry near me(323) 238-7950
Western 24 Coin Laundry367 Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90004changers & yells at anyone if they get change before bringing in their laundry. I saw him call multiple confused customers "liars" when they said their clothes were in the car.
$Larchmontlaundry near me(323) 467-3680
24 hour Adams Coin Laundry4422 West Adams BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016I haven't been to many coin laundry places to provide a well informed review of this specific location. But I believe that my description of this location will help than hinder.
$$West Adamslaundry near me(323) 870-5511
Soapy Joes Dry Cleaning and Laundry ServiceLos Angeles, CA 90007The hardest part of freshman year, besides gaining 15 or so pounds from eating nothing but Pop Tarts for breakfast, is dealing with and coming to terms with the pains of laundry. You
$$University Parklaundry near me(310) 633-4333
Coin Laundry Lavanderia1514 W SunsetLos Angeles, CA 90026This place has brand new machines now and is clean and well-kempt since the first few times I'd visited. It's a nice change and upgrade for our little corner laundry mat. The
$$Echo Parklaundry near me(917) 596-2668
Clean Coin Launderland2902 Hyperion AveLos Angeles, CA 90027They recently raised their prices to $2 for basic wash. I'm not sure I'll keep going since there are other laundrymats that still charge 1.75. Plus the laundry mat next to gelsons is
$Silver Lakelaundry near me(323) 662-6218
La Brea Coin-Op Laundry2126 S La Brea AveLos Angeles, CA 90016could see the laundry detergent that I put in and me on the camera putting in money. He tells me he can, but it works so he can't help me. I had to put my laundry in another machine,
$Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 228-2560
Vermont Coin Laundry1420 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90006I never thought I would have to go to the laundry mat in my life but after living in LA as a student and moving around having a good laundromat that is clean safe and efficient is
Pico-Unionlaundry near me(213) 384-0308
Thrifty Wash Coin Laundry9305 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035Pretty decent coin laundry in terms of the machines they offer and how well they work. There was an attendant at the time that I visited.
$$Pico-Robertsonlaundry near me(310) 804-6578
Johns Village Cleaners1401 W Jefferson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90007$17.50 for a full hamper of laundry along with a few pieces of dry cleaning. Cleaned and folded in 2 days -- I HATE folding laundry. Totally worth it for me.
$Adams Normandielaundry near me(323) 733-0987
Wash & Dry4618 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90029My washing machine broke down and I had loads of laundry to wash. And to make the story even better, the washing machine broke down one day prior to my trip to the East Coast. I
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 953-8850
Launderland4216 Eagle Rock BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90065quarter changer on the site. Machines are clean and they are open til 10pm. They also have soda machine and arcades for the kids if you have one. They have bigger commercial laundry
$Glassell Parklaundry near me(323) 254-1992
Spincycle La Brea4855 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019It is safe and open 24 hours, but the machines are constantly breaking down. Parking is usually ok, depending on what time you show up. The employees are very nice and helpful too,
$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 525-1826
Tiffanys Laundry Fluff and Fold9607 Venice BlvdCulver City, CA 90232I never thought I'd be a baller enough to drop off my laundry for someone else to do it, but here I am. The price is good. They've always gotten the laundry back to me when they said
$Palmslaundry near me(310) 202-0223
Choes Cleaners5271 W Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90036I been to many many dry cleaners in LA but they are the cheapest  and get the jobs done. Just simply leave plenty of time ahead of you so when you come to pick-up the clothes you
$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 933-6896
Sparkling Coin Laundry11927 W Pico BlvdWest Los Angeles, CA 90064Even though I have coin laundry in my complex and across the street, I always come here because the machines are bigger and nicer and there's free tacos on weekends. Today was the
$$Sawtellelaundry near me(310) 312-8831
Lavadero Coin Laundry1041 S Alvarado StLos Angeles, CA 90006First off, ignore the signs ing "24 hours." They failed at that and now are only open 24 hours on the weekend, but decided to not change the signs. Great people. They'll also
$$Pico-Unionlaundry near me(213) 637-0333
Laverie Full Service Laundromat2590 Glendale BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90039I was in the process of moving from out of state and had to stay in a hotel for a couple of weeks while waiting for my perm I ate housing to become available. I really didn't want to
$$Silver Lakelaundry near me(323) 230-8704
Coin Laundry Lavanderia3106 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90057and the most misbehaved kids come here. If I did not have to do laundry, a much needed load, I would not come here. The staff seems to be in constant turnover also. The machines are
$Westlakelaundry near me
Soapy Clean Coin Laundry5751 Huntington Dr NLos Angeles, CA 90032Great place to do your laundry. I came here cuz my laundry was broken and this place was just perfect. The price is a little bit higher than other places but every machine was in
$El Serenolaundry near me(931) 801-0008
Clean King Coin Laundry2610 W Martin Luther King Jr BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90008The price for washing your clothes here is a little under fifty cents than the places near my neighborhood. The advantage to this particular location is that it's open 24/7 and even
$$Leimert Parklaundry near me
Heavenly Laundromat3135 N San Fernando RdLos Angeles, CA 90065wish for (comfortable) seating, and maybe some air conditioning? There's always plenty of laundry carts to use, though, which is good. It's convenient to my apartment and that's
$Glassell Parklaundry near me(323) 982-9038
Pinay Coin Laundry922 N Alvarado StLos Angeles, CA 90026This coin laundry is a hidden gem. The place is clean, spacious, bright and tranquil . Yes, The only coin laundry in echo park where I can find tranquility amidst the noise of the
$Echo Parklaundry near me
Bubbles Dry Cleaners1600 Vine StLos Angeles, CA 90028Cute name for a business. Excellent work. They always greet you with a smile. Their lounge area makes me happy. I like this dry cleaner / laundry and they deliver too!
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 461-6050
Occidental Cleaners528 S Occidental BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90057laundry, fluff n fold and dry cleaning for the past 6 months.
$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 381-2255
Lucky Coin Laundry5124 Zelzah AveLos Angeles, CA 91316I've been getting my laundry done here at the fluff and fold for over 3 years now, everyone has always been than amazing! Dalia remembers every detail I give her about our
$Encinolaundry near me(818) 345-2646
Granada Lavanderia1339 S Jefferson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90007a food section along with the snack vending, and also a mini mart where you can buy your laundry needs. This is my new favorite place to wash as long as I'm in this area, to be
$Adams Normandielaundry near me
Leimert Park Laundromat2720 W Vernon AveLos Angeles, CA 90008Great prices. All the washers and dryers are clean and work well. Super convenient location. The laundry store has all laundry products at fair prices too. 5 stars all the way.
$Hyde Parklaundry near me(323) 389-8697
Coin Laundry4337 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90029If Homer Simpson HAD to do his own laundry he would go to "Coin Laundry". It's next to a donuts shop and there's a bar across the way. He would probably leave his stuff in the wash
$Silver Lakelaundry near me
Olympic Cleaners958 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019There was a Chicken Noodle Soup for the Soul story from a long time ago that said something about how when a family moves, one of the things that terrifies a mother is finding an
$$$Koreatownlaundry near me(323) 935-0809
Sherman Oaks Coin Laundry14842 Magnolia BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91403I go here to do my laundry about once a month, when I have laundry requiring a oversize washer. The place is very clean and usually has washers available. Prices are typical. The
$$Sherman Oakslaundry near me(818) 728-1473
Wash ˜n Dry Launderland10829 Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90034Place is very clean and feels safe in a family friendly neighborhood. Pros: Great layout - Lots of space and a large table by the dryers make it easy to fold laundry. Very attentive
$Palmslaundry near me(310) 558-8633
Laundry Zone3276 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019ok. I have a love hate relationship with this laundry mat. Before I discovered this place, I'd do my laundry at my parents. Pros of doing laundry at your parent's house: it's free,
$$Arlington Heightslaundry near me(323) 737-5889
Coin Laundry Lavanderia4541 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90029$2.75 for one 26 minute wash seemed kind of pricey. But I havent been to a laundry mat since I was like 6 so I dont know what they're supposed to cost. Also, I was using one of the
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(714) 623-5263
Paramount Cleaners8251 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90048I'm a messy eater and I'm good at getting food in weird places. I'm also good at leaving dirty clothes in the hamper until I'm y to do laundry. These guys are incredible at
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(323) 933-1421
Coin Laundry4224 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019Don't come here. The machines don't give out any water. Some machines give only hot water and other cold water ( there's no way of knowing which is which though ) the guy who's in
$$Mid-Citylaundry near me(213) 793-3434
Westside Cleaners4500 W Washington BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016Great family who owns the shop. They recently relocated to Washington and Orange Dr. great new location. Have been going to the shop for about 4 years now and they have been doing
$$$$Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 933-3082
Clean King2151 Florence BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90047I like this laundry mat because they open until late. The machine are new and it cost very cheap. The only issue are the folding tables are too small.
$Chesterfield Squarelaundry near me(818) 363-5500
U & I833 N BroadwayLos Angeles, CA 90012Perfect example of a typical little family owned Chinatown Gift store!  We have visited many Chinatown Gift stores over the years...U&I is by far our favorite.  Karen & George are
Chinatownlaundry near me(213) 617-0328
Avalon Laundry Lava Seco4061 Avalon BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90011it's kind of cool they have the coin laundry connected to the coin car wash. *******. Update ******** Okay when I first got here I turn off my car and stayed inside and kind of
Historic South Centrallaundry near me
24 Coin Laundry3566 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90020I started coming here when this laundry mat first opened up. They are open 24 hours and the place is usually clean. The machines give the options of an "extra rinse" and "heavily
$Wilshire Center, Koreatownlaundry near me
Arts Cleaners209 W 7th StLos Angeles, CA 90014Relatively good hours, fast, reasonably-price cleaners, has always gotten my clothes back to me in a clean, well-pressed fashion, I have Arts Cleaner on my phone as my local go-to
$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 622-0763
Beachwood Cleaners & Laundry2699 N Beachwood DrLos Angeles, CA 90068reasonable. They offer pick up and delivery services And best of all the laundry you bring them will be returned to you better than any other cleaners that you have ever visited. You
$$Hollywood Hillslaundry near me(323) 467-0021
Coin Less Laundry5151 Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019Closed. Some other laundromat posted signs all over the front as though this place moved to a new location, but it is a scheme to bring Coin Less Laundry customers to this other
$$Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 936-6333
Lavanderia Amor7600 Laurel Canyon BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91605This laundry mat is very clean and organized. They carry XL load machines at $8 per load. The medium size are at $6. We had to come because our washer broke so we did research and
$Sun Valleylaundry near me(818) 860-0989
24 Free Dry Coin Laundry8826 S Central AveLos Angeles, CA 90002I was there for the Grand Opening Party. It was the best Grand Opening ever. Had Free  chines food for the lunch and games to win the Great Valuable prize. so......much fun.  It's
$Green Meadowslaundry near me(818) 826-7545
OB Coin Laundry280 S Rampart BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90057This appears to be a solid laundry location. It's not huge but it has an adequate amount of washer some dryers in the business hours seemed to be fair, seven days a week from 6 am to
$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 252-8952
Coin Laundry3069 W 8th StLos Angeles, CA 90005pass the time watching television, playing on the arcade games or if you get hungry you can buy soda and snacks. Coin Laundry recently added an ATM.
$Wilshire Center, Koreatownlaundry near me
Shatto Cleaners401 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90020Kudos for the very nice owner BUT my laundry came back smelly 🙁 Quite pricey for several items. I spent $100 and they send your laundry to your doorstep if you live around Ktown.
$$$Wilshire Center, Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 387-4131
Circle City Coin Laundry850 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90005not bad for a 24 hour laundromat. plenty of machines and dryers...not a lot of extra space. but enough to get your laundry done. i used the 3 load capacity washers. for hot water
$Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 738-0024
Shirleys Classic Cleaners5654 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90036Wow! I can't believe no one has written a review about this place!   I'm not the type of person who needs to have something dry cleaned every week or month. This is probably my
$$Hancock Parklaundry near me(323) 938-0673
Virgil Village Laundromat611 N Virgil AveLos Angeles, CA 90004Great laundry. There are a variety of washing machine sizes and plenty of dryers Laundry is kept clean and staff is nice. They also have free coffee which is super nice
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 284-8798
Happy Bubbles Laundromat12441 Oxnard StNorth Hollywood, CA 91606to charge my laptop. They have free wifi too! Joe also brought me a stool since I was using their laundry baskets to support my laptop. As I did my laundry and worked on my laptop a
$Valley Glenlaundry near me(818) 232-3057
Verdugo Coin Wash N Dry4106 Verdugo RdLos Angeles, CA 90065clothes and benches to sit down. Two TVs play in the background. There are multiple laundry carts so you don't have to compete with people to get one. The only difficult thing about
$Glassell Parklaundry near me(310) 345-8917
Launderland Coin Laundry2256 Colorado BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90041the SHIT out of everything at this place. The facilities look clean and I don't feel dirty using their machines. I cannot say that about every laundry place in my area. That's why
$Eagle Rocklaundry near me(213) 925-3258
ButlerBoxLos Angeles, CA 90048I used ButlerBox for the first time last week and was very impressed. I am very picky with my laundry and thought they did a very thorough job. Normally I always get white blouses
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(888) 982-8853
Laurel Canyon Cleaners2080 Laurel Canyon BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90046Love them! I brought in a ton of laundry... Like an embarrassing amount because our washer n dryer broke. It was done the same day! Beautifully clean and folded, and super reasonable
$$Hollywood Hills Westlaundry near me(323) 654-1464
Casa De Laundry3369 Motor AveLos Angeles, CA 90034Casa de Laundry gets the job done. It's not a fancy place. No free wi-fi or anything. Not the cleanest. But it's rarely crowded and it has its own parking lot. I mostly like it
$Palmslaundry near me
Alameda Coin Laundry919 S Victory BlvdBurbank, CA 91502I was in the area for a dentist appointment and rather than brave traffic back to the Westside, I decided to do my laundry in the area. So my experience here was a one time thing,
$Burbanklaundry near me(818) 566-8524
Amor Lavanderia3669 Whittier BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90023to fold laundry, open 24/7, large TVs, free WiFi, and the owner/staff are super friendly. I definitely recommend Amor Lavanderia to everyone in the community!
$Boyle Heightslaundry near me(323) 680-5485
Giant Laundry Center8513 Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90034location. PROS: - It's HUGE - Offers a variety of washer sizes including mega large industrial washers - Clean machines - Onsite laundry attendant CONS - They allow homeless people
Mid-Citylaundry near me
Denker Laundry1601 W Florence AveLos Angeles, CA 90047The cleanest laundry by far I have ever been to. The selection of soap they sell and snacks as well as capuchino machine is beyond amazing. Did I mention it offers FREE DRY to
$Harvard Parklaundry near me(323) 920-4231
Coin Laundry C C Land2348 Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019So my washer at home is on the fritz...thus ventured out this morning to the local laundry mat. Place was not too crowded, clean, but the machines were a bit tired. Owner/manager is
$Harvard Heightslaundry near me(323) 732-9731
Laundry by Julia1058 S Fairfax AveLos Angeles, CA 90019I have been a customer of Laundry by Julia for over 20 years. This is the only place where I have our bed linens laundered. The staff is friendly & knowledgeable and Julia know
$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 939-6980
Sunset Hills Green Cleaners8031 Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90046I'm not one for writing reviews, but I felt compelled to show my support for this cleaners because of how great my experience has been. Sunset Hills has been doing the laundry and
$$Hollywood Hills Westlaundry near me(323) 656-1022
Cleaners Depot619 W 6th StLos Angeles, CA 90017I agree with the rest of the reviews, their service is just unacceptable and unprofessional as well. Sadly they are the only dry cleaners in DTLA, they own the other two on Spring St
$$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 239-9185
The Laundry Room1828 E Colorado BlvdPasadena, CA 91107I come here rather than my own apartments laundry room. Just a nice clean place and not an uncomfortable crowd like some other laundry mats. They even sell laundry bags which is a
$Pasadenalaundry near me(626) 200-8078
iCleanLos Angeles, CA 90069IClean is the Best! I just moved relocated here from NYC. Have used some amazing services But IClean is the best yet! The owner and his brother are so personal I feel like my family
$$$Hollywood Hills Westlaundry near me(424) 286-4521
Modern Coin Laundry6914 FoothillLos Angeles, CA 91042I love this laundry mat,but today I noticed that they put a new sign up not permitting pets inside.On this exact same day,this is what I saw.The attendant did nothing to let her know
$Tujungalaundry near me
Beverly Cleaners & Laundry7306 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90036I have tried three other dry cleaners in the area-- and all the others have done something wrong-- one completely ruined a $140 silk shirt-- another broke irreplaceable buttons on a
$Fairfaxlaundry near me(323) 935-0807
JJs Laundromat1925 W Temple StLos Angeles, CA 90026for patrons to use. There are only 6 carts available on site. 3 areas to fold your laundry. There is mega load which is $5.00. As to how much load, I don't know, it's mega!
$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 282-3335
The Neighborhood Laundry4406 Vineland AveNorth Hollywood, CA 91602With our building's only washer and dryer being out of order I found this nearby facility. The goal of course is to find a coin laundry spot that isn't awful. I saw this one with
$Studio Citylaundry near me(818) 821-0273
U Launder It7712 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90046just east of Fairfax for about a year, they still provide go-the-extra-mile, inexpensive wash and fold done right, with so much care you'd think your mom worked there. They send out
Fairfaxlaundry near me(323) 944-0133
Parks Cleaners At Grand Promenade255 S Grand AveLos Angeles, CA 90012This is the best dry cleaners around the area! Their prices are unbeatable, their service is amazing, and I have never had an issue with anything! Thank you Parks Cleaners for always
$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 617-2204
RinseRinse is so helpful! I can't believe I haven't found them sooner. My 70hr workweek makes my little free time valuable and their service means I don't spend my only off hours on
$$laundry near me(888) 850-2444
Mom & Son Cleaners7152 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90046Just came in today to do my laundry and found not one, but two cockroaches. Considering going elsewhere to do my laundry. These critters are certainly not allowed to go home with me.
$$$Fairfaxlaundry near me(323) 939-7722
Garys Cleaners12701 Washington PlLos Angeles, CA 90066or dryers, and didn't have to wait for a rolling basket to move my clothes. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is because there isn't much room to sit and wait, and it probably
$Mar Vistalaundry near me(310) 398-1360
Laundry World301 N Verdugo RdGlendale, CA 91206I've always done my own laundry... and never tried a drop-off pick-up laundry service until last week. Came here because I heard good things from local friends in the area. $0.99/lb.
$$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 621-1128
Launderland Coin Laundry6707 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90038I get change. She sees me putting the laundry into their machines, buying their detergent but when I get change, all hell seems to break loose. I will never, ever visit this
$Hollywoodlaundry near me
Pronto Coin Laundry3417 W 43rd StLos Angeles, CA 90008First time here. Not too crowded, ample machines and dryers. An added plus: takes coins
$Leimert Parklaundry near me(562) 640-1323
Elegant Cleaners5532 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019service: great neighborhood cleaners and alterations.  the main guy didn't alter my pants short enough, so he quickly fixed it within a day and at no charge!  final thoughts:
$$Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 934-0116
Metro Cleaners1437 N La BreaLos Angeles, CA 90028I started bringing my laundry and dry cleaning here over a year ago when they were still at the old location. I've never had a bad experience and they are always accommodating when
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 467-1846
Coast Laundry5041 W El Segundo BlvdHawthorne, CA 90250Super clean place to do your laundry Very nice set up Tv , music , wifi A little pricey only because I have a specific budget and my laundry expense never changes but my clothes turn
$laundry near me(310) 675-1700
Spincycle Coin Laundry1517 W Adams BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90007It gets too busy I mean stupid busy ;/ best time to wash is on a Tuesday night it's almost empty lol
Adams Normandielaundry near me(323) 766-2996
Coin Launder Land3337 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019machines are $4/wash ad they have some intermediate machine for $2.50/load. I opted to make the best of it, do my laundry and get out. Unfortunately, my plan failed. Every dryer i
$Arlington Heightslaundry near me(323) 733-5698
Markee Cleaners & Laundry8982 Cadillac AveLos Angeles, CA 90034Exceptionally nice owners who do a wonderful job at cleaning and alterations. They even told my partner he didn't need to hem his suit pants because it was aly at a good length,
$$Mid-Citylaundry near me(310) 838-8009
The Wash Spot10714 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90047Very clean place to do laundry. Very organized & great customer service by owners. Definitely going there to do laundry from now on.
$Westmontlaundry near me(877) 654-0368
Laundreworks2800 W Main StAlhambra, CA 91801than coins (I rarely go to laundromats, so I don't want a card). small machines are $1.80, medium $3.70, large are $5.20. Dryers are $0.35/10min. The dryers are huge and I was able
$$laundry near me
Tower Cleaners10880 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90024Roya's helpful service has made my move to Westwood that much easier.   Upon relocating to West LA, I was on the search for a quality dry cleaning service that didn't break the bank.
$$Westwoodlaundry near me(310) 475-2777
Wishy Wash Laundry Lavanderia2300 S San Pedro StLos Angeles, CA 90011Been coming here since I was a Lil kid the workers here treat Ppl good n have the place clean all the time.
Historic South Centrallaundry near me
Lido Cleaners & Laundry1905 Wilcox AveLos Angeles, CA 90068This is a great Dry cleaners for those in the Hollywood area. A bit pricey but they are really good. They do everything from straight dry cleaning to simple hemming and alteration to
$$Hollywood Hillslaundry near me(323) 874-9600
Top Coin Laundry6217 S Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90003The laundry facility is clean, friendly and large. There are always machines open when you need them, and extra large ones for blankets and loads that otherwise wouldn't fit in a
$Vermont-Slausonlaundry near me(323) 753-9696
Silver Lake Cleaners1726 W Silver Lake DrLos Angeles, CA 90026Moved to echo park but am a bit obsessive over my clothes so I make the drive here to silverlake cleaners. Jung and Sun are personable and take the time to get to know each of their
$$Silver Lakelaundry near me(323) 662-0959
Lucys DeliversI go here for the affordable fluff and fold service. It's usually crowded so I never actually do my laundry here. But the fluff and fold service is good.
$laundry near me(323) 406-1473
Laundromat of Highland Park5515 York BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90042Washing machines are pretty cleaner than some other laundry mats. (some places have machines that have mold aroud soup cups..) when you use the washing machine you have to choose the
$Highland Parklaundry near me(323) 259-0545
Coin Operator Laundry1604 S Hoover StLos Angeles, CA 90006Pico-Unionlaundry near me(213) 745-4989
Perfection Laundry & Cleaning1101 S La Brea AveLos Angeles, CA 90019and a parking lot in the back. Once again, YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!! **Side Note - They also do folding laundry service here.
Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 939-0216
Joy Land Coin Laundry7547 Reseda BlvdReseda, CA 91335Since I found this place I won't go to any other laundry !! Excellent customer service Mike and Tony are great they're always helping out taking in and out your laundry bags !! This
$Resedalaundry near me(818) 757-0078
Clean King Wash & Dry1531 King BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90062This laundry mat is ok . It's always semi- clean depending on the time of day you wash. Machines are well kept. I never have a problem getting a refund if I have a problem with one
$Exposition Parklaundry near me(818) 363-5500
Circle City2201 W Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90026The Best laundry experience of my life. I went to the place did a few loads. I watched a premier league match, Liverpool vs. Manchester United on the big 60" tvs. I asked the
$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 484-2209
Shine Cleaners6051 Hollywood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90028Really professional and cheap cleaning service. Been using it for laundry and got it done in 2 hours like new. Thanks a lot!
$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 463-4900
25 Cents Laundry2426 W 8th StLos Angeles, CA 90057We have been coming to this laundry for many yrs. machines were updated now! Its cheaper than the other laundromat that we've tried around the area.
$Westlakelaundry near me
Studio Club Cleaners6217 Franklin AveLos Angeles, CA 90028Friendly service with positive results. I've had many things done here, i.e.: laundry, dry cleaning, alterations on designer jeans, replacing zippers and buttons. Great thing about
$$Hollywood Hillslaundry near me(323) 463-1927
La Brea Plaza Dry Cleaners7095 Hollywood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90028After 2 consecutive years, I still have a big smile on my face when I walk through their door!  Not only have they ALWAYS delivered my clothes on time (and I challenge you to find
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 850-5442
Pride Cleaners5851 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90036My fluff and fold needs are simple but they are met here with value and satisfaction. Every time I pick up my laundry... It's like I just bought a bag of new clothes.
$$$Fairfaxlaundry near me(323) 933-7434
City Express Cleaners & Laundry8205 Santa Monica BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90046The best dry cleaning and laundry service in the world provided by the some of the best people you will ever meet. Neighborhood service in the heart of the city. I've been a happily
$$laundry near me(323) 654-4007
Cleaners LA314 E 8th StLos Angeles, CA 90014Just went to this laundry place for the first time this week and the owner and staff are amazing! Very friendly, great prices and even better service. If you're looking for a great
$$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 910-2522
Lucys5902 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90038wanna cut your laundry time. I'll only come back if I'm in a rush.
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me
L A Cleaners & Laundry1415 S La Cienega BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035I have been going to these guys for 11 years now.  Looks a bit dirty but the owner is great to work with and always does his best to get the tough stains out.    Great work and great
$$Pico-Robertsonlaundry near me(310) 659-6547
Super Suds Laundromat1217 N La Brea AveInglewood, CA 90302The laundry facilities at my complex failed to their job, so I needed to find a place to rewash my clothes, so I came here. The place is very clean, both inside and out. The
$laundry near me(424) 331-9457
West Pico Chinese Hand Laundry & Dry Cleaners10576 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064My dryer broke, and I'm recovering from a broken ankle - so I was desperate for help with my laundry. I pulled up at the back door parking spot of West Pico Chinese Hand Laundry and
$Cheviot Hillslaundry near me(310) 838-1542
Coin Laundry17631 Vanowen StLos Angeles, CA 91406Now that I'm washing at the laundrymat.. It's been 10 years lol but new place, no washer dryer smh..  Anyway it's  a cool laid back laundrymat with plenty of washers and dryers.. It
$Lake Balboalaundry near me
Pcy Coin Laundry3318 W 8th StLos Angeles, CA 90005I had last minute fluff and fold needs and Susan hooked me right up!!!  All was delicately fragranced and soft and folded nicely.  On Sundays there are people making Mexican food on
Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 385-3460
Vermont Cleaners on 24th2400 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90007I've used Vermont cleaners on several occasions and am always satisfied. The provide discounts for repeat business and the customer service is very strong, personable.  I was pleased
$University Parklaundry near me(424) 400-9898
Circle City Coin Laundrymat2106 W Washington BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90018This is one of the worse laundry places I have ever been to. I can only wash Sundays on my day off and the lady who is here is such a bad employee. To even begin with she's rude, she
$Harvard Heightslaundry near me
Laundry Lounge12131 Washington PlLos Angeles, CA 90066I really like doing my laundry here, it's clean, the staff and patrons are always very friendly, and the location is very convenient for me. But in the past couple of months it seems
$Mar Vistalaundry near me(310) 398-8890
Clean King8905 Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90034so that you can actually go and do something fun while waiting for your laundry. Probably good because there aren't really any places to sit inside. It's also next to a convenience
Palmslaundry near me(818) 363-5500
North Hollywood Coin Laundry7455 Lankershim BlvdNorth Hollywood, CA 91605An incredible laundry experience!,.. I watched Game 2 of the World Series (Go Dodgers) and I spent several hours as I watched an amazing game, while I tackled my laundry
$Sun Valleylaundry near me(747) 255-8313
Harvey Cleaners & Laundry7228 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90046My family and I have been using Harvey Cleaners and Laundry for almost a decade. They off quick and fairly priced services. They also do tailoring at this location. I would not take
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 882-6252
Sun Cleaners5518 Franklin AveLos Angeles, CA 90028After having had a bad experience with a dry cleaner that is less than one block from my place, I decided to give Sun Cleaners a try before I gave up on dry cleaners in East
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 461-8400
Coin Laundry5536 York BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90042Third times a charm! This is the third laundromat and I haven't had to do laundry mats for over seven years. Free Wi-Fi somebody working here that refunded me when my dryer didn't
$Highland Parklaundry near me
The Sunset Laundry5061 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90027I really like this laundry--would be giving it 5 stars--as far as coin laundry places go EXCEPT They say they are open at 6 am. Huge neon sign proclaiming it, actually. So I roll up
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 240-0561
LaunderLand1157 N Pacific AveGlendale, CA 91202I love Julie!!!!! She's always.. and never fail wear a smile and friendly attitude. She is willing to help and assist when you need her. She works hard & keeps the Laundry shop clean
$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 246-1457
Sunny Cleaners7355 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90046This place is fantastic. It's right down the street from my house and I couldn't resist the urge to fluff and fold my laundry. After visiting twice they have a customer for life
$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 876-3677
T L C Dry Cleaners & Laundry5001 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90036I have tried a lot of drycleaners in LA, and can say that TLC is the best by FAR. They always handle my laundry and dry cleaning with care and have everything y on time. Unlike
$$Hancock Parklaundry near me(323) 931-1909
Venice Beach Cleaners1305 Main StLos Angeles, CA 90291I love the fluff & fold service here!! My laundry is folded carefully + my bedding comes back with the sheets and pillowcases stacked in a neat little bundle! Also, the laundry comes
$Venicelaundry near me(310) 827-3745
New Image Cleaner682 S Cloverdale AveLos Angeles, CA 90036New Image Cleaners have treated me well. Most recently I popped in to have a Halloween costume fixed. It was last minute and I needed it for a party that evening. I asked if they
$$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 939-8557
Hancock Park Cleaners744 Vine StLos Angeles, CA 90038A top notch place. Affordable without compromising quality.   First time I went was a few years back, and have been a regular ever sense. The manager is reasonable and respectful, an
$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 466-1200
KOK Laundromat6530 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90043This laundry facility is good. After visting this place three tines, I feel confident stating that the machines work well. They are always clean and tidy. Customer service is good.
Hyde Parklaundry near me(213) 440-7940
Hollywood Land Cleaners5175 Hollywood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90027FYI this place does alterations too!   Brought in a bridesmaids dress to be taken in. Took a week and $30 (cash) -- I am completely happy with the results.  From what I know about
$Los Felizlaundry near me(323) 467-9663
Press Direct7000 Franklin AveLos Angeles, CA 90028Updating this review because I've tried to use them a few times recently and he is always out of town and there is no one else to pick up and deliver.
Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 332-9750
Sunset Cleaners & Laundry7223 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90046Hello!  I was suppose to pickup my dress yesterday but couldn't make it because I was in rehearsal. Is there ANY POSSIBLE way I could somehow pick it up TODAY (Feb 14th Valentine's
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 876-5243
Sunset Laundry Services8410 Sunset BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90069and never have time for my laundry.
laundry near me(424) 354-3918
CleanCierge.comLos Angeles, CAI was really excited when I learned that the new apartment building we moved to in November had a pick-up dry cleaning service. There are 4 lockers located in our laundry room. I
$$Downtownlaundry near me(844) 445-8844
Daly Lucys Coin Laundry2323 Daly StLos Angeles, CA 90031Parking lot, free wifi, a bunch of old school arcade games, vending snacks and laundry essentials (if you forgot yours, like I did). There's a couch to relax on and food next door. I
$Lincoln Heightslaundry near me(310) 720-8488
Hillhurst Cleaners1804 1/2 Hillhurst AveLos Angeles, CA 90027Great service!! I've been living in the area for 4 years and used to go to Hollymont Cleaners & Laundry on Vermont Ave between Kingswell & Melbourne. However, when I was checking
$Los Felizlaundry near me(323) 661-0971
Gateway Cleaners5616 W Manchester AveLos Angeles, CA 90045My previous review of this place was actually for the Coin Laundry next door. I have been using this Dry cleaners for a few months now without any issues. My cloths are always clean
$$Westchesterlaundry near me(310) 641-2400
Coin Laundry5074 Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90027East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 665-7242
Valencia Cleaners1433 W 11th StLos Angeles, CA 90015Great Service.  Very friendly. Walking distance to the Ritz.  Love it.
$Pico-Unionlaundry near me(213) 749-8515
Blue Ribbon Laundry3407 Overland AveLos Angeles, CA 90034Blue Ribbon has been our go-to facility the past three years since moving into the area, but the last 3 attempts at patronizing this business have been met with issues and hassles
$Palmslaundry near me(661) 262-9274
Chapman Cleaners3450 W 6th StLos Angeles, CA 90020This place is the best! They only charge $6 to hem my pencil skirts. One time I splattered boiling crab sauce all over my white shirt and they got all the stain out through dry
$$Wilshire Center, Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 386-6816
Launderland Co-op Laundry20911 Lassen StLos Angeles, CA 91311Very quiet and safe place to do laundry! I had tons of laundry that had to be done from procrastination... so I brought them here! It was my very first time at a laundry mat so it
Chatsworthlaundry near me
Dynasty Custom Quality Cleaners9836 National BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90034This place is pretty reliable.  Not sure why it's gotten such bad reviews.  I've been going here for years because I live so close and it's really pretty easy, convenient, and
$$$Cheviot Hillslaundry near me(310) 836-1180
Harrys Cleaners5069 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 549-0055
Highland Park Cleaners & Laundry5630 York BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90042Highland Park Cleaners is a wonderful establishment! Katie is always happy to see you, can alter anything of yours that needs help and does a really bang up job with all of your dry
$Highland Parklaundry near me(323) 256-6392
Griffith Park Cleaners2617 Hyperion AveLos Angeles, CA 90027There are tons of dry cleaners in the Hyperion area of Silver Lake but I'm pretty sure this is the cheapest one and also the best!
$Los Felizlaundry near me(323) 664-5717
Universal Cleaners4650 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90004Believe it or not, I wasn't even aware that making use of dry cleaning and laundry services was actually considered to be a "luxury" until recently......who knew? I guess growing up
$Koreatownlaundry near me(323) 466-8604
Fair Cleaners349 S Fairfax AveLos Angeles, CA 90036how often do you think about your dry cleaner... me... every week... drop everything (laundry and dry cleaning) off on friday - pick it up saturday and it is great.... the owner
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(323) 653-7778
Laundry For Less7551 Commonwealth AveBuena Park, CA 90621WOW, just WOW! This place blows any other laundry place out of the water. I came here for the first time today based on the reviews and photos, and it did not disappoint. I was
$laundry near me(714) 463-4339
Sepulveda Laundry9101 Sepulveda BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91343This is one of the biggest laundry mats in the valley. It's also pretty clean. Not the cleanest, but clean. They also have a parking lot and always find a spot. They have washers
$$North Hillslaundry near me(818) 894-6000
Holly Hills Cleaners & Laundry1925 N Bronson AveLos Angeles, CA 90068"Mrs. B." My laundry bill just got a whole lot cheaper... Oh, yeah. They fixed (and even cleaned!) my Sleepypod cat carrier when no one else could fix the darn thing. Best ten bucks
$$Hollywood Hillslaundry near me(323) 469-7388
Imperial Dry Cleaners & Laundry502 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90020was $24 for the suit!!!!!! $15 for the sport coats!!!!! $10 for dress pants!!!!! the shirts were reasonable at $4 each for laundry but COME ON! These prices are egregious! I voiced
$$Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 487-5470
Adams Coin Laundry1985 W Adams BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90018Sam was folding his laundry at the folding tables. "Please do not sit on the tables," it said. He was confused by all the different machine sizes, shapes, and functions. He was only
$Adams Normandielaundry near me(323) 737-8500
Hollywood Hills Cleaners1900 N Highland AveLos Angeles, CA 90068Came back again after my flea infestation and these amazing folks took care of all my laundry last minute I love them...I get to practice my Korean too!
$$Hollywood Hillslaundry near me(323) 874-9491
Kentwood Cleaners & Laundry7921 Emerson AveLos Angeles, CA 90045This is your basic efficient, friendly neighborhood laundry place--and sometimes that's exactly what's required. No drama with missing clothes or not-quite-removed stains... price is
$$$Westchesterlaundry near me(310) 670-4233
Temple Coin Laundry3553 W Temple StLos Angeles, CA 90004My usual go to laundry spot was closed, well, not really closed but there was a blackout in that area so ended up going here. Not too bad. Machines look pretty new, there is an
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 665-8433
Fair Oaks Laundry1343 N Fair Oaks AvePasadena, CA 91103What a difference! So glad I found this place yesterday. This place is clean and well lit with efficient up-to-date machines. Can use a credit card for a laundry card. Plenty of
$Pasadenalaundry near me(626) 296-9300
Chansett Coin Laundry5408 Whitsett AveLos Angeles, CA 91607laundry basket on the ground. I'd say come in the day time I believe she only works in the evening. The guy in the day time when I've come a few times is VERY nice he even offered to
$Valley Villagelaundry near me(818) 761-8709
Toms Jr. Coin Laundry254 E El Segundo BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90061I have washed here several times since is close to worksite.  Every washer and dryer works and their clean.  I never seen an attendant here,  but I am sure they're around somewhere.
$laundry near me(323) 756-1097
Lavanderia Favorita919 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90006Do. Not. Go. Here! Change machine and one of the laundry machines took my money and when I tried to talk to the owner about it they did not believe me. I will not be coming back here
Koreatownlaundry near me(626) 726-5020
Terrace Laundry3864 City Terrace DrLos Angeles, CA 90063Cleanest laundry mat ever. Only place i go to do my laundry.
$East Los Angeleslaundry near me
Don Roberto Laundromat14635 Parthenia StLos Angeles, CA 91402They also have specials Mon-Thursday and free Wi-Fi. Movies and music played, well air conditioned place and in the valley, that's aly two stars automatically for air condition
Panorama Citylaundry near me(747) 255-8313
Best Coin Laundry Fluff and Fold5208 Cahuenga BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91601laundry for an hour or so.
$North Hollywoodlaundry near me(818) 769-9535
Laundry Max LLC2711 Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90018Alright place - not the cleanest - not the dirtiest.  Has a mexican market that is adjacent to this place - you can do a little shopping while waiting for your clothes.
Jefferson Parklaundry near me
G Cleaners3276 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019and tell myself he must be having a bad day and apologize and go along my way. Fast forward to today. I am doing my laundry at the laundromat next door...& realize I have only a $50
$Arlington Heightslaundry near me(323) 218-1306
Happy Laundry360 S Alvarado StLos Angeles, CA 90057Searching for an acceptable coin laundry isn't an especially exciting activity but when your duds need sudsing you need to know about a place that meets all of your standards. I used
$$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 344-4241
Paragon Dry Cleaners & Laundry1310 Vine StLos Angeles, CA 90028out in living close by to such a gem. Whether it's alterations or tailoring or laundry, the staff is always expedient, upfront, and genuinely strive for excellence with whatever I
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 465-4663
Larchmont Cleaners415 N Larchmont BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90004who comes in - it is like everyone is a friend, because they are. They provide me with collar stays for my husband's shirts, go over my cleaning and laundry with me, fix things that
$$Larchmontlaundry near me(323) 461-9518
M Cleaners2751 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90057Okay, so I've been to this place many times and this place got my clothes so clean! I live kinda far away from this place but there is no other place that can dry clean as  well as
$$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 387-7647
Launderland Coin Op Laundry1687 N Eastern AveLos Angeles, CA 90063Parking space can be very hectic here, two reason i like coming to this laundry mat , well I've been coming here since i was in my teen years with my mom. Till this day this laundry
$East Los Angeleslaundry near me(323) 268-1018
Tokyo Cleaners426 E 2nd StLos Angeles, CA 90012I came in with 2 pieces of clothing that needed minor patching and one of the ladies told me to come back in a few hours. I told her I was in a rush since I was leaving to go to the
$$$Little Tokyo, Downtownlaundry near me(213) 628-2474
Market St Suds450 S Market StInglewood, CA 90301times that I have had to use facilities like these were nothing less than a nightmare. I've had to deal with creepy slimeball patrons who hit on me while my clothes dried, I've had
$laundry near me(310) 672-0454
Panda Bell Cleaners1230 W 7th StLos Angeles, CA 90017They're pretty inexpensive and quick with the turnaround time for drop offs. It's pretty conveinent for me to drop off and pick stuff up.   😀
$$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 623-9819
Sudz Laundry House1905 W La Habra BlvdLa Habra, CA 90631I let my laundry go weeks unattended and ended up with an endless pile of laundry in my home. I ded doing it and the pile grew larger as the days passed. A friend recommended
$laundry near me(562) 691-0115
Launderland Coin Laundry1551 Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90015laundry was even done. Laundry I paid for! I put most of my loads before 9:30, but two loads I started at 9:35. My place is being fumigated tomorrow and I had to sterilize everything
$$Pico-Unionlaundry near me(323) 985-8710
One Hour Cleaners3330 W 8th StLos Angeles, CA 90005I live downtown and I went here because this was the only place that said they could clean my suit with such short notice.  I'll come back here because Jun (the owner i think) was
$Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 383-7990
Rio Laundromat3845 E 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90063Place is cool and lots of machines! Parking is great they have a big lot. Very convenient due to the fact that they accept credit debit cards to reload laundry card! Machines are up
$East Los Angeleslaundry near me(818) 600-2355
Culver City Supreme Clean Coin Laundry4921 Sepulveda BlvdCulver City, CA 90230A fine place to do laundry. Pretty busy on a Sunday at 11am. A LOT of machines out of order but enough to service the crowd.
$Del Reylaundry near me(310) 737-4732
Brothers Tailor3927 W Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019this place is run by a couple out of their own homes. they are the most arrogant people and have the most rude service ever! and such a rip off! i asked the man there to add short
$$$$Koreatownlaundry near me(323) 930-1017
Launderland1661 S Robertson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035and keeping it sparkling clean. He is often on the premises so if there's a problem he is around to help which makes doing my laundry a lot easier. He is very responsive to phone
$$Pico-Robertsonlaundry near me(323) 316-0383
Central 40 Laundry4019 S Central AveLos Angeles, CA 90011be productive and get work while I do our laundry if need be. Also it's a nice accommodation for people who are here for a long time like us. 3. It's clean and tidy which is a must!
Historic South Centrallaundry near me(626) 627-4460
Laundry Zone1600 6th AveLos Angeles, CA 900194 stars for having an original Street Fighter II arcade! :)))))))) Place can get busy mid day, kids running around the usual laundry mat. I think it was $1.75 a wash with free dry.
$Arlington Heightslaundry near me
Vip Cleaners1539 N La Brea AveLos Angeles, CA 90028Amazing place!! I brought them my laundry, they washed and dried it in 2hours (!!), folded everything perfectly (even paired the socks and put them together!!) and only charged me
$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 512-1537
Coin Laundry1478 Monterey Pass RdMonterey Park, CA 91754Our favorite laundry spot. It's clean, has WiFi and efficient machines. You'll see the owner/s always cleaning and offering free lollipops to everyone. Definitely a nice place to do
laundry near me(626) 833-0491
Executive Image Cleaners600 W 9th StLos Angeles, CA 90015great your clothes smell--I have no idea what kind of laundry soap they use but it smells like perfume! Usually when you hand in your dirty clothes they will hand you a receipt and
$$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 488-1045
Door to Door Valet Cleaners8727 Santa Monica BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90069Stopped by here as I was on a work gig staying at the ramada down the street. I dropped off some laundry and it was delivered back to the hotel done just right and folded perfectly.
$$laundry near me(310) 358-9422
SpinCycle Laundry Lounge12010 Garfield AveSouth Gate, CA 90280I recently started doing my laundry here so I've only been here a handful of times but it is by far the cleanest laundry lounge I've been to. The loads are not that bad in price but
$$laundry near me(562) 295-2019
Oxnard Coin Laundry14046 Oxnard StVan Nuys, CA 91401Great laundry place, good prices, clean, and friendly staff on site. Also advertises a Nano water system. It does create suds with less detergent. I despise doing laundry but
$Valley Glenlaundry near me
Jewell Cleaners2432 W Martin Luther King Jr BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90008I LOVE this business!! Diana is the BEST!! I use the fluff & fold service along with dry-cleaning!! She also does alterations perfectly!! Laundry comes back clean, fresh and folded.
$Leimert Parklaundry near me(323) 294-0550
Brentwood Village Cleaners & Laundry11722 Barrington CtLos Angeles, CA 90049I have been going to Brentwood Village Cleaners and Laundry for over five years now. They are a bit expensive (I'm sure rent in the village isn't cheap!) but they always do an
$$Brentwoodlaundry near me(310) 472-6919
Coin Operated Laundry3978 S Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90037$$$$Exposition Parklaundry near me(213) 749-3308
Super Wash N Dry10818 Downey AveDowney, CA 90241Great laundry mat! I have been a few times for my brother who lives nearby. It is very clean. Good vending options for snacks and drinks. They also sell soap etc in case u run out or
$laundry near me(562) 400-4815
Burbank Laundry3423 W Victory BlvdBurbank, CA 91505It's my first time to try doing laundry here in Burbank laundry. The place was pretty clean and I was quite impressed. The machine was user-friendly and to be honest, I had nothing
$$Burbanklaundry near me(818) 736-5563
Mikes Coin Laundry420 S Glendale AveGlendale, CA 91205This place is a little better than okay. I usually come on Saturday, or Sunday to get my laundry done, and no matter when I come in the day the place is packed with kids and
$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 240-2792
Fancy Cleaners2895 S Robertson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90034you go, check out their environmentally friendly plaque. Lastly, Great place for cleaning, laundry shirts ( They have a special) and their alterations are above par. I love this
$$Beverlywoodlaundry near me(310) 837-2822
King Laundry2032 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006This is the fairest priced and cleanest laundry facility I've discovered. I washed and dried a massive load of laundry for under $5. They had three (maybe ) sizes of machines,
Pico-Unionlaundry near me(213) 389-7120
Star Cleaners5870 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90038I like this cleaners and have found them to be fair in price and have never had an issue with any item since 1999. I have done alterations here and have found them better than most.
$$Hancock Parklaundry near me(323) 962-4497
Soap City Laundromat18252 Sherman WayLos Angeles, CA 91335Our washing machine broke so our family had to do laundry. The place was clean, smelled good. People were friendly and the manager, Gustavo was great. The coin machine messed up, the
$Resedalaundry near me(678) 447-6356
Junes Cleaners11127 Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90034for the skin as well. It is right next door to the COIN LAUNDRY so you can wash your clothes or get fluff-n-fold service at the same shopping center. Do use JUNE'S CLEANERS for all
Palmslaundry near me(310) 559-8794
HK Coin Laundry1311 Glendele BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90026I've been coming here every so often. Only because parking is slightly easier than other laundry-mat. I mostly park on the side of the laundry and grab one of their cart if i have to
$Echo Parklaundry near me(213) 260-1511
Westdale Coin Wash12137 National BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064I was here this morning to do the laundry. Fortunately, the attendant did open the door before 8 am. I was glad to get it started a bit earlier then 8 am. The Sunday attendant is
$Sawtellelaundry near me(310) 473-8074
Walnut Grove Coin Laundry3365 Walnut Grove AveRosemead, CA 91770The place is actually pretty clean for a public laundry mat. It's doesn't smell, which is usually the first thing I notice when I walk into laundry mats. I've been to the one on
$$laundry near me(626) 569-2881
Jasmine Cleaners3514 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90026Great laundry service, super quick and easy. The laundry is done well. Highly recommended
$Silver Lakelaundry near me(323) 662-9193
24 Hour Lavenderia4431 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90004East Hollywoodlaundry near me
Margarets Cleaners10700 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90025I'm so excited that Brown's in Santa Monica rejected cleaning my Hugo Boss coat. For my most special clothes, I'd used Brown's for years, believing that they were the best and could
$$$$West Los Angeleslaundry near me(310) 470-9200
Clean Laundry5031 N Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90042I've been doing laundry here since 2011. I love the place! It's clean and well maintained. Basically all the washers and driers works good. They have huge washers for big loads of
$$Highland Parklaundry near me(323) 254-2354
Coin Laundry4820 W Washington BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016Coin Laundry is the closest laundry mat near my house so I go here out of convenience. It has plenty of machines and a couple of arcade games. I'm not sure if those arcade games work
$Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 931-4113
Laundry Pro9730 Wilshire BlvdBeverly Hills, CA 902125 Star company. I don't regret using this company to fix our Samsung washer that has been making some weird noise every time we use it. LAUNDRY PRO IN BEVERLY HILLS did a pretty good
laundry near me(213) 357-5414
Glory Cleaners7121 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90036Johnathan is a amazing owner ! He is so nice and honest and always has things done on time and done right ! I have gone to many other dry cleaners in LA and I've never been too
$$Fairfaxlaundry near me(323) 937-0394
Clover Laundry12558 Centralia StLakewood, CA 90715blowing nice cool air. On top of that, he hands out free water bottles to all of his patrons. Great service! There are two large front load washers that can handle up to 8 loads of
$laundry near me(562) 865-7940
Sunland Coin Laundry8662 Foothill BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91040the looks of his clothes he didn't know how to use a laundry machine either, so with the sweet lady who works there daily comes and tells me he put too much soap so not my problem
$Sunlandlaundry near me(818) 353-3733
Life Without LaundryWe are a fam of 4 and just moved into a new place that does not have a washer-dryer. I can't say I'm sad to say goodbye to doing laundry, but I had a hard time finding a place nearby
$laundry near me(617) 768-7779
Solasis Cleaners2603 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006I had a really good time. Very inexpensive IMO. I got to meet Maria.. she works there. But I'm not sure if she's the owner or how their operation works. All I know is that she was
$$Pico-Unionlaundry near me
Mega Coin Laundry4362 S Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90037I always go to this laundry mat and the people are usually nice. Today I went and the machine malfunctioned. Noone was working so when I finally saw someone and told them, they got
$$Vermont Squarelaundry near me(888) 552-8637
Camden Cleaners9601 Wilshire BlvdBeverly Hills, CA 90210need laundry or dry cleaning!
$$laundry near me(310) 858-0220
24 Horas Lavanderia2817 East Cesar E Chavez AveLos Angeles, CA 9003324 hour laundry mat ...clean always someone on sight plenty of parking .. well lit .. plenty of large washers ...
$$Boyle Heightslaundry near me
The Oaks Express Laundry Center14837 Burbank BlvdSherman Oaks, CA 91411Spacious, clean laundry center with counter tops to fold your garments, table and chairs to hang out while you waiting. A parking lot is right at exit / entrance so no schlepping the
$Van Nuyslaundry near me(818) 782-2100
California Coin Laundry1054 Vine StLos Angeles, CA 90038is disgusting. Literally inches of filth between machines. Despite being a couple of blocks from my house, I will have to find a new laundry mat!
$$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 856-0764
Frederick Cleaners8200 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90048a weeks worth of laundry to be DRY CLEANED. What I got back was my black Vivienne Westwood $330.00 shirt WASHED... FADED - NOT IRONED - RUINED!!!!! I hit the roof - I discovered this
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(323) 653-0055
Laundromax5938 Whittier BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90022Even if this place was awful, I would still come here because it is 24 hours, convenient, and I always get stuck doing laundry late at night. But, this place is clean and safe. There
$$East Los Angeleslaundry near me(323) 726-0784
Lou Marine Cleaners2131 W Jefferson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90018This is a great dry cleaners!  They are fast, well priced, and do a great job.  I had a cat that had a pretty horrible habit of peeing on things, and they were able to get stains out
$Jefferson Parklaundry near me(323) 733-1136
Spin Off22341 Sherman WayLos Angeles, CA 91303It's an older establishment but every time I have gone in it has been very clean. Haven't had any issues with equipment. It's not a fancy laundry mat but then I'm not here for the
$Canoga Parklaundry near me(818) 458-9873
Lavanderia1428 N Highland AveLos Angeles, CA 90028You have to pay for the restroom even though you are customer. Washers are very new and nice but people who works there are not helpful.
$Hollywoodlaundry near me
Ocean Coin Laundry5616 Laurel Canyon BlvdValley Village, CA 91607I dropped off my laundry yesterday to have it fluffed and folded. It was my first time visiting this establishment and the first thing I noticed was that it was very clean. Also, if
$Valley Glenlaundry near me(818) 509-8599
San-Fair Cleaners & Laundry7877 Santa Monica BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90046i always take my laundry and repairs here. they always do an excellent, timely job. everyone who works here is polite enough and their prices are reasonable. okay, so they don't
$$laundry near me(323) 654-3852
Triple Alteration Cleaners3003 W Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006The best alteration service ever!!!!!  I've been going since forever and Mr. Na has the "magic touch" that will transform any type of clothes into a perfect outfit for you - and it's
$$Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 389-8970
Sparklean Laundry8936 State StSouth Gate, CA 90280This laundry has to be one of my favorites when I lived in Downey. The place is always clean and it's not a coin laundry which makes it a lot easier than having to get money and
$laundry near me(323) 564-0859
Magnolia Coin Laundry10929 Magnolia BlvdNorth Hollywood, CA 91601Honestly, rating a laundromat is difficult: visiting them is typically an annoying burden for those not lucky enough to have access to their own (working) washer and dryer. I'm no
$North Hollywoodlaundry near me
Crown Cleaners7773 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90046I have been going here for over 5 years now, and it's finally time to write a review! You will not find cheaper, quality dry-cleaning anywhere in LA. I get all of my dry cleaning,
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 876-2220
Laundry Bubble - Los AngelesThe service is convenient. I've had trouble with them forgetting my laundry bags a few times - I deliver clothes to them in a laundry bag, and they return all of the clothes, just
$laundry near me(424) 272-6063
Olympic Coin Laundry2801 E Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90023she will tell you its to late at 830 she also likes to gosip and not realizing people are watching her and what she says overall I like the laundry alot
Boyle Heightslaundry near me(323) 266-8338
Fit to Perfection Tailor Shop312 N Kings RdLos Angeles, CA 90048I've been here so many times and recommended so many people I can't believe I've never Yelped about this place! Fit to Perfection is by far the best tailor in l.a.!! Especially if
Beverly Grovelaundry near me(818) 259-7032
Naki LaundrySanta Monica, CA 90404Just used Naki (or any fluff and fold) Laundry for the very first time. First of all, I was SO STOKED just by the service. My hampers went away dirty and came back perfectly folded
$$laundry near me(866) 411-6254
Century Cleaners1888 Century Park ELos Angeles, CA 90067Great service! So friendly and attentive! Items are always y when they say they are. The dry cleaning and laundry seevice are good. They also do good alterations. The prices
$Century Citylaundry near me(310) 553-3390
Coin Laundry13309 Moorpark StSherman Oaks, CA 91423We use this place to do laundry as the laundry machines at the apartment building we live at break down a lot (I should point out now the landlord FINALLY replaced the half ass dryer
$$Sherman Oakslaundry near me
Shine One Hour Cleaners11281 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90025i used to go to drycleanexpress on westwood blvd, but since they lost my shirt i decided to never go back. shine one hour cleaners has always been very reliable, i always take my dry
$$Sawtellelaundry near me(310) 575-1072
Prestige Green Touch Cleaners1232 S La Cienega BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035CLEANING service, NOT laundry. Laundry just washes your shirts in hot water with other people's clothes. Dry Cleaning is about the same price but is steamed and cleaned with GREEN
$$Carthaylaundry near me(310) 652-1200
So Fresh So Clean Coin Laundry3481 Tweedy BlvdSouth Gate, CA 90280THANK YOU!!! A lot of 24 hours laundry places are sketchy but not here! It's brightly lit, safe and clean and they have free WiFi. I do laundry late so safety is important to me. No
$laundry near me(626) 665-5778
Regency Cleaners1411 Echo Park AveLos Angeles, CA 90026you can. The parking lot can be crazy during peak hours at the laundry mat next door, which now that I think about it is all day.
$$Echo Parklaundry near me(213) 482-9986
Ecospin Laundromat24003 Narbonne AveLomita, CA 90717So many different options for doing laundry! 4, 6, and 8 load size washing machines and turbo fast dryers. Has a couple of food/soda vending machines and baskets to roll around your
$$Torrancelaundry near me(310) 626-4722
Laundromat5040 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90029phon no purse. I was obviously just grabbing change beforehand I got started. However after this experience I walked right back out of the door. He had no idea weather I needed coins
East Hollywoodlaundry near me
Ritz Cleaners10433 National BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90034I've been coming here for about a year now. The service is beyond spectacular and the staff is always nice and caring. Their laundry and dry cleaning service tops any other cleaners
$$Palmslaundry near me(310) 838-3095
R & R Laundromat Of Northridge8554 Reseda BlvdNorthridge, CA 91325In this review, I choose the 5 coin laundry that is the closest to where I live and review them from 5 stars (the best) to 1 star (the worst) in order. Check each place for my full
$Northridgelaundry near me(818) 433-4337
Mariposa Village Laundromat518 Center StEl Segundo, CA 90245I love to come to this little laundromat because it's never been busy when I'm there. I do usually do my laundry either Friday or Saturday nights. They lose one star just because
$laundry near me
Green Cleaners8887 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035Very nice Korean laundry. Much cheaper than any other cleaners in this area. A nice lady. Free parking in back too
$Pico-Robertsonlaundry near me(310) 273-8523
Launderland Coin Operated Laundry4371 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90029knowledge, there just wasn't a Laundry option that i could find in the categories
East Hollywoodlaundry near me
Panorama Coin Laundry8126 Van Nuys BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91402This laundry looks a little questionable on the outside but the washing machines seem like they're new. The staff is always so friendly and helpful. Very clean laundromat. I love
$Panorama Citylaundry near me(818) 782-8485
Coin-Wash3871 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90062This is closes laundry mat in my area, so have to visit this place pretty much every week. Not really bad laundry for such area as Western and Expo. Machinist are pretty good and
$Exposition Parklaundry near me
Launderland Coin - Op Laundry3839 Grand View BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90066Do not use the BROKEN vending machine near the entrance. It'll take your money but gives you NOTHING! The worker there acts like she has nothing to do with the machinery in the place
$$Mar Vistalaundry near me(310) 313-1070
M2 Dry Cleaner & Alteration4209 W Washington BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016Super nice lady. She helped me out right away at the end of her day with a smile. She fixed the duvet that got damaged in my washing machine. I have found the place where to go next
$Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 733-2809
Coast Cleaners5213 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90027Fast And Convenient Clean for the most part Plus they have arcade games to keep you laundry doers preoccupied. Wish They would Open up earlier
$$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 664-4037
Third Street Cleaners5774 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90036WELP Time to find a new laundromat. I have been coming here off and on for well over a decade, But ever since they started pretending like the laundry mat and the cleaners are two
Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 933-2083
Laundry Center4501 W Martin Luther King Jr BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016Baldwin Hills/Crenshawlaundry near me(323) 291-2387
Hillhurst Cleaners12450 Burbank BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91607Service was bad. At first, took them 2 days to get the laundry y. They told us they will text us when it will be y so we could come and pick it up at 12. We got the text only
$laundry near me(323) 336-1386
Karinas Cleaners7611 Santa Monica BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90046I'm not really impressed with their fluff n fold. It's cheap at just $1 a pound but the point of fluff n fold is for your laundry to be y to be put away when you get home. They
$laundry near me(323) 654-2133
Sparklean Laundry5976 Santa Fe AveHuntington Park, CA 90255I have been looking for a high quality laundry service to use for not only my personal needs but to my clients as a referral base. Sparklean Laundry does an excellent job at
$laundry near me(323) 583-8253
CLEAN KING LAUNDRY802 E Manchester AveLos Angeles, CA 90001the metro. Gym is up the street and so is VONS. Ice cream vending machine as well as chips, candy snacks and detergent. Restroom for 25cents. I just park where I can see my laundry
$$laundry near me
Bobs Cleaners5823 Franklin AveLos Angeles, CA 90028important to me. I wash my regular laundry in soap nuts and baking soda, so it was nice to find an environmentally friendly dry cleaner. I'll definitely continue to go here.
$$Hollywood Hillslaundry near me(323) 464-1539
Embo Cleaners I3809 W 6th StLos Angeles, CA 90020Love this place!!!   I have been bringing my stuff to Embo Cleaners for about two years now and they have always done a great job! Also they aren't too expensive at all. They make
$$$Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 388-9055
Laundries 4 YouLos Angeles, CA 90043Excellent laundry service! Easy to schedule pick up and drop off whenever it's convenient, prices are reasonable, and they do a great job -- perfectly folded, clean and organized.
Hyde Parklaundry near me(213) 440-7940
Lims Laundry Cleaners2432 W 6th StLos Angeles, CA 90057Frightfully expensive, housed in a dim, dark and frankly dirty building, and to top it off...unfriendly? Welcome to Lim's.
$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 380-2530
Beaudry Cleaners333 S Beaudry AveLos Angeles, CA 90017Westlakelaundry near me(213) 241-3363
Angels Cleaners5065 Hollywood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90027I have been going there for years... The prices are decent and the people who run it are really nice.  They have never lost any of my clothes or messed them up.  Beware with the
Los Felizlaundry near me(323) 913-0421
San Gabriel Laundry305 S San Gabriel BlvdSan Gabriel, CA 91776The staff is generally nice, but one star off because there is one staff member who is rude, rude, rude...If she keeps it up, I'm taking my laundry elsewhere.
$laundry near me(626) 319-7304
E Z Way Laundry1110 W Glenoaks BlvdGlendale, CA 91202Mary and Jerry are wonderful people and I've been using their services for several years. The dry cleaning and laundry are always perfect. Since I'm small, I need everything altered,
Glendalelaundry near me(818) 242-8603
Central Coin Laundry903 S Central AveGlendale, CA 91204I don't care for this laundry place at all. It's overprice -- $2.00/load for a crappy machine that barely washes your clothes clean. Also the machines seem to ALWAYS be messing up or
$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 507-9232
Lavanderia De La Luna4110 E Cesar E Chavez AveLos Angeles, CA 90063warm, modern but cozy, family-like laundromat in the heart of East Los Angeles. We have a friendly staff, always y to help with all your laundry needs and laundry questions. You
East Los Angeleslaundry near me(323) 723-2194
LaunderLand7958 Santa Monica BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90046As with most laundromat in eastern weho it has it's fair share of characters.  They do a good job of rangling both the dust and the characters. Got some new machines like June 2016.
$laundry near me(888) 391-9394
Constellation Place10250 Constellation BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90067The shop in the courtyard in Constellation Place is part mini mart, part greeting cards, part morning muffin and coffee, and has a part of their counter set aside for a laundry pick
$Century Citylaundry near me(310) 203-0318
Globe Cleaners309 Lincoln BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90291encountered. SECRET: If you ask nicely, they'll even pick up and drop your laundry for free
$$Venicelaundry near me(310) 450-2845
Spin Cycle5300 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90043The staff are nice. Fluff and fold is available at a rate lower then the ones in the area. 24/7 service and same day service depending on when you drop off your laundry. My clothes
$$Hyde Parklaundry near me(323) 296-2705
Magic Laundry14405 Prairie AveLawndale, CA 90260I've never had to come to a laundry mat before, until this past year. I felt iffy about washing my clothes somewhere other than my washer and dryer, but my house didn't have the hook
$laundry near me(562) 704-6975
Lavanderia Maclay13285 Maclay StLos Angeles, CA 91340This Laundry has a quaint feeling to it, with free Wi-Fi. There's lots of different sized machines. It has gotten a big face-lift and I love that there's lots of parking in the back.
Sylmarlaundry near me(818) 336-6819
Speed Wash6659 Foothill BlvdTujunga, CA 91042After finding a dead mouse in my apartment buildings laundry machine (eeewwww), I decided it was time to take my laundry out to get washed. I personally hate hate hate hate hate
$$Tujungalaundry near me(818) 951-2258
Rosemary Cleaner3550 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90010She's a terrific tailor and the dry cleaning is great.  Sh'es my only go-to for this stuff,
$Wilshire Center, Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 389-2448
Westgate Cleaning & Laundry11853 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90025if you know me, you know that I change my wardrobe selection with the same frequency that Donald Trump admits wrongdoing. That being said, it would make sense that I would be doing
$$Sawtellelaundry near me(310) 478-2039
San Gabriel Coin Laundry816 E Mission RdSan Gabriel, CA 91776Open late, many washers and dryers. The best coins laundry in the area. Definitely, we'll come back.
$laundry near me
Door to Door Valet Cleaners9843 S Santa Monica BlvdBeverly Hills, CA 90210Door to Door has been a wonderful service while I've been without at-home laundry. They are always on time, and able to pick up, even same-day sometimes. I've been using them for a
$$laundry near me(310) 556-0777
Celebrity 1 Hour Cleaners951 N La Cienega BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90069I have to say that this cleaners does a great job. I have used them before for Dry Cleaning This trip I brought a bunch of items in to be steamed and they did a great job. Highly
$$laundry near me(310) 659-0545
777 Cleaners & Laundry1904 S La Brea AveLos Angeles, CA 90016The shop may have seen better days and the service doesn't always come with a smile, but the prices are great.   If you prepay, most garments are $1.75 for dry cleaning and are done
$Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 965-9707
Kensco Coin Laundry3148 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019I wish I could have the first review for this place but I didn't because it's a laundromat. However I've learned my lesson. Never coming back to this crooked place again They
Harvard Heightslaundry near me(323) 735-6305
Best Quality Cleaners & Shoe Repair430 S San Vicente BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90048I love this dry cleaner; I've been going here a long time. Have had alterations and dry cleaning done all at reasonable prices, and truly with the highest "quality." The lady that
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(310) 659-7366
S C Coin Laundry5618 W Manchester AveLos Angeles, CA 90045This is the first time in my life I have had to use a coin laundry. It's not dirty per say but it isn't clean either. The tables are clean but the floors are dusty and a bit dirty.
$Westchesterlaundry near me(310) 215-3809
Viva Lavanderia Coin Laundry5944 Lankershim BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91601to this place to do their laundry if they want to be in a peaceful and clean place with top quality machines.
$$North Hollywoodlaundry near me(818) 355-8454
Eagle Rock Coin Laundry1578 Colorado BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90041 Instead, Eagle Rock Coin Laundry gets four well-deserved stars for its godly cleanliness - the machines are sparkly white and everything else looks brand new, for crying out loud -
$Eagle Rocklaundry near me(323) 257-8228
Gebhardts Cleaning & Laundry3212 Glendale BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90039Alright! First reviewer! These guys are great. Besides the confusing fact that an Asian family runs a joint named Gebhardt's, they are great prices, and very very nice. I almost
$$Atwater Villagelaundry near me(323) 665-8849
London Care Cleaners & Laundry998 S Robertson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035No the cheapest place to get your clothes cleaned, but the staff at London have always been extremely courteous and friendly.  Tell them when you need your clothes by and they will
Pico-Robertsonlaundry near me(310) 652-1046
Pico Cleaners9150 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035I've been coming here for almost 4-years and I've never had anything go wrong. They do the dry-cleaning and laundry on-site with a quick turn around time and they use environmental
$$Pico-Robertsonlaundry near me(310) 274-2431
Alameda Cleaners & Laundry1034 W Alameda AveBurbank, CA 91506The ladies at Alameda Cleaners have always taken very good care of me and my clothes.  I have been getting my dry cleaning done there for two years and it's nice to go to place that
$Burbanklaundry near me(818) 557-0276
Laundry Mat1601 W Washington BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90007My mom and I have been coming here for years! This facility is under new ownership and they have done some amazing renovations. I was surprised when I saw that this location wasn't
Pico-Unionlaundry near me
Coin Laundry7005 Atlantic AveBell, CA 90201Great place! The only local 24 hour coin co-op laundromat! Lots of lighting, vending machines with drinks, food and laundry items, internet computers that you can rent to surf the
$laundry near me(818) 613-8110
Kings Cleaners2103 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90026Super happy with King's Cleaners. I drive from downtown typically coming or going to work. They are always friendly, offer quick and reasonable turn around at great prices!
$$Echo Parklaundry near me(213) 484-1386
Vista Del Mar Cleaners217 Culver BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90293I've been here a few times now and every time I'm greeted with a smile by Patrick. They do a great job with my husbands clothes and they are quick and efficient. I will definitely be
$Playa del Reylaundry near me(310) 827-5400
Selective Cleaners505 S Flower StLos Angeles, CA 90071I LOVE this place and was super bummed when my office moved further away from it.  I used to schlep all my dry cleaning out to work the one time a week I had to be in the office, and
$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 228-0004
Super Lavanderia3584 E 1st StLos Angeles, CA 90063Today, 4/27/17 I had the pleasure of meeting the owner while doing my laundry. He was testing some seats he had installed, I asked him if he would be removing the remaining white
$East Los Angeleslaundry near me
Avalon Lavanderia4410 Avalon BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90011Found this laundry while visiting in LA. They just finished a complete remodel so everything is brand sparkleing new, super clean/organized, Definitely not your typical dreary
South Parklaundry near me(888) 552-8637
J&C Dry Cleaners610 S Rampart BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90057Best dry cleaning experience I've ever had. Quick, quality job. They pay attention to detail and do everything proper. Love how they keep the shape of jackets by filling them with
$$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 385-5564
Paradise Cleaners1770 N Highland AveLos Angeles, CA 90028Been meaning to Yelp these guys for some time now.  After being ripped off by a couple other dry cleaners in the neighborhood, I decided to give these guys a try based on a couple of
$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 465-1116
Super Suds Laundromat & Wash and Fold250 Alamitos AveLong Beach, CA 90802were small washers for $2.00 a load and larger ones for $4.00+ per load. The dryers were $0.25 per 8 minutes. Overall two full laundry baskets cost about $12.50 to wash and only took
$$laundry near me(562) 436-1859
Speedy Coin Laundry6512 N Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90042Speedy Coin Laundry I feel my son's civil rights as a paying customer was violated A man threw my son out of the laundromat, as I was moving the car in the parking lot. We've been
$Highland Parklaundry near me(626) 674-8357
Leons Cleaners1294 S La Brea AveLos Angeles, CA 90019This place is great. They changed ownership a few months back. The new owners are a husband and wife team. Anna the wife is super friendly and welcoming. I think she is the one that
$$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 936-9885
17th Street Thrifty Wash2521 17th StSanta Monica, CA 90405while laundry washes. It is a hidden gem. Sign out front says Thrifty Wash (not 18 min Laundry).
$laundry near me(310) 435-8270
Advance Dry Cleaners1389 W 29th StLos Angeles, CA 90007Needed graduation gown steamed and pressed. Perfect in two hours at a cheap price. Reviewed 5he price list and they also do lbs of laundry for a very reasonable price. Meets all my
$University Parklaundry near me(323) 734-3025
Clean People Coinless Laundry2608 Pico BlvdSanta Monica, CA 90405I was really depressed at the thought of having to go back to doing my laundry at the laundromat again. Ugh. But the 'coinless' concept was what sold me on this place. You get a
$$laundry near me(310) 396-3166
Francesis Cleaners1905 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90018Friendly customer service with a good turn over. If you need some last minute Laundry or dry cleaning service they can definitely accommodate you. I can always count on them to have
$Harvard Heightslaundry near me(323) 365-9173
Kims Cleaners3360 W 8th StLos Angeles, CA 90005This is a very friendly shop. I've taken my suits here for dry cleaning, and been satisfied.  My friend gave me his duvet (dry clean only), so I took it here to get cleaned. It has
$Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 387-0222
24hrs Laundry2538 W Temple AveLos Angeles, CA 90026Good luck finding and "free dryers" that are actually free--this place is packed around the clock, people basically start putting clothes in before others are done taking there's
Westlakelaundry near me(323) 807-6518
Softone Cleaners3825 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90008I had several shirts cleaned and pressed here. They removed a stain from my favorite white shirt that I didn't think was possible to get out. Great service and reasonable prices. The
Baldwin Hills/Crenshawlaundry near me(323) 290-1377
Gotzona Dry Cleaners5411 W Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019Love their service.  It's a family run business and they take pride in their work.  I had a stain on my shirt and it didn't come off when I tried washing it. I went to a dry cleaners
$$Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 937-0552
The Cleaning Spot308 1/2 S Beverly DrBeverly Hills, CA 90212This place is incredible! Unheard of turn around time on alterations and amazing dry cleaning! This is my new go to place for all my clothing maintenance needs! I am blown away by
laundry near me(310) 556-1121
The Wash House12447 Burbank BlvdValley Village, CA 91607and his staff saved me from a huge nightmare! I'm moving next week and due to major laundry neglect ended up with about 100 lbs (no joke) of laundry to do. Who has time for that when
$$Valley Glenlaundry near me(818) 762-3650
Los Lavaderos Coin Laundries2814 E Gage AveHuntington Park, CA 90255Came to do the ded thing known as laundry on a hot day, but used to $20 for $25 deal I found on Yelp and was greeted by an attendant who helped bring out a cart for me to unload
$$laundry near me(323) 463-6354
Panda Sundries & Cleaners445 S Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90071Worst place ever! They lost two very expensive dresses which were worth $300 each and were very rude. Horrible horrible place. If you work at the Union Bank building or around here.
Downtownlaundry near me(213) 627-5580
Kerigma Laundry2431 S BroadwayLos Angeles, CA 90007Historic South Centrallaundry near me(213) 747-1514
Suzy Ks Dry Cleaners8166 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90048fast, but it isn't dfully slow (eg, a week's wait for your laundry to come out of their dryer, and it isn't even THAT much of a wreck), either. The cons - the shop closes a bit
$$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(323) 653-6637
Fluff & Fold Coin Laundry21172 Hawthorne BlvdTorrance, CA 90503to help you with your laundry. This makes it easier to move from your vehicle to the machines. There is also a washing service they offer, you drop off your laundry and pick it up
$Torrancelaundry near me(310) 793-8551
Western Cleaners439 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90020SUPER FRIENDLY OWNERS.  thats the reason i keep coming back despite how it is not walking distance from my apt, and i have a ton within a 3 block radius.    low prices too.  small
$Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 382-7474
Green Dry Cleaners365 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90020Super friendly and great customer service. Good prices. Parking is not hard, you literally just pull up and jump out to drop your stuff and also there's a cute little doggo that
$Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 389-1680
Drop A Load Laundry370 W Sierra Madre BlvdSierra Madre, CA 91024I love this place too much. Because sometimes you just have to Drop a Load (of laundry) and you don't want to do it at home. Open 24 hrs in the lovely Sierra Madre neighborhood, kept
$laundry near me(626) 355-6213
Sparklean Laundromat7810 California AveHuntington Park, CA 90255One of the best laundry experiences I've ever had. Easy to use laundry cards and a vending machine that offers an array of single use detergents and drier sheets. Free wifi on the
$laundry near me(323) 583-3806
Cleann Save Cleaners2630 Hyperion AveLos Angeles, CA 90027Been taking my laundry here for a couple years now. It's just an easy and pleasant part of my routine. They do a good job with washing and pressing work shirts. Been happy with their
$Silver Lakelaundry near me(323) 666-4879
Sanny Coin Laundry808 N State StLos Angeles, CA 90033Really clean facility. Worker on hand cleaning dryers and washer, doing basic maintenance around the laundry mat. Amplitude of washers and dryers of all load sizes. They have free
Boyle Heightslaundry near me(323) 980-9658
Coin Laundry3371 Motor AveLos Angeles, CA 90034Palmslaundry near me(310) 398-3281
Family Coin Laundry5173 Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019$Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 931-5571
Silver-Glen Cleaners2558 Glendale BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90039shirt: $5.50 Laundry cost per shirt: $3.50 That would be tolerable, but shirts often come back poorly pressed with wrinkles in the shoulder area. That's fine at discount prices, but
$$Silver Lakelaundry near me(323) 668-1155
Laundry Ladies Pick Up & Delivery ServiceHoly smokes how amazing is it to have a laundry service?! It's a whole new ball game here. My husband and I own a small business and work a ton and the laundry quickly can become the
laundry near me(858) 922-9800
Beverly Place Cleaners7178 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90036for laundry- sometimes they are $3.75. The other issue I have is that at least one in four items seems only to be pressed. I can still smell my cologne or deodorant on my shirts.
$$Fairfaxlaundry near me(323) 553-3791
Lucys Fluff N Fold Laundromat2806 W Lincoln AveAnaheim, CA 92801Lucy's Fluff and Fold Laundry is clean and convenient with newer laundry machines. I like the laundry card program. You get a free card and load up money on to it. No hassles
$$laundry near me(714) 905-6555
Laundering Coin Op Laundry11017 Victory BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91606Do not go to this laundromat!!! The owner is extremely rude. I used the cash-to-coin machine and she began yelling at me, asking if I was really there to do laundry, accusing me of
$$North Hollywoodlaundry near me
Jacks Laundry4224 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019Really cool place, always clean when I come, I haven't been there on a weekend but during the week it's not crowded. The machines look pretty new and good prices.
Mid-Citylaundry near me(866) 620-0518
US No 1 Cleaners1755 Colorado BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90041Dropped off a pair of pants that needed some hemming and the lady filled out a ticket and I mentioned to her what I needed, she asked when I would need the pair back and I said you
$$Eagle Rocklaundry near me(323) 349-0557
U-Cleaners326 Comstock AveLos Angeles, CA 90024WOW! I can not tell you how liberating U-Cleaners makes me feel. To rid your life of washing and folding your dirty laundry is such a relief. I send out my dirty wash, and the next
Westwoodlaundry near me(310) 382-6447
Girls 20009016 Wilshire BlvdBeverly Hills, CA 90211Willy is very hard working , fast , and professional. I get my clothes tailored with him and he always does a great job . He is open late in the evening and can get your clothes
$laundry near me(310) 385-9124
Coastal Laundry Services2417 W 190th StRedondo Beach, CA 90278Management seems to have changed and they've put in new machines. The cleanest laundry facility in the area with the friendliest staff. If you use the wash and fold service, they'll
$laundry near me(424) 237-2233
Mitage Cleaners1842 S Robertson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035After ditching Robertson Cleaners for poor customer service, I decided to give Mitage a try.  My wife sends a huge load of suits & other fancy stuff to the dry cleaner every other
$$Mid-Citylaundry near me(310) 836-6700
Sherman Way Laundry14509 Sherman WayLos Angeles, CA 91405I like this place but it's impossible to stay while your laundry is washing/drying. The TV's are always on full blast and I hear them through my headphones. I can actually hear the
$Van Nuyslaundry near me(818) 212-0738
Ladera Cleaners5484 W Centinela AveLos Angeles, CA 90045dress shirts for laundry, you pay $1.80 for each shirt. However any shirts that need to be dry cleaned are $3.00 (which is quite expensive in my opinion) The nice lady told me that
$Ladera Heightslaundry near me(310) 670-1548
Super Laundry1560 W Redondo Beach BlvdGardena, CA 90247think you get reward points for using the dryer. I used 2 of the three load max washers for $2.69 each and 1 of the one load max washers for $1.19. I did 3 loads of laundry and 5
$laundry near me(310) 323-0532
Sloans Dry Cleaners & Laundry330 S Hope StLos Angeles, CA 90071standards. (Don't wrinkle my clean clothes with a crap fold job.) I would use them again. $20 for 5lbs of laundry and delivery to The Standard, about 0.2 miles away.
$$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 620-1622
Movie Town Cleaners6051 Hollywood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90028I've searched high and low for a good, CHEAP dry cleaning place since I first moved here (six years ago). I clip coupons and finally through either a grocery store receipt or ValPak
Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 463-4900
Perfect Cleaners8550 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90048job cleaning clothes, including a process with high pressure water that they can actually test on stains right then and there to see if it will work. If you're like me, you've got a
$$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(310) 271-1616
Berendo Cleaners3571 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90020This is the same review as for Velvetone cleaners since it is the same business but has moved across the street and reopened as "Berendo Cleaners".  I go here all the time for small
Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 380-0650
E-Z Coin Laundry9800 Topanga Canyon BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91311I have gone to this laundry mat twice and every time when I wash my clothes it leaves a white residue on the majority of my shirts. I have asked for a financial compensation so I can
Chatsworthlaundry near me(818) 626-9333
Premier Resources367 N Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90004Larchmontlaundry near me(323) 467-3680
Clean Bee Cleaners2540 Overland AveLos Angeles, CA 90064One of the only cleaners open on a Sunday in the surrounding area, which was a big thing for me as I was trying to get things dry cleaned in a pinch!  The place is super clean, the
$$Cheviot Hillslaundry near me(310) 280-9683
Drycleaners at Ralphs Downtown645 W 9th StLos Angeles, CA 90017USE AT YOU OWN RISK. I decided to try the cleaners at Ralphs on a trial basis to determine price and quality. I dropped off 2 dress shirts for laundry with medium stratch and 1 dress
$$Downtownlaundry near me
LA Vista Cleaners6208 Manchester AveLos Angeles, CA 90045stained by spray tan and makeup and they fixed it with no problems. Their fluff and fold laundry service is great and always very timely.
$Westchesterlaundry near me(310) 670-0175
Valley Village Laundromat5351 Laurel Canyon BlvdNorth Hollywood, CA 91607I was waiting for my laundry to be washed, Sam was gettin' down and dirty behind washing machines fixing a leak. 3) New security surveillance! The flat screen now shows 12 different
$$Valley Villagelaundry near me(818) 824-3764
Sues Cleaners331 N Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90004I do not really dry clean my clothes. Rarely do I dry clean my suits. I really do not use them. However, as we all know, most dry cleaners do stuff like hemming.   How can you beat
$Larchmontlaundry near me(323) 462-1904
Bubbles Laundromat23760 Newhall AveNewhall, CA 91321After a very traumatic fluff and fold experience from a popular Valley laundromat that shall remain nameless, I am so happy to report that my laundry came back clean and smelling
$laundry near me(661) 877-7973
Hollymont Cleaners & Laundry1759 N Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90027I've never had a problem with laundry or dry cleaning here. Decent prices for LA. Had a shirt tailored here. It came back good, not great. Certainly a fair job given what I paid. The
$$Los Felizlaundry near me(323) 664-8719
Crown Cleaners & Laundry5608 San Vicente BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019For those of you who have my posting history you'll probably notice a pattern. Apparently I only review restaurants and dry cleaners. So its fair to assume that these are two
$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 937-8628
Family Coin Laundry4106 San Fernando RdGlendale, CA 91204A decent coin laundry with everything you need to get your laundry done when your apartment's machines are all taken by the weekend storm. I come here for solitude during busy
$Glendalelaundry near me
Lavanderia Clasica16105 Victory BlvdVan Nuys, CA 91406Good, clean laundry place. The card thing was cool so I didn't have to track down quarters. Now I just have to remember the card next time I go. Regarding parking, there are ample
$$Van Nuyslaundry near me(818) 787-0460
24 hour coin laundry12727 Sherman WayLos Angeles, CA 916051st time to do coin laundry. Place is clean. Owner MrYoung was very helpful in assisting me. Got even a discount.
$$Valley Glenlaundry near me
Launderland Coin Laundry2401 E Slauson AveHuntington Park, CA 90255Good location to wash. Not crowded like most laundry mats. They have a few discounts on different days so be on the look out. The owner is very welcoming and provide free soak for
$laundry near me(310) 722-8785
Lord Jim Cleaners3535 Cahuenga Blvd WLos Angeles, CA 90068I have been coming to Mary for 10 years ! She is so helpful , creative , dependable ,honest , fast worker with a great eye to detail! She has done alterations to some high end brand
$$Studio Citylaundry near me(323) 436-0919
Laundry City2335 W Whittier BlvdMontebello, CA 90640Went into this establishment at approximately 820pm and was told that they were closed..i found this rather funny seeing as the buisness hrs posted on line were from 6am to 10 pm i
$laundry near me(323) 725-1200
Song Sok Jin1820 N Cahuenga BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90028and fighting off homeless people accosting you for your change. The bums really gravitate here since you're 1) right next to a 7-Eleven that sells malt liquor, and 2) you've gotta
$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 462-2664
Wishy Washy Coin Laundry-Fluff & Fold2849 Honolulu AveVerdugo City, CA 91046visited 8/6/2016 Came here because I was getting sick and tired of being harassed by the cleaner at Coin Laundry. When we got here around 9 PM, it wasn't that busy, but suddenly it
$$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 330-7300
The Laundromat of North Hollywood5733 Lankershim BlvdNorth Hollywood, CA 91601biggest washer was just big enough to clean it and it cost me $5.25 with an added prewash. The dryer I put it in was big enough for the 2 person bag AND the load of laundry I had
$$North Hollywoodlaundry near me(818) 508-7072
Ogdens One Hour Cleaners6250 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90048Great wash and fold service. Very nice owners. Price is very reasonably also. Super convenient and pick up time as promised always.
$$$Carthaylaundry near me(323) 936-5654
Xtreme Klean Laundry & Cleaners6522 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90043Enjoy coming to this cleaners.  Never had an issue with them.  Very professional.
$$Hyde Parklaundry near me(323) 778-3333
Robertson Cleaners Inc1501 S Robertson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035These guys are great! They always have my laundry y on time and I have never had any issues. The only complaint I have is there horrible parking lot which is really annoying.
$Pico-Robertsonlaundry near me(310) 286-0386
Family Coin Laundry820 N Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90029East Hollywoodlaundry near me
Star Wash & Dry Laundromat7968 Fountain AveWest Hollywood, CA 90046so expect to be very uncomfortable. And speaking of comfort, there is none.. the chairs that are provided are the cheapest wobbly unstable chairs you have ever sat your butt in.
$$$$laundry near me
Joy Laundry9731 Garden Grove BlvdGarden Grove, CA 92844I decided to try this place out since it is a few blocks away from my house. It went pretty well, got my laundry done less than 2 hours. It was very hot, no air flow, no wind once
$laundry near me
The Hills Cleaners3268 Cahuenga Blvd WLos Angeles, CA 90068and even a bit cheaper, but I would never bring my laundry anywhere but here. Customer loyalty is a rare thing, so it says a lot in my book.
$$Hollywood Hillslaundry near me(323) 882-6797
Celebrity Cleaners1857 Hillhurst AveLos Angeles, CA 90027He always greets you with a smile. When I had to get my laundry late once, he left it with the liquor store. What service.
$$Los Felizlaundry near me(323) 666-1203
Marlow Laundry10575 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064This place is not awful.  Just don't cross, Ceci, the main employee.  I forgot to request a non-phosphate detergent, and she charged me twice for being forgetful.  And wouldn't take
$$West Los Angeleslaundry near me(310) 474-5229
Laundry Design743 N Fairfax AveLos Angeles, CA 90046This is a deceptive company- I tried to take my washing there, when my machine broke. But they make TV..
Beverly Grovelaundry near me(323) 933-2800
Quick Commercial Laundry RepairGreat job , I appreciate them checking out my LG dryer and Tim came in to fix my dryer and did a great job! Thank you so much!
laundry near me(310) 935-0427
Alvarado Laundry515 S Alvarado StLos Angeles, CA 90057Great fluff & fold service and they accept credit cards which makes it convenient.  The laundromat was very clean and the staff member was very helpful.  Will be back.
$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 632-9733
8th St Cleaners730 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90005Wandered in here on a whim while looking for a neighborhood dry cleaner and haven't looked anywhere else since. Their prices are easily better than the other nearby cleaners and
$Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 386-1318
Beverly Plus Cleaners703 N Fairfax AveLos Angeles, CA 90046Great prices, friendly service, convenient location, great hours, and most of all a fantastic dry cleaner.  There are so many options for dry cleaners in LA. There seems to be
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(323) 655-1115
Rodeo Cleaners5110 Rodeo RdLos Angeles, CA 90016Solid, neighborhood cleaner, husband and wife run it.  I think they use Pico Cleaners, so the clothes don't come back smelling like chemicals.  Prices are about average.  But if you
$$$$Baldwin Hills/Crenshawlaundry near me(323) 290-0780
Express Coin Laundry11727 Hadley StWhittier, CA 90601This laundry mat is fully updated, the staff is amazingly friendly, and it's really really clean inside. I will defiantly come here often to do my laundry, it's worth the extra
$laundry near me(714) 720-4557
Amapola Coin Laundry1234 Lomita BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90710This is a great laundry it us newly remodeled. It has two television s one for the kids and one for the adults. Most machines are working and is usually clean. The quick and hot
$Harbor Citylaundry near me(626) 861-1124
Laundromat of Tampa19255 Vanowen StLos Angeles, CA 91335What I really care about in a laundry is cleanliness and this place is clean. Also, it is open till midnight which is a great plus.
$$Resedalaundry near me(818) 343-0801
Ritz Cleaners306 N Larchmont BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90004about the prices but, in terms of laundry places, you certainly get what you pay for.
$$$Larchmontlaundry near me(323) 464-4860
Wash and Surf Coin Laundry511 Pier AveHermosa Beach, CA 90254re waiting for your laundry. Parking sucks because they only have two spots for laundry people, but you can always find street parking.
$$laundry near me(310) 251-5652
Soapy Hai Laundromat14835 Pioneer BlvdNorwalk, CA 90650This area is clean and well maintained.its really worth it doing laundry here than any other places...with free wifi too.the machines are well maintained and cleaned...one thing i
$laundry near me(626) 534-1543
Coin Laundromat4276 S Main StLos Angeles, CA 90037Worst laundry ever, came to wash my clothes here twice and both times the washers spewed hot water even though I set the temperature to cold. I asked the lady that I needed to talk
$Historic South Centrallaundry near me
Mar Vista Cleaners3831 Grand View BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90066The owner has become of a friend than my laundry guy. He is very nice and efficient, loves a little chit chat here and there. His prices are very reasonable. Be reminded of the
$$Mar Vistalaundry near me(310) 391-1442
Burbank Wash & Dry Coin Laundry10950 Sherman WayBurbank, CA 91505Standard laundry mat. It did the job..nice vending machines for snacks and drinks. Would use again
$Burbanklaundry near me
Spring Cleaners4856 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019This place is excellent. There fast and affordable. I work alot of hours so its awesome when I use there wash and fold service. I recommend them very highly.
$Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 746-5066
Laundry Room1111-1117 Whittier BlvdMontebello, CA 90640Very clean and never too crowded. Machines are new. Over all very good coin laundry room. And I feel safe doing my laundry here. Also, they have variety of business at this shopping
$$laundry near me
Coin Laundry3528 N Verdugo RdGlendale, CA 91208This is really the only laundromat convenient to Montrose. The machines are all old and outdated, but the old blue dryers are actually super fast and efficient! They can dry 2 loads
$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 248-0104
Sudz Coin1001 Pacific Coast HwySeal Beach, CA 90740and someone is always on site. The lady who does the laundry even helped me fold my comforter. This place isn't anything fancy but for a chore does it really need to be?
$laundry near me(562) 493-6219
Bruin LaundryLos Angeles, CA 90024Efficient services. Pickup and drop off on time. Really convenient for students living in UCLA housing. You get your money's worth.
Westwoodlaundry near me(424) 256-5613
Corner Cleaners4806 South Centinela AveLos Angeles, CA 90066This is a family run business I've been going to about 10 years. They are very friendly and honest. I've had some pants shortened and altered and they did a nice job. They do send
$$Del Reylaundry near me(310) 391-8053
Your Cleaners Online800 W 1st StLos Angeles, CA 90012It's always a pleasure to support a local business that is terrific at what they do!  We love Your Cleaners Online because of their commitment to excellent service.  The owner,
$$Downtownlaundry near me(855) 672-5425
Rosebud Laundry & Cleaners402 Rose AveVenice, CA 90291Came here to do some laundry. I believe this is my first laundromat experience. I needed some change for a 10 and the man behind the counter working the dry cleaning area gave me a
$Venicelaundry near me(310) 452-2064
Professional Tailor3959 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90010Professional Tailor (213) 365-8484 · 3959 Wilshire Blvd Ste B3 Koreatown Los Angeles, CA 90010 ... their tailoring is excellent, great laundry & dry cleaning all at reasonable
$$Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 365-8484
Wilton Cleaners5707 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90038i come from west hollywood to use these cleaners because for the PRICE they do just fine. Great for Shirt Laudry on a regular basis. The staff is mostly the same from when they were
Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 468-0089
Dupons Cleaners & Tailors4000 W Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019Did a good job on drycleaning slacks. Well, they smelled fresh and were nicely pressed. But, laundry was a different result... Took in a couple white business shirts. Simple collar
$$$Arlington Heightslaundry near me(323) 934-1747
Laundreworks705 S Atlantic BlvdAlhambra, CA 91803Every once in a while, I feel the need to get outta the place and go do laundry. Tonight was one of those nights. Though I typically go to a 24-hour laundry on Fair Oaks in Pasadena
$$laundry near me(626) 817-6365
Mariyas Laundry8445 Reseda BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91324Super clean and never busy. Inside parking available. Load up your card and never worry about quarters again. A pleasant surprise compared to some of the other laundry mats in the
Northridgelaundry near me(818) 678-9205
Best Laundromat14324 Hawthorne BlvdLawndale, CA 90260and she quickly attended to me. 1pound of clothes is $1 to wash and fold. Bargain if you hate laundry as much as I do. All the clothes came out beautifully clean and nicely folded.
$$laundry near me(310) 679-1955
Sloans Dry Cleaners & Laundry5061 Huntington Dr NLos Angeles, CA 90032Excellent service from wonderful people. I liked their dry cleaning service so much that I started bringing them everything for 'wash and fold' - no depressing evenings washing
$$El Serenolaundry near me(323) 222-1259
24 Hour Coin Laundry6730 Lankershim BlvdNorth Hollywood, CA 91606This laundrymat is cheaper then the ocean laundry on burbank and laurel canyon. The only bad thing which discourages me to go is its dirty and the machines are dirty
$North Hollywoodlaundry near me(818) 943-3621
Coin Laundry1017 E Amar RdWest Covina, CA 91792If you are looking for a laundromat near City of Industry, La Puente, or Walnut this is definitely your place. Coin Laundry is well-kept and all the machines seemed to be working.
$laundry near me(818) 613-8110
Image Dry Cleaners240 N Virgil AveLos Angeles, CA 90004stay away from this place they Do Not Do a thing to your clothes other then just iron it on top of the dirty laundry that they are not cleaning nor washing don waste ur money on them
Westlakelaundry near me(323) 439-5676
Darling Cleaners4828 W Adams BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016This is my Dry Cleaners as of yet.  Parking kind of sucks for the most part, adjacent to a small street but I'm usually in and out pretty quick.  The turn around is quick and they
$$West Adamslaundry near me(323) 735-5358
Bowers & Sons Cleaners2509 S Central AveLos Angeles, CA 90011college graduates. They've been around for years! Why don't you give them a try....? You won't be disappointed. I bring loads of laundry for washing....... pounds of it.... They
$$Historic South Centrallaundry near me(213) 749-3237
Krystal Kleen Laundrymat8008 Van Nuys BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91402Found this place serendipitously on an emergency laundry run (the i was too lazy to do it the last month so im now out of socks emergency). Im a coin laundromat virgin so i was
$Panorama Citylaundry near me
Groove Coin4618 E Pacific Coast HwyLong Beach, CA 90804Laundry Detergent (check)....Tide Pods (check)....Bounce Dryer Sheets (check)....Laundry that I REFUSE to wash at home (check)....Now off to scavenger hunt for quarters. Circle Coin
$laundry near me(714) 220-7583
Casa De Cleaners2604 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90057Have had a continually great experience. They do everything from laundry, hemming, dry cleaning, stain removing, caps, shoes, leather, anything. I love their commitment to
$$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 480-8528
Corporate Cleaners300 S Grand AveLos Angeles, CA 90071Thank you for RUINING MY WEEKEND!! Corporate Cleaners!!! I requested pick up and drop off service for my laundry on Friday. Pick up guy came an hour late(two days before I had to
$$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 617-8904
J P Coin Laundry1161 E Vernon AveLos Angeles, CA 90011Cool laundry mat to go to if the one next door to jack n the box is packed out. It is located right behind the liquor store. The top loading machines are $1.50 (20 min) while front
$$Central Alamedalaundry near me(323) 233-9772
Occidental Cleaners919 S Soto StLos Angeles, CA 90023If you reside in Boyle Heights this by far the best spot to go to for dry cleaning service. I've been to all of 'em in the neighborhood several times over and the quality in service,
Boyle Heightslaundry near me(323) 264-2636
Malibu Canyon Coin Laundry5661 Las Virgenes RdCalabasas, CA 91302Wonderful service! Thank you Garrett! If you're too busy to wash your own clothes or simply do not have the necessities for doing laundry at home I highly recommend the Fluff 'n'
$$laundry near me(714) 747-1678
The Cleaners Mt Washington4327 N Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90065good price, but i did not feel that the laundry was as clean as other places. i could still sense some ring around the collar and that was annoying. no same day service either. but
$$$Highland Parklaundry near me(323) 225-0979
Laundry 2000601 S Atlantic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90022I don't have a washer and dryer at my place so I come here to do my laundry. There are plenty of machines and the dryers get the clothes dry pretty fast. One cool thing is the snack
$East Los Angeleslaundry near me(323) 780-8919
Coin Laundry 24 Hours7826 Broadway BldvLos Angeles, CA 90037I come wash every week at the same places. I wash the same amount of close and dry the same . Today the washer broken on me n the owner refuse to pay for my was to get rewash. N to
$Historic South Centrallaundry near me
Sunset Laundraclean8201 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90046looked at other shirts from other customers and they ALL had dirty pin holes in them too. so needless to say, we won't be going back there again. i can't speak for dry cleaning here,
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(323) 653-2360
So Fresh Cleaners9631 Venice BlvdCulver City, CA 90232It does not get any better than So Fresh Cleaners.  The owners are sweet people and they always do an amazing job from removing candle wax from a pair of Armani pants to clothing
$$Palmslaundry near me(310) 838-5646
Lavanderia El Gringo Laundromat21720 Sherman WayCanoga Park, CA 91303Go here early as possible to avoid crowds. I enjoyed washing my laundry here. Very clean and organized. And the security standing in the back parking lot is so sweet and helpful when
$Canoga Parklaundry near me(818) 888-8075
La Fiesta Laundry515 South Alvarado StLos Angeles, CA 90057and coin exchange. Nice restrooms and equipped with laundry supplies such as soap, bleach, and drying anti-static towels. There's ample parking in the lot and nice sitting locations
Westlakelaundry near me(213) 484-2574
Super Laundry2377 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006Pico-Unionlaundry near me(213) 387-1478
Hoover Cleaners1247 W Washington BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90007This dry cleaners is awful. I took my dress in to get cleaned and the zipper replaced and they did a half ass job ( the zipper that was suppose to be replaced they reused and the
Pico-Unionlaundry near me(213) 749-9665
Long Cleaners & Laundry142 Barrington PlLos Angeles, CA 90049I aly did a review!!!! But had to add to my remarks! I took another batch of clothes for alterations and all I can say is WOW!!!! Paula has such an eye for style, she pinned and
Brentwoodlaundry near me(310) 472-4818
Garfield Coin Laundry888 N Garfield AveMontebello, CA 90640Great laundry. Good washers and prices only reason why its not 5 stars because of dryers they don't dry well even on light loads besides that all is great
$laundry near me(323) 888-6565
Fox Coin Laundries924 Montana AveSanta Monica, CA 90403Needed to use a laundry nearby so looked up the closest one to Colorado/3rd Street. Caught the Big Blue Bus to Montana & went in (noticed the Seated Lady on the left) and bought some
$$laundry near me(310) 394-9418
Sterling Cleaners1600 Westwood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90024Particular about my shirts too, my only dilemma was dry clean or laundry. Some of my fancy, little blouses are dry clean only, but most could go either way. Ask a dry cleaner and the
$$Westwoodlaundry near me(310) 474-8525
Highland Express Cleaners5034 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90036for laundry any. Demands cash. It was a bit rude. It was also entirely unprofessional. I've been doing 20 items a month there for two years. Clearly this guy does not value my
$$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 938-2884
Coin-Op-Laundry3203 N BroadwayLos Angeles, CA 90031$Lincoln Heightslaundry near me
Hollywood Cleaners4730 Hollywood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90027This place is always on point w my dry cleaning and alterations. They charge decent prices for dry cleaning and the staff is always friendly. Don't be fooled by the old woman who
$Los Felizlaundry near me(323) 663-0406
Spin Cycle715 Termino AveLong Beach, CA 90804So I've been washing here for about 2 months now and out of all the laundry places I've tried this place by far is my favorite. Lots of washers, dryers and laundry baskets. Prices
$$laundry near me(562) 439-1049
Highland Coin6015 N Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90042loaded my laundry. Was so anxious to get out of here I took laundry out 5 minutes before cycle ended and went to diff laundromat for drying. The machines don't have a temperature
$$Highland Parklaundry near me(626) 221-2920
Prim Cleaners & Laundry3305 W 6th StLos Angeles, CA 90020Came here because I needed to get dry cleaning done in the neighborhood.  A little nervous because there were no Yelp reviews but at $4 to dry clean a pair of pants, I knew I
$Wilshire Center, Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 388-7230
Alligator Laundry6467 Lankershim BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91606THE PROS: Alligator Laundry at this location is very convenient to my home. The facility is very large, has a very large assortment of washing machines and dryers of multiple
$North Hollywoodlaundry near me
Washing Day Coin Laundry11737 W Washington BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90066cut out the hot water to save money. Fine. It's a free country but it's fraud to make people believe there is "hot wash" when there isn't. There is laundry that needs cold wash and
$$Culver Citylaundry near me
Love Laundry6663 Long Beach BlvdLong Beach, CA 90805I recommend this Laundry, Its clean and not crowded, theres enough washers and dryers
$laundry near me(818) 259-0690
Ocean Park Laundromat2100 Ocean Park BlvdSanta Monica, CA 90405I've done laundry here a couple of times with my ex. I really like the smallness of this laundromat. It's pretty clean and I wasn't scared to put my clothes in any of the machines.
$laundry near me(310) 435-8270
Pakos Cleaners & Laundry11905 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064dress which had been ruined by stains and managed to get them all out. My shirts and suits are perfectly pressed. And my pants look like new. over you get service with a smile.
$Sawtellelaundry near me(310) 478-4270
Green Coin Laundry6023 Reseda BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91356It's definitely the closest laundry mat to my house but that's its only draw. The hours are pretty bad. I wake up at 6am and you can't start laundry until 6:30. When I got there at
Tarzanalaundry near me(310) 922-1871
Lavenderia1038 E Vernon AveLos Angeles, CA 90011I've been coming to this laundry for years. The best time to come is late night or early morning. Other than that it will be super packed. They have free dry which is a plus and
South Parklaundry near me
Village Cleaners8265 Santa Monica BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90046I started using their services, laundry and dry clean for the last 6 months. The service I am getting is impeccable. Shirts are nicely ironed, pressed as we say here. If it's laundry
$$laundry near me(323) 654-6811
Ebenezer Cleaners4219 S Main StLos Angeles, CA 90037Really awesome place to get dry cleaning fast and easily done. The guy who handles the register is super friendly and are always happy to help
Historic South Centrallaundry near me(323) 985-6153
Van Nuys Laundry & Cleaners6756 Sepulveda BlvdVan Nuys, CA 91406Just tried this place out for the first time, as i was in need of a 24hr laundry, at 1am. Not bad! Attendant on duty, pretty clean, ginormous washers (8 loaders), cheap prices. The
$Van Nuyslaundry near me(818) 855-1437
Launderland801 S Glendale AveGlendale, CA 91205This is a great place to do your laundry if you don't have a machine at home. The washing machines are great. Except the very cheap ones. Make sure to bring change if not you could
$$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 240-1330
Aloha Laundry20051 Ventura BlvdWoodland Hills, CA 91364So our laundry machine wasn't working and we couldn't get someone to repair it for almost a month, so I looked around the area to find a place to go do my laundry and found Aloha
$$Woodland Hillslaundry near me(844) 772-5642
Minas Cleaners5782 Rodeo RdLos Angeles, CA 90016My one stop shop for my dry cleaning..... Cheap. Fast. and always gets the job done.   BOOM SHAKALACKA!   JY
$$$Baldwin Hills/Crenshawlaundry near me(323) 291-1243
Same Day Cleaners5840 W Manchester AveLos Angeles, CA 90045This was my local dry cleaners. I started coming here in 2013, and I haven't been anywhere else since. It's easy to drop off and pick up, they do repairs, and the price is good! I
$Westchesterlaundry near me(310) 670-0871
Budget Cleaners5170 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90036Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 935-2399
La Cienega Studio Cleaners900 N La Cienega BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90069I have been loyal to these cleaners for years because they do a great job. I find that many people may have one bad experience and rate an entire business on one bad experience. I've
$$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(310) 659-7474
Park La Brea Cleaners386 S Burnside AveLos Angeles, CA 90036Great prices....especially if you use the coupon in those envelope mailers Great service.....quick and everything is done right.   Love this place.... just wish they had delivery
$$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 935-7275
Green Hills Cleaners9117 Olympic BlvdBeverly Hills, CA 90211Not much to say than I love this place!!! Competitive rates, impressive turnaround times, AMAZING SERVICE, really CLOSE ATTENTION to detail on my clothing ,and great location.
$$laundry near me(310) 550-1509
Star One Cleaners11682 W Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064The Yelp Coupon deal is legit...with any dry-cleaner I've ever used, I need to get the real stains out in my own laundry before turning them over, but for press-and-fold/boxed
$$Sawtellelaundry near me(310) 478-8358
Sparkles Laundry of Playa Del Rey8111 W Manchester AvePlaya Del Rey, CA 90293or 3 or 4 loads of laundry at home. I can be in and out of here in one hour or 1 1/4 hour. This is in Playa del Rey which is fairly mellow so no issues with stolen clothing. The
$Playa del Reylaundry near me(310) 821-5000
Pasadena Laundry2585 E Colorado BlvdPasadena, CA 91107I went to this laundromat on a Tuesday night, and it was clean and efficient. I was able to get all my laundry finished, and didn't have to wait for any washers or dryers. It was
$$Pasadenalaundry near me(626) 744-2948
Coin Laundry743 S Westlake AveLos Angeles, CA 90057Westlakelaundry near me
Pacifico Coin Laundry2749 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90057Westlakelaundry near me(213) 385-1046
The Laundromat of San Pedro940 S Pacific AveSan Pedro, CA 90731We needed a laundry mat while at the boat for the weekend and in need of clean clothes , and we decided on this one on based on Yelp reviews. It's a good size place, clean for the
$San Pedrolaundry near me(310) 732-0171
APA Laundry8139 Arroyo DrRosemead, CA 91770Love this laundry place! Excellent service. The guy who manages the place is very kind. They offer free wifi, free detergent at certain times, discounts, and they put some books for
$laundry near me(626) 782-5375
24/7 Laundry11108 Whittier BlvdWhittier, CA 90606Nice clean place. It has security there at night. Had to wash clothes last minute looked up 24 hr laundry service near me. Arrived around 1 a good amount of people not to crowded.
$laundry near me(562) 842-3423
Brentwood Hills Cleaners11701 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90025I took a vintage bedazzled stage jacket to Vicki at Brentwood Hills Cleaners on a recommendation and was SO GLAD that I did. This jacket was to be installed in an exhibit in the
$$$Brentwoodlaundry near me(310) 477-2471
Spincycle La Brea4855 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019Only reason to go there is when you have an urge to do laundry at 3 in the morning. Their washing machine stinks and dryers do not get hot enough.
$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 525-1826
S & H Cleaners511 S Spring StLos Angeles, CA 90013Great family own biz, like the other review had stated, they are very personable and kind. Just tried them for first time and was quite satisfied with the results and their pricing
$$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 626-2891
Midtown Cleaners4856 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019This is my local dry cleaners. They are pretty cheap compared to other places in the immediate area.  3.50 for a sweater or skirt, only 9.50 for a wool jacket I took in. I have no
$$Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 933-2165
J K Coin Laundry1980 Maple AveLos Angeles, CA 90011Historic South Centrallaundry near me(213) 744-1900
Crest Cleaners11119 Palms BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90034of $$ just to clean clothes. Let's be real, I'm used to doing laundry for a dollar each cycle. To be honest, I've never taken my clothes to the dry cleaners prior to my 24 years of
$$Palmslaundry near me(310) 837-1735
SpinCycle7772 Garvey AveRosemead, CA 91770Not the best place to do your laundry since it can get very expensive than other places. If it's your first time there, you're going to have to fork over $3.00 for a useless card
$$laundry near me
Verdugo Cleaners4152 Verdugo RdLos Angeles, CA 90065Very nice lady who works there. I needed a missing button on my peacoat sowed on, and she did it for free! I would have paid for it, knowing its labor, and she did it free with my
Glassell Parklaundry near me(323) 258-3362
Joy Coin Laundry14840 Crenshaw BlvdGardena, CA 90249I have not been to many laundry matts, but this place is nice. $3.75 for the medium large front load $1.75 for medium small load $0.25 per 12 mins for a good sized dryer. I came here
$$laundry near me(310) 532-1013
Embo Cleaners II5600 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90036SO EXPENSIVE. I took quite a few pieces here recently and it turns out that they charge $12.95 to press a dress. A normal dress. Not a formal gown, a regular sundress. My total for
$$$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 936-3626
Kings Tailor & Cleaners3869 W 6th StLos Angeles, CA 90020I've been going to this establishment for almost 20 years.  It is simply the best place for all types of alterations.  I don't live in the area, but travel is well worth it.
$$$Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 389-7458
Clean Queen3031 N BroadwayLos Angeles, CA 90031but since nobody was there, I could claim my money back. Also, this time I was there, I left after I put my clothes into the washing machine. However, when I came back, my laundry
$Lincoln Heightslaundry near me
Marlo Custom Dry Cleaning2336 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006Great laundry / dry cleaning place. I'm about to move overseas, and these guys went out of their way to help me out. They also do repairs too! If you have a big order, I think
$$Pico-Unionlaundry near me(213) 386-3534
JB French Dry Cleaners6040 W Jefferson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016So far so good. I have been satisfied with the service I have received. I had a suit that needed altering rather quickly for a wedding I was in and JB's got it done quickly.   I like
$$Baldwin Hills/Crenshawlaundry near me(310) 204-3555
Liberty Cleaners5012 S La Brea AveLos Angeles, CA 90056I have been a customer at Liberty dry cleaners and laundry for well over a year now, i must confess I thought that in the beginning------ Well I thouht that they were a little
$$View Park/Windsor Hillslaundry near me(323) 291-9100
Kim Coin Laundry1824 W Valencia DrFullerton, CA 92833This laundry is quite new. All washers and dryers worked properly. The place is neat. Free wifi available.
laundry near me(714) 992-2158
Laundry Time Laundromat10828 S Prairie AveInglewood, CA 90303I think the best part about this laundry mat is the friendly environment. Usually people mind their business and are in and out. Everyone knows each other here. The owners are really
$laundry near me(323) 380-9525
Sylmar Laundry13235 Gladstone AveSylmar, CA 91342This is my favorite laundry mat in the area. The owner is nice and staff is friendly and helpful. We have left clothes and detergent and the staff has saved it for us. The Laundry
$Sylmarlaundry near me(818) 631-4118
KM Laundry Services2650 W Temple StLos Angeles, CA 90057Having a laundromat that offers fluff-and-fold laundry near downtown Los Angeles is amazing. I'm constantly busy, so going out of my way to do laundry is tedious and time-consuming.
$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 413-3210
Coin Laundromat5870 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90043The convenience of coming to this store is the fact that it is across my house! I personally like it, however I feel it can get a little too claustrophobic. Very little space to do
Hyde Parklaundry near me(323) 293-3454
Lomita Coin Laundry1838 Lomita BlvdLomita, CA 90717Overall not a bad place to do laundry. Some things are covered in dust but the prices are pretty good and there's free wifi. There's plenty of sitting areas and vending machines. And
$laundry near me(310) 784-0306
Coin-Op Laundry8702 Artesia BlvdBellflower, CA 90706Wow this is the nicest coin-op laundry I've ever been to. It's been a while but this is not how they looked back in my college days! Super clean and plenty of machines. Their change
$laundry near me(562) 630-0505
City Terrace Cleaners4011 City Terrace DrLos Angeles, CA 90063Was very satisfied with the service it was done very fast and very cheap compared to other places i honestly would recommend this spot for fast and friendly services. They also do it
East Los Angeleslaundry near me
Sunshine Coin Laundry10816 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90044It's a laundromat. There's absolutely nothing fancy, cute, or exciting about this establishment. It's always clean. Well as clean as it can get, since they don't seem to have a
$Vermont Vistalaundry near me
Super Cleaners338 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90020First off, let me say I have been to a couple of dry cleaners around LA, (and even a couple Tailors, but thats another story), and they're all about the same, there's usually stuff,
$$$Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 384-5500
OPC Green Cleaners1517 N San Fernando BlvdBurbank, CA 91504I went to OPC for the first time in January of 2015. I was formerly a customer of another very popular cleaner off the 134 that's been around forever...yeah...that one. While they
$Burbanklaundry near me(818) 846-1614
Ck Laundry747 S Union AveLos Angeles, CA 90017Westlakelaundry near me(213) 483-4072
COINLess Laundry4940 W Century BlvdInglewood, CA 90304Clean place, calm and quiet atmosphere easy to use and didn't have to carry around quarters since it uses a car amazing most definitely going to make this my to go laundry mat only
$$$$laundry near me
Lucys Laundromat3640 E Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90023like the fact that they have big dryers, 0.50 cents. also you get "a free dry" depending on how much you spend. oh dont loose your laundry card. its $2 to get one and if you loose
$Boyle Heightslaundry near me(818) 406-5701
Civic Coin Laundry4209 W Washington BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016What can you say about a laundromat? Well I guess a few things. It's in a really crummy strip plaza and I wouldn't recommend coming here at night as the gas station across the
Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 731-7750
Rocket Cleaners4205 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90020We had the pleasure of using Rocket Cleaners for a fluff and fold job.  What a surprise, they charged much less than other cleaners and when I got my clothes back, they smelled
Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 365-0569
Lucys LaundryMart13714 Sherman WayVan Nuys, CA 91405I can't help but feel I've been cheated my money. The prices aren't clear. I remember walking out my first time feeling I paid too much to do laundry. Why do I feel like that again
$Van Nuyslaundry near me(818) 570-1276
Coin Laundry3553 West Temple StLos Angeles, CA 90004East Hollywoodlaundry near me(866) 448-8567
Sloans Dry Cleaners & Laundry3001 N Main StLos Angeles, CA 90031Hi folks this cleaners has always taken care of me. They do a good job cleaning my clothes and on time as promised. I've been coming here for years. Bring your cleaning and check
$Lincoln Heightslaundry near me(323) 225-1303
The Laundry Room405 Irving DrBurbank, CA 91504I loooooove this laundry .. Feels cozy, safe and clean... Isn't perfect" but I constantly see people around cleaning or filling up the coin machines , and checking around, feels safe
$Burbanklaundry near me
Superior Cleaners5661 Angeles Vista BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90043Love this place! The man that usually is working when I'm there (owner?) is sooo friendly, he makes my day! Ive gotten small alterations and dry cleaning there, and my clothes always
Hyde Parklaundry near me(323) 291-1455
MPC Cleaners10606 Ventura BlvdStudio City, CA 91604I LOVE this place ,GREAT customer service  and most important for me is the fact that it is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY  They do a great job never been disappointed with the way i get
$$Studio Citylaundry near me(818) 917-9940
Cotton Club Discount Cleaners No 45401 S Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90037Im kinda new to the area so stopped here. They hemmed both my slacks and ironed them with a cress down the middle. It looks good and I will go back. I might be wrong but I think it's
Vermont-Slauson, Vermont Squarelaundry near me(323) 751-2868
Amigo Coin Laundry6024 Vineland AveSan Fernando Valley, CA 91606The place is always clean, the lady cleans washers after every wash. Very maintained and there's parking too! Did I mention free wifi!!
$North Hollywoodlaundry near me(818) 506-9274
Broadway Plaza Cleaner700 S Flower StLos Angeles, CA 90017I recently started coming here to get clothes from my store cleaned (that people have gotten make-up on or deodorant when trying them on).  Most of the items I need back ASAP and
$$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 622-9508
Magic Coin Laundry4682 York BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90041Had a couple pair of jeans stolen from out of my laundry! Attendant was pretty unhelpful and unapologetic. Stay far away from this place.
Highland Parklaundry near me(323) 256-2749
Santa Monica Coin Laundry4537 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90029East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 644-9073
Expo Cleaners5707 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90038Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 461-4849
EZ-4U Cleaners & Laundry528 S Occidental BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90057These people are amazing! I live just down the street, so I walked there, which was a plus. When I arrived, I was greeted immediately and very politely. My family is coming tomorrow
Westlakelaundry near me(213) 739-1611
Beverly Wilshire Cleaners8302 Wilshire BlvdBeverly Hills, CA 90211about 20% of what the shirt is WORTH. So four times and I might as well have just bought a new one instead of getting the old one cleaned. Honestly, I'm sick of this laundry
$$laundry near me(323) 653-0525
Trojan Cleaner & Laundry1130 W Martin Lthr Kng Jr BLos Angeles, CA 90037Maurice M. I brought my expensive Hugo Boss suit to them for alteration and dry cleaning, I liked the friendly atmosphere, the lady was very professional and couteous, it was a
Vermont Squarelaundry near me(323) 294-1561
Park Lane Cleaners3574 S La Cienega BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016$Baldwin Hills/Crenshawlaundry near me(323) 936-8200
E Z Coin Laundry946 W Florence AveLos Angeles, CA 90044$Vermont Knollslaundry near me(323) 750-1853
Alhambra coin-op laundry1412 S Atlantic BlvdAlhambra, CA 91803First time coming here to a Clean Laundry Mat, But it's A BIG TIME RIPOFF¼ For a Small Load its 2.50 , DRYERS 25cents with 8minutes of "DRYING" I Literally Had to put in a dollar
$$laundry near me(626) 258-9979
The Happy Shirt1392 Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90026My new favorite dry cleaners!!!!  Quick, fast, great prices, and nice!!!!!!
$Echo Parklaundry near me(213) 977-0287
Splendid Cleaners1226 S Cochran AveLos Angeles, CA 90019do?!? The recent time I went it to pick up laundry, when it came to payment I handed over a coupon from Amazon Local. At this point it had expired but it was still worth the
$$Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 931-0242
Wilshire Hill Cleaners8621 Wilshire BlvdBeverly Hills, CA 90211Shaun the owner, and his manager Miguel, make it easy for me to get my dry cleaning, laundry, and sometimes alterations done conveniently and on time. I like the fact that i can drop
$laundry near me(310) 652-5472
Oleas Dry Cleaners & Laundry2737 N BroadwayLos Angeles, CA 90031I came here giving this place a shot.  I always love to come to new businesses in the neighborhood to help them thrive. In this case this was the worst decision of my life. I brought
Lincoln Heightslaundry near me(323) 223-0462
Comet Cleaners3651 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016I've been using this dry cleaning place for a few months ever since I moved to the area and I've had nothing but positive experiences. I've now had a several garments dry cleaned and
$$Baldwin Hills/Crenshawlaundry near me(323) 294-0202
Malinis Coin Laundry2426 W Temple StLos Angeles, CA 90026Westlakelaundry near me(213) 387-2708
Jk Laundry2841 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016West Adamslaundry near me(323) 737-0979
Am Pm Laundromat5105 S Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90037Very clean laundry. My first time here and this is where I will keep coming. All the machines are new! They all work!! They have a tv, vending machines and water machine to fill up a
$Vermont Squarelaundry near me(323) 233-3100
Hollywood Dry Cleaners1246 Vine StLos Angeles, CA 90038Repeat negative experiences in recent months:  Miscounted articles of clothing after dropoff leading to confusion upon pickup; attempting to give me someone else's garments at pickup
$$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 465-5564
Crown Laundry9051 Van Nuys BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91402Great machines for laundering your clothes and what-nots. Ysamael is a great attendant. He is very helpful. The prices are a drawback. For a superload (5 basket worth of laundry) it
$$$Panorama Citylaundry near me(818) 895-1300
National Cleaners & Laundry10835 National BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064This is my spot, I tried a few others in the neighborhood prior to using them,  and I have to say this is my favorite spot so far.   Good Parking (in the back),  good
$$Rancho Parklaundry near me(310) 470-1919
Palms Cleaners3371 Motor AveLos Angeles, CA 90034I found this place through a friend and I have to say that I had a really nice experience there. The customer service was really nice and friendly! I took a couple of shirts and when
$Palmslaundry near me(310) 839-1554
Top Cleaners1900 Avenue Of The StarsLos Angeles, CA 90067I've been their customer for a long time. Best dry cleaners I've come across in LA.   Very fair prices, and impeccable cleaning, and the nicest customer service you could hope to
Century Citylaundry near me(310) 556-5420
Fresco Laundromat1907 8th AveLos Angeles, CA 90018So happy to have this laundromat in my area! The machines are brand new and always very clean! I grab a coffee and a book usually while I wait since it feels so comfortable
$Arlington Heightslaundry near me(818) 846-7242
Sharp Custom Cleaners8539 W Sunset BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90069The people that own this place are great and have a wonderful sense of humor. I have brought in 2 pairs of jeans recently (on two separate occasions) to be hemmed and they've done an
$$Hollywood Hills Westlaundry near me(310) 854-3099
The Neighborhood Laundry4060 Laurel Canyon BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91604After my car accident and being car-less I wanted to use a closer laundromat. I love Mary and the owner-they are so sweet and caring. I left my laundry in the dryer by mistake and
Studio Citylaundry near me(818) 821-0273
Brockton Cleaners1511 Brockton AveLos Angeles, CA 90025I've only been here to drop off my bf's laundry. For $.95 a shirt it's a great deal. It takes 3-4 days. They are pretty chill. They seem very busy their racks are always full. The
$$Sawtellelaundry near me(310) 826-6130
Granada Laundry16143 Devonshire StGranada Hills, CA 91344neighborhood (Panorama City) the choices are kind of seedy and not anyplace I like to hang out. Today I stopped at one on Woodman and it looked like such a dump that I checked for
$Granada Hillslaundry near me(818) 893-6460
Adrians Cleaners3151 Los Feliz BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90039Let me just say I love this place. Every stain I ever have comes out. I used to live in Vegas for 2 years and commuted back to LA and religiously took my laundry here for dry
$Atwater Villagelaundry near me(323) 661-5113
Bonita Coin Laundry9302 S Normandie AveLos Angeles, CA 90044Need to wash clothes? Need a snack? Come here. The owner is wonderful and really cares about his customers.
Westmontlaundry near me(323) 777-2736
Jacks Cleaners12043 Ventura PlStudio City, CA 91604greet me by name upon my entrance. The prices here are very good, and my items are y for pick-up in a timely fashion. Laundry services and Tailoring are provided as well, though
$Studio Citylaundry near me(818) 761-6910
Montebello Laundromat2918 Beverly BlvdMontebello, CA 90640was even there cleaning until closing which made me feel a little safe. Lots of space available to fold laundry when it came out of the dryer. Great job by the new owner
$laundry near me(562) 447-9174
London Cleaners1073 Gayley AveLos Angeles, CA 90024Typical dry cleaning but at Westwood prices. $7.45 a shirt dry cleaning and $2.45 per for laundry. The staff is friendly and the turnaround is pretty quick, but if you have a choice
$$Westwood, UCLAlaundry near me(310) 208-7722
Express Coin Laundry1301 E Florence AveLos Angeles, CA 90001Florence-Firestonelaundry near me(323) 809-6518
Metropolitan Cleaners2003 Lincoln BlvdSanta Monica, CA 90405Excellent service and top notch quality. Quick turn around. Highly recommend for laundry and dry cleaning.
$$laundry near me(310) 452-3443
Lavanderia133 S Mednik AveLos Angeles, CA 90022East Los Angeleslaundry near me(626) 461-0168
Rio Laundromat8328 De Soto Avecanoga park, CA 91304These is our 5th Laundry time in dis place it's very convenient for us bcoz the price is not expensive they have variety of machine was from small, medium & Large or extra large
$$Canoga Parklaundry near me(818) 600-2355
Laundry133 S Mednik AveLos Angeles, CA 90022if you do decide to come, get here before 8 or else you'll probably have to get all your dirty ass laundry back out of the washer. Rude!!
$$$East Los Angeleslaundry near me
Alligator Laundry6020 Florence AveBell Gardens, CA 90201I love that this laundry business accepts cards. Long gone are the days that you have to carry your bag full of coins! The location is new, clean, the machines wash very well, and
$laundry near me(323) 572-2543
Studio 1 Hour Cleaners11302 Ventura BlvdStudio City, CA 91604DAMAGED MY LAUNDRY! PROCEED WITH CAUTION!! This is the first time a dry cleaner has ever ruined my laundry, and it cost me a lot of money. I recently bought a super cute duvet cover
$Studio Citylaundry near me(818) 505-0828
Lavanderia20838 Vanowen StLos Angeles, CA 91306The facility is very clean, the people who run it are very nice, a few tv's to watch while dying of boredom doing laundry and of course arcade games to kill time while doing laundry.
$Winnetkalaundry near me
Payless Cleaners1882 Westwood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90025Honestly I'm quite surprised by all of the negative reviews here. I've been going to this place for my dry cleaning for the past 3.5 years. They've been nothing short of spectacular.
$West Los Angeleslaundry near me
Coin Laundry1216 Fransiquito StWest Covina, CA 91790I come here to this coin laundry about a year and a half now. The best! This place is so clean. There is a lady constantly mob the floor. Nice lady. Machine is clean and well
$laundry near me(626) 917-1421
Wash Club LA1548 N Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90027The current owners bought our current laundry located in the heart of Los Angeles in late 2014, only to have a serious fire almost destroy the entire building shortly thereafter. The
East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 829-1288
Reme Laundry2468 W Victory BlvdBurbank, CA 91506a house with on-site laundry facilities, Reme Laundry has been where we've landed for washing and drying. Decent pricing with a variety of washer sizes. The manager seems to quickly
$$Burbanklaundry near me(805) 230-1154
Mr Clean Cleaners115 N Fairfax AveLos Angeles, CA 90036to Hany from Mr. Clean, he greeted me with a smile and assured me it would be y by 6:00 PM. He was right. My regular laundry was done and folded neatly, and my 3 suits were
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(323) 935-4150
Paramount Cleaners487 S Fairfax AveLos Angeles, CA 90036They moved to Third Street a couple years ago, and it wasn't the same. I stopped going --- partly because it was much further for me to go to, but also, it was obvious that things
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(323) 933-1421
Launderland Coin Laundry4216 Eagle Rock BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90065This is my usual spot to do laundry...I guess cuz it's in my comfort zone...it's decent, packed at times but it's ok :)...it's a good spot to clean the undies lol
$Glassell Parklaundry near me(323) 254-1992
Modern Laundry1716 Long Beach BlvdLong Beach, CA 90813Located right across the street from the PAC coast highway Blue line station its understandable why someone like me that lives in L.A and car less would do my laundry here.You just
$laundry near me(562) 591-3773
Kleenland Cleaners1535 W Martin Luther King Jr BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90062I ordered a suit online and it had a weird stain on the back. I took it over to get tailored and cleaned. When I picked up the suit, not only had the stain vanished, but the jacket
$Exposition Parklaundry near me(323) 290-3695
Shirts ˜N Skirts Dry Cleaning834 N La Cienega BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90069you if your black and white clothes will bleed or not. All my dry cleaning and laundry services are done in a timely manner and if they ever need additional time to get tough stains
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(310) 659-1880
Orange Laundromat8725 Orangethrope AveBuena Park, CA 90621Clean, safe, excellent prices. I do laundry late at night without feeling fearful. There is always COPS ar 7 eleven which helps the place stay cleaner. The laundry mat has free WIFI
$laundry near me(714) 313-1379
Sparklean Laundry15526 Paramount BlvdParamount, CA 90723Clean, well light, and organized establishment. Plenty of wheel laundry baskets, parking, laundry supplies and fresh coffee!! Beans ground to order for a $1. #coolspot
$laundry near me(562) 531-8282
Sparkles Laundry13521 Sherman WayVan Nuys, CA 91405nice. Extremely nice. And the price is one of the lowest. Free wifi. Not too busy. Worth noting or else I would not have bothered for a laundry.
$$Van Nuyslaundry near me(818) 570-2321
Azusa Coin Laundry553 S Azusa WayLa Puente, CA 91744do your laundry. Definitely recommend this place.
$$laundry near me(626) 854-9873
Free Dry Lavanderia2777 E Slauson AveHuntington Park, CA 90255Best laundry ever it is free dries no catch will save you lots. I regret not coming here sooner and is not,packed highly recommended. Reasonable prices.
$laundry near me(323) 584-0093
BE & E CleanersLos Angeles, CA 90018The best dry cleaners in the area. She is beyond great! Definitely recommend to everyone. I moved out of the area but I am seriously considering driving out there just for this.
$Jefferson Parklaundry near me(323) 282-9180
Coin Laundry110 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90004Koreatownlaundry near me(323) 463-6354
Launderland1719 W Main StAlhambra, CA 91801Horrible service. Actually I didnt ask for their service. I brought 1 load of laundry. Big load machines cost $3.50.. I changed a $5 dollar bill for quarters and paid the machine. I
$laundry near me
Normandie Cleaners1501 W Jefferson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90018The best dry clean ever. The prices are just fine I have been coming here for 15 years and never had a big issue. The lady is super cool
$Adams Normandielaundry near me(323) 733-8947
Solair Cleaners3785 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90010Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 381-9998
Coin Laundry of Venice1000 Venice BlvdVenice, CA 90291Basic coin laundry. A little rundown, but decent machines and what you'd expect at a neighborhood coin laundry place. No fancy cards you can load with your credit/debit card. Cash
$$$Venicelaundry near me(310) 450-0179
Loyola Village Cleaners & Laundry8409 Lincoln BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90045Westchesterlaundry near me(310) 670-0141
Brentwood Country Cleaners13028 San Vicente BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90049Love the guys here. They're so friendly and actually care about their customers.  This is really a neighborhood cleaners unlike the big names elsewhere on San Vicente. Whenever I
Brentwoodlaundry near me(310) 451-7554
Arleta Laundry9134 Woodman AveArleta, CA 91331Not bad at all for a Saturday afternoon. This place is close to my house. Pretty decent and clean the employee here is very nice and helpful. -snack machines -video games - they sell
Arletalaundry near me(818) 830-9425
Classic Speedwash12822 Washington BlvdCulver City, CA 90230although this coin laundry will generally return your clothes neatly folded back within 24 hours, they have seemingly lost bags of clothing within the last few months. favorite pants
$$Culver Citylaundry near me(310) 301-1021
Nice N Clean Coin Laundry1901 W Glenoaks BlvdGlendale, CA 91201long vacation, and when I came back to do laundry, I noticed that the prices to wash had gone up from $1.50 for the standard washer, to $2.00 per wash. No renovations have occurred.
$$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 403-5658
Brite Cleaners101 Barrington WalkLos Angeles, CA 90049I usually never leave reviews but I was blown away by the service I got from Brite Cleaners earlier this week when I had a wardrobe emergency while on a business trip to LA; so I
$$Brentwoodlaundry near me(310) 476-4692
Joes Coin Laundry17026 E Cypress StCovina, CA 91722Okay laundry, Somewhat clean, however they only have like 5 carts for the entire place, I've been here before and the bathroom had a number to text for a code but that sign is no
$laundry near me(530) 500-2293
Westwood Cleaners1769 Westwood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90024They have never messed anything of mine up and the workers are very nice there. Shirt laundry is very reasonably priced, probably one of the best in the area, and their dry cleaning
$$Westwoodlaundry near me(310) 481-0707
Laundromat Lavamatica5218 Monte Vista StLos Angeles, CA 90042is wrong!?!? Wtf!!!! This macho idiot has his wife scared too. Btw there are flys everywhere so Not only doesn't management and the machines bug, so doesn't the wait for your laundry
$$Highland Parklaundry near me
Clean-O-Matic Quick Wash4723 Eagle Rock BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90041Came here out of desperation because there was no parking anywhere near my usual spot. This place is dirty- dust everywhere floating onto my clean laundry. And the machines are
Eagle Rocklaundry near me(213) 915-8828
Ez New Web Laundromat & Cafe1541 S Orange Grove AveLos Angeles, CA 90019Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 933-3713
Valencia Express Laundry23403 Lyons AveSanta Clarita, CA 91355occasionally. But for all of its pitfalls, it's not that expensive, they accept credit cards (I hate trying to find enough quarters or cash every week) and I get all of my laundry
$$laundry near me(661) 373-5170
Sudz Laundry House8739 Whittier BlvdPico Rivera, CA 90660alcohol and drugs. One of the guys (I guess in order to make it appear like they were there to do laundry) put this old smelly blanket (that obviously wasn't washed beforehand) in
$laundry near me(562) 821-5103
D & B Cleaners4673 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90029East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 660-9657
Beverly Glen Cleaners1619 N Beverly Glen BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90077This place is awesome! Very convenient for locals. Living in the hills has a con of everything feeling a million miles away! Especially in traffic. But this place is right in the
Beverly Crestlaundry near me(310) 475-2212
Jet Cleaner3600 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90010Friendly mom-and-pop dry cleaning. I like that it's a small operation, and I rarely have to wait to pick up or drop off. This place is a super short walk from my apartment, which is
$Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 389-3637
Fresia Lavanderia700 S Atlantic BlvdEast Los Angeles, CA 90022Found this place by accident but glad I did! Good size parking lot to park in and it's opened until midnight! Like a normal Coin-Laundry has everything you need. Washers and dryers
$East Los Angeleslaundry near me(714) 260-6402
The Cleaning Club10905 Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90034good for regular laundry of men's shirts, horrible for dry cleaning. My dry-cleaned clothes come back still smelly. In addition, they do not remove the stains I have pointed out.
$Palmslaundry near me(310) 836-9700
Thrifty Dry Cleaners4970 Hollywood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90027I've now been going to Thrifty Dry Cleaners for a couple of years and I have to say their work is TOP NOTCH!!!!!! All of my evening attire and gowns are well cared for, my business
$$$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 666-5242
K Town Cleaners3330 W 8th StLos Angeles, CA 90005Decided to give this place a try because of how convenient it is. K-Town Cleaners is about 300 feet from where I live. I went in early morning, a little after 7 am,  explained to he
$$Wilshire Center, Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 383-7990
Los Angeles Uniform Service333 S Grand AveLos Angeles, CA 90071is also available. We wash and maintain your bedding, towels, place mats and tablecloths. We are laundry experts and make sure everything looks its best before you ever put it out.
Downtownlaundry near me(310) 388-1880
Laundry Fluff and Fold ServiceLos Angeles, CA 90057Westlakelaundry near me(213) 952-0441
Wash & Dry Laundromat1644 W Carson StTorrance, CA 90501This place is not that bad. Nothing special but not the worst I've been to. Decent priced machines, dryers are 25 cents and they are open really late. If you are out looking for a
$Harbor Gatewaylaundry near me(949) 514-2187
LaunderLand2202 Artesia BlvdTorrance, CA 90504could use a few places for people to sit while their laundry is spinning. Needed to wash some stuff that was kind of large to wash in our own washing machine. We used the larger
$Torrancelaundry near me
Anaheim Coin Laundry503 W Chapman AveAnaheim, CA 92802So far our favorite laundry mat in Anaheim. It's next to a strip of food shops and a liquor store. Not too far from a BofA, and lots of tourists pass through here. It's mostly clean,
$laundry near me(714) 460-3887
Blue Ribbon Coin Laundry10504 Victory BlvdNorth Hollywood, CA 91606said that she couldn't give me back me money and that I'd have to fill out a form. So I asked her where the forms were and she said she didn't have any and smiled at me and sat back
$North Hollywoodlaundry near me(818) 766-8244
Next Door Cleaners3601 Ocean View BlvdGlendale, CA 91208Excellent and friendly customer service with high-quality laundry, dry-cleaning and alterations at reasonable prices -- what can you ask for?! The husband and wife who own this
$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 248-7944
Lucky Cleaner6511 S Sepulveda BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90045My experience over the last three months has been great.  Shirts have been pressed well.  Suit cleaned & pressed well.  Good prices.  On time.  I would recommend it for anyone in
$$$Westchesterlaundry near me(310) 337-7466
Bubble Beach Laundry2633 Main StSanta Monica, CA 90405Then 30 min later move your laundry forward, walk two blocks, stare at the ocean, contemplate your existence, then take the laundry out and have a nice rest of your day. Thanks,
$laundry near me(310) 392-1717
R P Coin Laundry4625 W Adams BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016West Adamslaundry near me(323) 734-5412
Sunshine Laundry4154 S BroadwayLos Angeles, CA 90037Historic South Centrallaundry near me(323) 232-2331
The Mother Lode Fluff & FoldCulver City, CA 90232I used this service once in the past and it went off without a hitch. However this time the delivery man forgot a bag of laundry on my doorstep. After I gave him my credit card info
$$$Culver Citylaundry near me(424) 543-4650
Thrifty Wash1702 Victory BlvdGlendale, CA 91201this used to be my go to for my laundry needs but unfortunately, i have found a replacement that one ups this place. however, i did want to share my experience of this place.
$Glendalelaundry near me(858) 335-8460
Spinster Laundromat519 1/2 S Verdugo RdGlendale, CA 91205Ever since this company took over several of the machines are always broken, laundry is always dirty...this is the closest to us but I think we might have to look where to do our
Glendalelaundry near me(818) 971-9274
Monicas Dry Cleaners6221 1/2 S Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90003Great place! Just need to update their yelp a bit. Not the same phone number any. Best prices hands down and an unmatched value. If you're ing this review, just trust me. No
Vermont-Slausonlaundry near me(323) 752-5206
Golden Eagle Dry Cleaning Shop613 S Spring StLos Angeles, CA 90014Near the bustling corner of 6th and Spring Street There's a lean guy, a clean guy, a gentleman-- not a mean guy; Every time I walk in, he springs to his feet and is quick to come
$$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 622-7733
Lavanderia5151 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019The man who maintains this laundromat needs to start wearing a shirt instead of just a dirty muscle shirt. He cleans the machines with a dirty wipe. He cleans while your washing,
Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 938-2383
Happy Days Cleaners128 N Robertson BlvdBeverly Hills, CA 90211Great little cleaners. The owner is a terrific woman who clearly cares about her customers. They do a fine job and the pricing is very reasonable.
$$laundry near me(310) 285-0095
Coin Laundry4758 Lankershim BlvdNorth Hollywood, CA 91602Very run of the mill laundry place. It's in a relatively safe area. There's a CVS right next door. It's hot, it's icky and it's like any other typical laundry place. The washer
$Toluca Lakelaundry near me(818) 509-8451
Family Coin Laundry11820 Centralia StLakewood, CA 90715Clean machines, good prices on large machines. Video games, soda machine, snacks, water station, and mid week they have someone here selling laundry supplies.
$laundry near me(562) 924-0290
Coin Laundry435 Centinela AveInglewood, CA 90302I have had a good experience at this coin laundry. The machines washed everything perfectly and they have washer with prices at $1.50, $1.75, and $3.00. Dryers are $0.25 for
laundry near me
Super Laundry4610 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90037Vermont Squarelaundry near me(323) 234-3973
Carson EZ Wash186 East Carson StCarson, CA 90745Very good service, the owner even offered to help carry my laundry to my car, so friendly and considerate. Friendly staff, many new machines and very clean, I liked that they had a
laundry near me(424) 342-9037
Centinela Cleaners1336 N Centinela AveInglewood, CA 90302They are so nice and friendly. 99 cents for most laundry shirts. Can't beat that!!!
$$laundry near me(310) 677-6171
Launderette4014 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90029I was in the area walking around and ran into this little boutique. I bought a pair of flats that looked so cute, I had to buy them. Despite the high cost... But the design is cute
$$$Silver Lakelaundry near me(323) 668-1900
Concourse Cleaners333 S Hope StLos Angeles, CA 90071A bit expensive but working in the building, it is worth paying a little than having to make an extra stop. I have only had items dry cleaned, nothing tailored and I will
$$$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 972-8355
Madison Ave Tailoring & Dry Cleaning7447 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90046I've taken several items here for alterations and he always does a great job. And he turns it around quickly, usually within a few days. I see there are some negative posts here but
$Hollywoodlaundry near me(213) 435-0597
Total Dry Clean Com5039 York BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90042This place is great - I brought in multiple Brookes Brothers sweaters that had some small holes in them and I only paid for them to be dry cleaned but the guy ended up expertly
$Highland Parklaundry near me(323) 258-8900
Century Laundry10024 Hawthorne BlvdInglewood, CA 90304OK, so a 5 start review for a laundry business in Inglewood? This place was great, CLEAN, new machines. I had seen this place a week or so ago (next to Boost Mobile), was very clean
$laundry near me(310) 674-9734
18 Minute Wash730 S Pacific Coast HwyRedondo Beach, CA 90277We haven't tried other laundry services in the area, but so far we don't need to look for others. 18-Min laundry serves us well and cleans our clothes well. The ladies manning the
$laundry near me(310) 540-4846
Village Coin Laundry4700 S Normandie AveLos Angeles, CA 90037Vermont Squarelaundry near me(323) 298-0431
Magical Dry Cleaners1530 S La Cienega BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035I bring my clothes and my laundry here every week and the service is excellent and the clothes are always on time and they are reasonably priced and very polite. I recommend them to
$Mid-Citylaundry near me(866) 620-0518
Thrifty Wash Coin Laundry10923 Firestone BlvdNorwalk, CA 90650Great place to do laundry. The remodel looks great. Also a great place to keep kids busy while the laundry is going. They definitely won't get bored. Found a great spot to do my
$laundry near me(562) 419-2744
Valet Cleaners3701 Cahuenga BlvdStudio City, CA 91604A hidden gem for alterations & dry cleaning in Studio City. I had several bridesmaid dresses altered here & all of them ended up fitting perfectly - my friends even asked me where I
$$Studio Citylaundry near me(818) 769-0892
Laundry Land Coin Laundry1321 E Carson StLong Beach, CA 90807Laundry with free wi fi. Can't be mad at that. Come in early get all the laundry done and get out quick. Like coming here for laundry. Never had an issue. Can't be mad at that.
$laundry near me(562) 989-8957
Golden Glow Cleaners9909 Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90034I love Golden Glow fgor alterations. I give Angelo all my best and intricate Pakistani / Eastern outfits for adjustments and I always get them exactly how I want and on time. A tad
$$Palmslaundry near me(310) 839-1480
Kims Laundry4505 W Adams BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016West Adamslaundry near me(323) 733-3474
VIP Coin Laundry9008 Slauson AvePico Rivera, CA 90660The only bad I thing I have to say is that the parking is horrible but on that note the owner has always come out to help take your laundry in so you can go park your car. Good
$laundry near me(562) 821-5138
The Washing Machine4339 E 4th StLong Beach, CA 90814near the Traffic Circle ($5). If you ever need to kill time while doing laundry here, you can grab a bite at Belmont Burgers, get some beer at Benson's, or take a lovely walk to
$laundry near me(562) 989-0270
Triangle Cleaners6242 W 87th StLos Angeles, CA 90045This place works miracles. They've made my clothes look better than when I first bought them. How they removed coffee stains from a cream Banana republic blazer I had given up on is
$$Westchesterlaundry near me(310) 670-9351
Pick n Drop LaundryBeverly Hills, CA 90211I work for an office setting so I need to get my attire dry cleaned often but as a mother it is difficult to find time to go and come back to pick it up. I decided to give these guys
$$laundry near me(310) 920-4333
Millers Cleaners2339 W Rosecrans AveLos Angeles, CA 90059Great and friendly place... Good prices and a discount if pay up front... Family owned
$laundry near me(310) 608-7527
The Laundry Room5041 W El Segundo BlvdHawthorne, CA 90250I regularly visit Coast Laundry every week to do laundry and discovered there was a fluff and fold service on site. I never thought I would need to use it, but I was glad Kyra was
$laundry near me(310) 956-7182
Coin Laundry4614 Inglewood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90230Next to Mexican supermarket. They have good tacos and beyond. I often shop while I'm waiting.  Their machines are decent. I never had any problem. I hope this location have better
Del Reylaundry near me(310) 720-8539
The Service Laundry21614 Roscoe BlvdCanoga Park, CA 91304This place is wonderful. All new machines and dryers. A lot of space, very clean and management is very friendly. This is the best laundry facilities I've been too. And the prices
$Canoga Parklaundry near me(424) 234-9342
Coin-Op Laundry4316 W Magnolia BlvdBurbank, CA 91505I dont really understand what people expect from a 24 hr laundry-washing facility. It's pretty clean, has a little parking lot out front, tons of washers of different sizes, fast
$Burbanklaundry near me(818) 843-9823
Three Kids Laundromat6300 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90043Some of the staff are helpful and some are rude af! Come early in the morning in the middle of the week to avoid crowds!
$Hyde Parklaundry near me(323) 759-1727
Joy Cleaners3018 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90057Westlakelaundry near me(213) 380-4545
Adams Laundry4622 W Adams BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016West Adamslaundry near me(323) 737-8108
Roscoe Express Laundry Center15033 Roscoe BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91402confusion, put aside her dusting, and said, give me a dollar. sensing imminent salvation from laundry purgatory, i immediately fished out a dollar, whereupon she asked for a credit
North Hillslaundry near me(818) 855-7995
ABC Coin Laundry4040 W Washington BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90018Arlington Heightslaundry near me(323) 373-1352
Krystal Cleaners448 S Central AveGlendale, CA 91204Was referred here by a friend for jeans alterations, and I can comfortably say I won't be going elsewhere anytime soon. The service is fast and superb, the craftsmanship is on point,
$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 543-1774
Doheny Dry Cleaners450 N Doheny DrWest Hollywood, CA 90048NEVER TAKE ANYTHING TO DOHENEY CLEANERS. Eric lied boldfaced to me, yelled at me, hung up on me when I called him later. I brought my two couch slipcovers to Artistic Laundry next to
$$$laundry near me(310) 271-6957
Leonardos Tailoring & Cleaner5411 Venince BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 933-3948
A&A Coin Laundry6706 Atlantic AveBell, CA 90201Best little laundry place! I went on a Saturday afternoon and there was only like 4 other people there. The laundry mat was extremely clean there was a guy going around cleaning the
$$laundry near me(323) 773-1135
Golden Glo Cleaners10555 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064I live down the street and love the convenience of this location. A little pricey but the convenience and service make up for it. They also were able to move some buttons around on a
$$West Los Angeleslaundry near me(310) 475-8853
Thrifty Cleaners5410 Whitsett AveValley Village, CA 91607me. I love this place and his laundromat next door is also a great place to do laundry, there's always someone on site and the place is always kept clean. Two thumbs up for me!
$Valley Villagelaundry near me(818) 761-8709
Spaulding Cleaners5677 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 931-4472
Garment Stage914 E 9th StLos Angeles, CA 90021Downtownlaundry near me(213) 489-9011
Thrifty Coin Laundry2165 Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006This place is absolutely disgusting.. Not to mention it closes before 9:00 PM.. Find another laundromat..
Harvard Heightslaundry near me(323) 766-1441
Quick Cleaners5150 Huntington Dr SLos Angeles, CA 90032So I have taken my jeans to several places and they told me they would heavy starch them well. When I brought them home I could have done a better job. I came on here to search for a
$$El Serenolaundry near me
Elite Cleaners201 N Los Angeles StLos Angeles, CA 90012Rating is for quality of cleaning and service. -Convenient if you're walking distance to the L.A. city mall. -You get a discount if you bring in 3 or 4 items or if you work for the
$Downtownlaundry near me(213) 628-0603
Hye Cleaners1931 W Glenoaks BlvdGlendale, CA 91201stuff I like on my suits. The laundry service is awesome, nice crsip dry cleaning as well. I always like the cool little family businesses because of the treatment you get, these
$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 559-3388
Adnor Coin Laundry1670 W Adams BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90007This is a horrible laundrymat really disgusting services treats you like you really bad no professional wants so ever machines don't work they think you stupid or playing games you
Adams Normandielaundry near me(323) 734-1977
The Wash Tub Manhattan Beach3921 Highland AveManhattan Beach, CA 90266This laundry might be closer to my house but its on a busy corner with heavy traffic and grumpy attendant. I will be taking my business and having my clothes washed somewhere else.
$$laundry near me(310) 545-2296
Sonnys Laundry & Minimart9522 S Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90003Vermont Vistalaundry near me(323) 418-1370
Laundry Express625 N Ave 64Los Angeles, CA 90042Grand opening. All new laundry equipment. Large capacity washers.
$Highland Parklaundry near me(323) 270-2079
Launderland1102 S La Brea AveInglewood, CA 90301Good laundry place with over 30 dryers and 4 different sizes of washing machines. There are 4 of the best arcade machines available for you to kill time including Ms. Pac Man, Metal
$laundry near me(310) 985-9293
Wilshire Cleaners2420 Wilshire BlvdSanta Monica, CA 90403Very nice laundry service, they are honest about what type of cleaning each item requires and seemed knowledgeable. I also had a sewing repair and it was well done. It is my first
$laundry near me(310) 828-1893
Coinless Laundry4956 Century BlvdLennox, CA 90304Most DIY laundry places offer the same services and don't offer anything special. This place is different. First off, the lady overseeing things was super friendly. I was having
$$laundry near me(925) 449-4956
Coin Laundry2815 S San Pedro StLos Angeles, CA 90011Historic South Centrallaundry near me(323) 232-2347
Clean Coin Laundry20042 Saticoy StWinnetka, CA 91306the laundry in my apartment complex, and most places around. I even saved money here, and cut my laundry time from like 8 hours to 1...no, I'm not joking. Edit: I forgot to
$Winnetkalaundry near me(818) 775-9248
Globe Cleaners11423 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90025Great fluff and fold, they have alteration service I took my dress for some repairs and they gave it back like new I really loved the result. I had a good experience with the dry
Sawtellelaundry near me(310) 473-5727
Cypress Coin Laundry6340 Lincoln AveCypress, CA 90630Decent coin laundry. It's located in a small shopping plaza. So far no damages or stains from using their machines here. I love the BIG washers & dryers! It allows me to wash one
$laundry near me(714) 494-3426
Coin & Drop Off Laundry24725 Railroad Ave 13th StNewhall, CA 91321Love this place...twice now I've dropped off laundry and twice I've come in to pick it up having left some cash which was handed back to me...rare these days! Customer service is
$laundry near me
Nerys CleanersLos Angeles, CA 90045I recently moved to santa monica and it is hard to find a good cleaners but you guys are the best I had problems with my last dry cleaners because my buttons were broken or missing
$$Westchesterlaundry near me(310) 297-0442
Hollyway Cleaners13020 Pacific PromPlaya Vista, CA 90094delivery service! The delivery guy is fantastic! Always give him a good tip. Best part its free especially when I can't make it down to PV. My laundry and dry clean always comes back
$$Playa Vistalaundry near me(310) 862-5790
Gaffey Wash and Dry1303 S Gaffey StSan Pedro, CA 90731an aisle is a bit challenging at times. Also they have plenty of laundry baskets inside but only two which will allow you to take outside to transfer clothes to your car.
$San Pedrolaundry near me(310) 803-3505
T J Cleaners2441 Santa Monica BlvdSanta Monica, CA 90404the laundry mat, is mis-informed as the laundry mat and the cleaners are 2 separate business's and should not be confused as the same business. The owner of the TJ cleaners is very
$$laundry near me(310) 315-1010
Hollyway Cleaners1159 Echo Park AveLos Angeles, CA 90026you recognize that time is money. For some dollars than you'd pay at the laundromat you can have loads of laundry done for you while you slave your days away at work. This
$$$Echo Parklaundry near me(213) 250-3961
Blue Note Cleaners998 S Robertson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035I don't usually write reviews, but after going to Blue Note Cleaners for over a year and consistently being pleased with their work, I figured I should take the time to share with
$$$Pico-Robertsonlaundry near me(310) 854-7242
Community Coin Laundry14555 Victory BlvdLos Angeles, CA 91411Nice laundromat.  New ownership has done a Nide job cleaning the place up.  They have added many new machines and I can always find a nice big machine to use that saves me time and
Van Nuyslaundry near me(805) 657-5535
S & S Queen Laundry Land7106 Compton AveLos Angeles, CA 90001Florence-Firestonelaundry near me(323) 585-8621
Coin-Op Laundry2640 Valley BlvdAlhambra, CA 91803Wow, the price for washing got raised to $2.25 now? The last time I used a coin laundry was $1.75, but it was 10 years ago =/ I think this place is nice. Just a bit confusing. I
$laundry near me
Crystal Coin Laundry4830 Huntington Dr SLos Angeles, CA 90032$El Serenolaundry near me(323) 226-1920
Free Dry Coin Laundry11904 Long Beach BlvdLynwood, CA 90262Parking sucks here, even after 12 midnight. The place is clean and the washing machines produce plenty of suds, which is something that I like . The free drying is a jewel. The next
$$laundry near me(310) 608-4866
Sterling Cleaners3405 Overland AveLos Angeles, CA 90034Their workers hang out and smoke at a side door on Woodbine (what is this, the 70's??) Also, there are seedy people hanging out there, beside the cleaners there is a coin laundry and
$$$$Palmslaundry near me(310) 287-2431
Maytag Coin Laundry411 N Verdugo RdGlendale, CA 91206Perfect place to do laundry. Very nice owners, new machines what can you ask for. It does get crowded at times usually around 6 when people get off work.
$$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 547-4679
Spring Cleaners200 E Imperial AveEl Segundo, CA 90245This is a legitimate perfect company providing good quality service. My wife is one of the regular clients of Spring Cleaners. They have been taking care of all our laundries and
$$laundry near me(310) 647-3438
Cbs Coin Laundry4400 S Slauson AveCulver City, CA 90230One star because it's never crowded. But other then that, the dryers are very bad! I only come here when my favorite Laundry mat is packed.
$Del Reylaundry near me(310) 391-2454
North Hollywood coin laundry12049 Vanowen StLos Angeles, CA 91605Super dirty and ghetto. Bums, drug addicts and gang bangers everywhere. Some guy was smoking weed and stinking up the entire place
$North Hollywoodlaundry near me(917) 596-2668
Debbes Imperial Cleaners4132 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90008This place is pretty expensive.  I had 2 zippers changed out of 2 dresses  is  a whopping $34.00. You before service  is complete.  The set up is like other cleaners but they had
$$Leimert Parklaundry near me(323) 299-0913
Classic Cleaners2714 Griffith Park BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90027I really wish this was a different scenario as I 've been going there for years.  The lady is super nice and remembers my number to look up my order when I walk in.  Unfortunately
$Los Felizlaundry near me(323) 660-0514
Michelles French Dry Cleaners11700 National BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064I am quite ignorant about this.  But why would they call it French dry cleaners when they are run by Koreans???  Eponymic or not, I still think they are one of the best dry cleaners
Mar Vistalaundry near me
Coin Laundry Self-Service1617 W Washington BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90007Pico-Unionlaundry near me(323) 766-9189
Coin Laundry15259 Gale AveCity of Industry, CA 91745The place is very small on top of that some washers and dryers are broken. They only accept change. No ATM machine inside and they don't use the card things that other laundry Mats
$laundry near me(562) 287-9267
Stonegate Laundry Service5702 E Los Angeles AveSimi Valley, CA 93063Joe at Stonegate was super helpful! I hadn't been to a laundry mat in years and needed a large comforter washed. Call me uniformed but didn't have a clue how to use the coin operated
$laundry near me(805) 520-6919
Beverly Hills Cleaners9164 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035of laundry to pick up and was a bit surprised that after I gave my discount coupon, the price was still close to $50. I paid it, left and called my wife to tell her that I thought
$$Pico-Robertsonlaundry near me(310) 888-0100
Brothers Coin Laundry450 Pacific Coast HwySeal Beach, CA 90740Funny.. Yelp lists this place as Brothers Laundry. The signage outside just says Laundromat. The sign inside says Launderland. This place has an identity crisis or it's been through
$$laundry near me(562) 598-6765
Launderland624 Mission StSouth Pasadena, CA 91030and find a working machine or stand in the heat folding clothes. I was spending between $15 and $20 each week doing my laundry at Launderland. Today I went to an *amazing* laundromat
$$$South Pasadenalaundry near me(310) 740-0690
Happy Laundry12505 Beach BlvdGarden Grove, CA 92841Can't complain. The price ($1.25 for small loads, but they have bigger washers too) isn't especially cheap, but I thought the place was pretty clean, and I had an easy time getting
$laundry near me(714) 902-7617
Superclean Coin Laundry11012 Lower Azusa RdEl Monte, CA 91731this is a pretty decent place to do laundry. there are plenty of machines, enough to go around for everyone! I only come here when I need to use the mega super load. it costs $7.00
$laundry near me(626) 444-8278
Maytag Coin Laundry1040 N La Brea AveInglewood, CA 90302So been living in the Inglewood area for the last past 5 years (apartment living). So finding the perfect laundry mat was our mission for the first couple of years. After doing
$laundry near me(310) 672-7106
Ogdens Cleaners15317 W Sunset BlvdPacific Palisades, CA 90272are looking for good dry-cleaning or laundry service!
$$Pacific Palisadeslaundry near me(310) 459-3881
Amar Laundry13759 Amar RdLa Puente, CA 91746I have not stepped into a laundry may in years. I have to put in my 2 cents by saying that this place is nice. Everything here is kept nixe and clean and the machines are quite
$laundry near me
EconoLaundryBurbank, CA 91502I cannot say enough good things about this company!  I have worked with them for almost a year.  They launder my business linens.  Excellent service!  It's really easy to schedule
Glendalelaundry near me(424) 326-5075
Steamer Cleaners13646 Ventura BlvdSherman Oaks, CA 91423do a machine press on dress shirts. They offer hand press, but only for the collar and cuffs... bummer). The costs are also a lot higher than average. The upside: quick turn-around
$$Sherman Oakslaundry near me(818) 906-2345
Elite Cleaners1242 1/2 W Glenoaks BlvdGlendale, CA 91201SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE! I will definitely come back to this place for all my dry cleaning laundry from now on. Najat is the lady who helped me. She is super friendly and nice. She
$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 247-2499
San Fair Dry Cleaners & Laundry MobileLos Angeles, CA 90046I have been using the mobile services of San Fair Cleaners for several months and couldn't be pleased. They're fast, efficient, convenient and reliable. They have cleaned a
$$Hollywood Hills Westlaundry near me(323) 963-5022
AMPM Laundromat1451 Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006Pico-Unionlaundry near me(818) 433-4337
Towne House Cleaners502 W BroadwayGlendale, CA 91204was reduced to $32. And again today I came in, expecting to pay $60 but paid only $40. They reduced the price because some of my shirts only needed laundry/machine wash. They did not
$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 244-6116
Plaza Tailors & Dry Cleaning928 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90006I can't even believe the speed and expertise with which Ron altered a costume piece for me. He is amazing!
$Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 383-3223
Vip Cleaners & Tailor4560 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90004Amazing service. Gifted Korean lady did my "repair on the spot!! She worked up a sweat fixing my down comforter on a super hot LA day! Great service!
$Koreatownlaundry near me(323) 469-8549
Nu Life Cleaners2540 Overland AveLos Angeles, CA 90064This is a really good cleaner and laundry. Owner operated with a lovely desk lady, Mimi. They do excellent work, are friendly, polite and professional, and rates compare with the
$$Cheviot Hillslaundry near me(310) 836-4434
Coin Op Launderland5238 W Adams BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016West Adamslaundry near me(323) 935-5306
Wonder Wash Laundry7385 Stewart And Gray RdDowney, CA 90241Nice and clean laundry place always a relief to wash here. It's fast and spacious to wash so I recommend it to all.
$laundry near me(562) 262-9600
Zebs Cleaners3351 W 43rd PlLos Angeles, CA 90008Our family has been using Zebs for over 20 years.  They are a family owned business who have been serving the community in Leimert Park graciously.   Dry cleaning it first rate; and
Leimert Parklaundry near me(323) 295-4241
Coldwater Cleaners4362 Coldwater Canyon AveStudio City, CA 91604The owners, I think Russian, are very sweet. I also am very happy with the quality of service. The laundry and dry cleaning is always done flawlessly. I've done business with other
$$Studio Citylaundry near me(818) 761-0129
Burton Way Cleaners9038 Burton WayBeverly Hills, CA 90211Quick Review:  Burton Way (and Beverly Crest Cleaners) are not cheap.  That's because they are the best in the city. I only take special and designer items that I trust won't get
$$laundry near me(310) 276-8902
Chevy Chase Deluxe Cleaners1610 E Chevy Chase DrGlendale, CA 91206Let me start off by saying that I came to Chevy Chase Deluxe Cleaners in sheer panic. I called ahead to explain my plight to Harry (the gentleman in charge), and he was extremely
$$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 241-8100
Ritz Cleaners5956 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035Yikes, just moved to the neighborhood and this was my first try for a new dry cleaner.... thoroughly disappointed!  Brought my duvet cover and shams, first thing it was move
Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 936-4162
Class A Cleaners4034 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90062This is one of the best cleaners in Los Angeles I have been going here for 19yrs Son and his wife have been very good to this community. Ronnie Cansler
$Vermont Squarelaundry near me(323) 299-2375
La Lavanderia Coin Laundry3881 Whittier BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90023bedding or major loads. There are many laundry carts available and plenty of table space to fold clothes. The basic washers cost $1.50 and take about 22 minutes (depending on the
$East Los Angeleslaundry near me
Regal Dry Cleaners & Laundry At Haskell15602 Ventura BlvdEncino, CA 91436I was looking for a new cleaners and found Regal on Yelp. Took in 8 work shirts for laundry. They did a great job. No starch per my request. Iwill go back again.
$Encinolaundry near me(818) 789-5656
Shirts ˜N Skirts Dry Cleaning5770 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90038I thought the lady who was there was really nice. I brought in some laundry and she did a great job and also stitched up the laundry bag for me! It's a little expensive, so I'll
$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 957-1109
Super Coin Laundry5871 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019The service is horrible. The short lady was extremely rude to me and didn't care that one of the washers took $7 from me unfairly! There is no option to put less than $10 on the
$Carthaylaundry near me(562) 439-8512
Michaels Cleaners10344 W Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064If you need laundry done on time, this is not the place to go. Simple experience of poor operation and poorer customer service In am in town to help family. Sign on front said same
$$$Century Citylaundry near me(310) 203-0609
The Cleaning Place147 S Glenoaks BlvdBurbank, CA 91502Quick, easy, incredibly friendly. I have never been anything less than satisfied with The Cleaning Place's services. Even had a few shirts altered, price was great and the shirts
Burbanklaundry near me(818) 558-6562
Lucky Coin Laundry16426 Crenshaw BlvdTorrance, CA 90504Pretty clean. Came at 8PM on a Saturday (1 hour before the last load). Washed my full size comforter and 2 decorative pillows. They had than enough room and came out very clean.
$Torrancelaundry near me(310) 715-6629
Culver Classic Cleaners5409 Sepulveda BlvdCulver City, CA 90230I am a man with many shirts and suits so I demand the best of my cleaner This is the best shirt laundry and dry cleaner I have ever worked with great people quality work and willing
$$Culver Citylaundry near me(310) 915-2099
Legacy One Hour Cleaners14445 Ventura BlvdSherman Oaks, CA 91423The parking SUCKS and the shop is too small. But I will always bring my laundry here. They are that awesome. I brought in a black and white dress (super hard to clean) that I needed
$Sherman Oakslaundry near me(818) 783-4797
One Pop Fashion & Tailoring7151 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90036$$Fairfaxlaundry near me(323) 936-3570
Launderland Wash & Dry600 W Manchester BlvdInglewood, CA 90301Been a minute since I used a Laundry mat, but this one was ok. Clothes dried completely on the least amount of time and money.
$$laundry near me(310) 412-2315
La Blanca Lavanderia3944 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90004Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 736-5308
Laundromat On Hazeltine6750 Hazeltine AveVan Nuys, CA 91405The worst laundry mat ever. We went there to wash a carpet which they can handle. Not only did the woman working there on 7/29 at around 8pm insist that we use the largest machine,
$Valley Glenlaundry near me(818) 846-7242
No Poop Stains17022 Bellflower BlvdBellflower, CA 90706We have been using this laundry service for about 5 months now. I have to say they are absolutely wonderful. I have scheduled laundry pick ups for less than 24 hours away and they
$laundry near me(310) 985-0661
Sunshine Laundry19043 Parthenia StNorthridge, CA 91324vending machines that take bills and quarters. There is also a a vending machine that sells laundry materials. Cons: I wish they had larger dryer machines because I kept having to
$Northridgelaundry near me(818) 692-0651
Suds & Duds Laundromat975 N Aviation BlvdManhattan Beach, CA 90266I only have good things to say about this place. I've been doing laundry here for a couple of years, and haven't had a bad experience. The space itself is well kept and has ample
$laundry near me(310) 372-7553
Cliftons Laundry & Cleaners4716 Franklin AveLos Angeles, CA 90027Los Felizlaundry near me(323) 665-6455
Palace Cleaners & Laundry201 S Glendale AveGlendale, CA 91205looked like all they did was press iron the shirts with no cleaning! The blouses still smelt like dirty laundry to the point I couldn't even wear it. Also, My husbands shirts were
$$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 243-2191
Ottos Cleaners1905 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90018This establishment is around the corner from my house, so I've taken many items to be dry cleaned here.  Everything seems to turn out fine and the prices are reasonable.  However,
Harvard Heightslaundry near me(323) 733-1493
Twins Cleaners730 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90005Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 380-8104
4th & Temple Laundromat2805 E 4th StLong Beach, CA 90814Probably one of the best laundry mats in the area. The location can get pretty crowded about mid-morning (10am-2pm) throughout the week. I've never stopped by on a Sunday so I am not
$$laundry near me(562) 438-5864
Stolen Base Cleaners & Laundry622 E El Segundo BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90059Both TVs are off they do have the air on conditioning it's hot but place needs update bad get some flat screen TVs movies for the kids, adults and have cards, only convenience is
$laundry near me(323) 770-0572
LC Star Wash Coin Laundry8009 Greenleaf AveWhittier, CA 90602Definitely not a laundormat goer. So I don't really know exactly what I'm looking for. I wasn't BLOWN away by this establishment. My dryer was out and I just needed a good place to
$$laundry near me(949) 207-8511
Dollar Cleaners304 N Garfield AveMonterey Park, CA 91754Fast and cheap. $2 for laundry on my dress shirts for work. y in a couple days. Friendly service
$laundry near me(626) 572-4139
Galleria Place Cleaner7125 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90046Quick service. Reasonable and pleasant. Never a long line. I love this place and always go here and no where else
Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 874-2514
Nice N Clean508 S Glenoaks BlvdBurbank, CA 91502Do not go there !!! If you're just by yourself and trying to get things done!!! Before I go, I saw people were reviewing about THAT LADY who works there. I didn't think it will get
$Burbanklaundry near me
Lax CleanersLos Angeles, CA 90045Mark is the man. I've been going here a few years for convenience now, but lately, it's been as much about the customer service. Mark and the whole team their always take good care
$Westchesterlaundry near me(310) 670-5885
Northridge Cleaners & Laundry9250 Reseda BlvdNorthridge, CA 91324someone who cares about the clients first! He's prices for laundry and dry cleaning is cheaper then any other place around Northridge, Granada Hills and Conoga park and Chatsworth.
$Northridgelaundry near me(818) 886-1002
CS Long Beach Coin Laundry3421 E Anaheim StLong Beach, CA 90804Pretty clean place, not too busy when I go, than again I never come on peak hours. Came here on a Saturday afternoon around 10am, and it wasn't that bad, than again I didn't have
$laundry near me(424) 731-2341
Cleaners Outlet6148 W PicoLos Angeles, CA 90035Cannot believe how bad this business is. I brought sweaters here for dry cleaning. A $200 sweater was shrunk and not wearable. I had to come back to talk to boss. He told me that 95%
Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 272-3941
Venice Cleaners11277 Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90066Elena is absolutely amazing. She must have a photographic memory or something as she knows your order and name as soon as you walk in. She is always accommodating and friendly to her
$$Mar Vistalaundry near me(310) 390-2165
JB French Dry Cleaners & Laundry805 N Palm AveWest Hollywood, CA 90069They do excellent tailoring here. I have all my pants hemmed and altered at JB French West Hollywood.  Expect to pay at least $10 per garment for dry cleaning. That is really
$$$laundry near me(310) 652-4343
California Coin Laundry954 N Virgil AveLos Angeles, CA 90029East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 660-7331
Village Toss N Tumble Laundromat4201 Montair AveLong Beach, CA 90808I would like to start by saying how lucky life has been having a washer and dryer at home!!! Due to unfortunate circumstances I ended up here on a Saturday night with 8 loads of
$laundry near me(562) 243-5656
Beverly Hills Cleaning Center8586 Wilshire BlvdBeverly Hills, CA 90211Customer service was great. The man working there told me the time and date to come and my clothing was y. I got a shirt tailored and some laundry done and good prices. Overall I
$$laundry near me(310) 358-0606
The Lost Sock Laundromat23748 Lyons AveNewhall, CA 91321the professionalism organization and kindness that she perceived!! I received my laundry perfectly sorted folded and bag on my doorstep earlier than I expected. Rachel picked up my
$laundry near me(661) 293-7837
Long Cleaners142 S Barrington PlLos Angeles, CA 90049name is a few syllables longer than snuffaluffagus and just as tough to pronounce. I would show up to pick up my laundry and she would greet me, "Mr. P****, 2 pants, 4 shirts -
$$Brentwoodlaundry near me(310) 472-4818
Fudz Coin Laundry1433 E Gage AveLos Angeles, CA 90001Florence-Firestonelaundry near me(323) 582-7773
Leos Laundry6318 Holmes AveLos Angeles, CA 90001$Florence-Firestonelaundry near me(323) 587-2733
fluff and fold coin operated laundry11809 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90044Athenslaundry near me
Granda Coin Laundry3112 S Budlong AveLos Angeles, CA 90007Adams Normandielaundry near me(323) 766-0422
La Mode Cleaners4557 W Adams BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016This dry cleaners is great.  If you prepay for your shirts it only costs $1.25/shirt to have it laundered.  It only costs $2/item to have suit jackets/ dress pants and all that stuff
$West Adamslaundry near me(323) 617-6675
Lci Laundry by Shelli Seg110 E 9th StLos Angeles, CA 90079Downtownlaundry near me(213) 488-9377
Wash & Dry Coin Laundry3051 Wabash AveLos Angeles, CA 90063Boyle Heightslaundry near me(323) 780-8492
Superior Laundry8013 Norwalk BlvdWhittier, CA 90606THIS fluff and fold laundry service is awesome. It's about an extra $10 washing period. They fold everything absolutely perfectly. I don't know what I would do without them. Thank
$laundry near me(562) 692-8884
Master Cleaners1106 Montana AveSanta Monica, CA 90403I'm always trying different cleaners in the area because of work and I gotta say, this is one of my favorites. Friendly employees, garments are cleaned and pressed beautifully and
$$laundry near me(310) 395-4223
Sloans Dry Cleaners & Laundry2924 Whittier BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90023The process gave me a bad feeling from the start, which I attributed to the fact that I've never been to a dry cleaner before. The top part of my wedding dress is decorated with
$$Boyle Heightslaundry near me(323) 264-9309
Yukon Laundry3568 Redondo Beach BlvdTorrance, CA 90504Love how convenient and close this laundromat is. The owners are very nice. If cutting close to the last wash time they will allow you do finish your laundry without being pressured.
$Torrancelaundry near me(310) 756-6288
Legend Cleaners641 N Sepulveda BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90049Fancy laundry shirts! Sheets & duvet covers are all look brand new! Sandy welcomes you.
$$Brentwoodlaundry near me(310) 471-7437
Lennox Laundry10903 Hawthorne BlvdInglewood, CA 90304Their machines smell bad. They need to do something to clean them. Special is good Tuesday -Thursday 11am-4pm. Accesible carts outside make it easy to put your laundry inside.
laundry near me(310) 419-9733
Fiesta Coin Laundry9447 Firestone BlvdDowney, CA 90241I would highly reccomend this place. it's super clean and they have free WiFi !  the prices are really good and they have a frickin ice cream machine!  Looks like I found a new place
$$laundry near me(562) 219-3050
Ladera Heights Cleaners & Laundry4920 W Slauson AveLos Angeles, CA 90056Every yelper needs a reliable cleaners! Why not go to mine? They are fast, reliable, friendly, with both laundry, dry cleaning and alteration services available. Plus, there is free
$$Ladera Heightslaundry near me(323) 293-8189
Moe Moe Alteration2896 W Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006it says sunland, but it's actually in koreatown (next to wako on olympic)  the best place and only place i do alterations.  not only is it cheap but get the work done.  i've been
$Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 487-7010
I & A Cleaners3729 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90026unless I'm really stuck. They charge $4+ a shirt for laundry and pressing, which is higher than the price list. I was told that's because most of my shirts are fitted and they claim
$$$$Silver Lakelaundry near me(323) 953-9988
Grand View Cleaners12207 Venice BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90066I've been using Grandview Cleaners as my main source of alterations and dry cleaning for about two years and have never had any issues. They don't do complicated alterations, but
$$Mar Vistalaundry near me(310) 398-5245
Morgan Services905 Yale StLos Angeles, CA 90012bait and switch practices for pricing.   great delivery drivers...never any response from management  about triple increase in pricing.  douche bag contract locks you in then they
Chinatownlaundry near me(213) 485-9666
Abes Dry Cleaners-Leather & Suede Cleaning6505 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90028The stain was faded, but still there. I was able to finally remove it with stuff I got at the market and in my laundry. I don't know if it was the particular stain type or just not
$Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 461-6687
New Era Cleaners5413 N Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90042Gabriella is always so friendly and takes her time to help you - There are so many places in town and it's not easy to find a place that does great work AND treats their customers
$Highland Parklaundry near me(323) 258-9665
Reseda Cleaners18601 Sherman WaysLos Angeles, CA 91335I've used Reseda Cleaners for nearly ten years,  all the way back when they were on Lindley.  They have always taken great care of me and my suits. Every alteration or repair had
Resedalaundry near me(818) 342-2471
Coin Laundry3331 E 4th StLong Beach, CA 90803can't even leave clothes here while doing laundry. Had a good run here.
laundry near me(714) 813-7180
Fox Coin Laundry2439 Santa Monica BlvdSanta Monica, CA 90404to this review it means my clothes came out fine even if I don't return to this laundry. OK I'm back. I'm holding strong to my 3 star review but just have to add that my clothes are
$$laundry near me(310) 829-9378
Coin Laundry565 E Willow StLong Beach, CA 90805dedicated parking spot in their small lot. I did my laundry for a fair price and got out, nobody bugged me. I came on a weekday during the day and there were a few other customers,
$laundry near me(714) 356-5692
E Z Wash-n-dry Coin Laundry8037 Vineland AveLos Angeles, CA 91352This is a small laundry with the owner on premisis. You can't beat the prices. $1.25 for a single load wash. $3.75 for a washer big enough to do a comforter. Located near the La
$Sun Valleylaundry near me(818) 394-2001
United Plus Cleaners1786 Westwood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90024This place is a very cheap dry cleaner that provides really great service. Dry cleaning is always half off and a laundried dress shirt costs me only $1.25-1.50. And even though they
$Westwoodlaundry near me(310) 481-0955
Launderland3006 Maple AveLos Angeles, CA 90011Historic South Centrallaundry near me(213) 749-7066
Coin Laundry Lavanderia3051 Wabash AveLos Angeles, CA 90063$Boyle Heightslaundry near me
Santa Fe Lavanderia6816 De Soto AveCanoga Park, CA 91303I went to do laundry today (Monday) in the morning and everything went smooth. I was able to get the machines I needed and also dry machines were available. You use a laundry card
$Winnetkalaundry near me(818) 227-5600
Sunny Laundromat6302 San Fernando RdGlendale, CA 91201thieves money! Its so sad you have people that prey on hard-working people just trying to do laundry and go about their business. I used to love this place. It was always clean,
$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 655-0047
Lucky Coin Laundry11105 Burbank BlvdNorth Hollywood, CA 91601I always go here. It's always clean and the people are there to do their laundry-no creepers trying to check out your laundry. The guy who runs the place keeps it up to date and
$North Hollywoodlaundry near me(818) 980-9008
Coin Laundry5360 Topanga Canyon BlvdWoodland Hills, CA 91399Great little spot. Clean and pretty affordable. Lots of normal looking people doing their laundry here. Came in to do a giant comforter which took two hours to wash and dry! Their
$$Woodland Hillslaundry near me(818) 222-2574
Rudys Cleaners4939 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90029I'm so surprised to these other reviews--I've had honestly nothing but great service here and would recommend Rudy's highly. A couple of times they have not been able to
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 664-6612
Coin Op Laundry1920 Ximeno AveLong Beach, CA 90815This is the coin op laundry in the Vons shopping Center next to Baskin-Robins and Radio Shack. Clean place with lots of machines so no worries about being too busy. Driers are strong
$laundry near me
Valley Stores Coin Laundry4383 Tujunga AveStudio City, CA 91604machines are old and gross. Oh yeah and the bitch drove off in a Benz. You can afford to buy a new bed. People come here to do laundry because they don't have machines. Selfish twat!
$$$Studio Citylaundry near me(818) 763-5712
Coin Op Laundry1807 W Verdugo AveBurbank, CA 91506My building's laundry was tied up the day before a trip so I decided to head to this place to do laundry and I'm glad I did. I started to park on the street but then I noticed
$Burbanklaundry near me
Highland Park Laundry228 N Avenue 50Los Angeles, CA 90042$$Highland Parklaundry near me(323) 259-5867
Milt & Edies Drycleaners & Tailoring Center4021 W Alameda AveBurbank, CA 91505to the important part.. The laundry. FLUFF N FOLD IS NOT PART OF THE 2 HOUR GUARANTEE This needs to be repeated.. FLUFF N FOLD IS ****NOT**** part of the 2hr guarantee. I was
$$$Burbanklaundry near me(818) 846-4734
Tidy Toosh Diaper ServiceLos Angeles, CA 90032for any potential skin condition she may have -We wanted to do something that was good for the environment. Diapers equal about 10 gallons worth of waste a week, it seems. -HONESTLY,
El Serenolaundry near me(661) 609-8683
Clean King1005 E Manchester AveLos Angeles, CA 90001I noticed this place while driving by, and saw their huge signs for free dry. I came here at around 3pm on a Sunday and there was some parking available in the lot and a handful
Florencelaundry near me
Vivis Laundry22839 S Figueroa StCarson, CA 90745My roommate turned me on to this laundry mat and I am so happy with the machines. Never have I used such wonderful washer and dryers. They are brand new and state of the art, better
$$laundry near me(310) 699-1191
R P V Cleaners28041 Hawthorne BlvdRancho Palos Verdes, CA 90275$5.75 for a silk blouse.  The spots on a blouse were not completely removed first time and they redid it for free and it was all gone. Thank you very much! I'll be a regular here for
$$laundry near me(310) 377-1334
Mr Laundrymanlaundry area was as clean and organized as before. Thank you Gary for your time and reasonable quote, we will highly recommend your company, Mr. Laundryman to anyone.
laundry near me(877) 900-0094
Econo Wash6857 La Tijera BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90045I enjoy going to this laundromat solely because of the employees. Mina is there Monday- Saturday and she does the wash and fold. It is a dollar per pound, which is well worth it when
Westchesterlaundry near me(310) 641-1819
Sparklean Laundry4553 Peck RdEl Monte, CA 91732Warning!! This place is NOT 24hrs like it says.   I like this place. It's actually pretty clean and well kept. I come here to wash my big blankets and their machines seem to do the
$laundry near me(626) 443-8868
Glo-Tone Cleaners442 Fair Oaks AveSouth Pasadena, CA 91030This is our go-to laundry spot. It's conveniently located in a plaza with a Winchell's Donut and a Starbucks, so the ol' adage, "kill two birds with one stone" applies here. I have
$South Pasadenalaundry near me(626) 799-8057
Laundromax837 S Prairie AveInglewood, CA 90301them recently. Hint hint Laundry owners. Disappointed. I had to spend another 15 at another laundromat the next day. **** Rest of the review***** Not many 24 hour laundromats left in
$laundry near me(310) 673-5091
Nice & Clean Coin Laundry1347 E Colorado StGlendale, CA 91205If you want to get yelled at for trying to get change from the machine to do your laundry, this is the place. They deserve ZERO STARS. Apparently, there's an unwritten policy that
$$$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 402-6061
Coin Laundry14022 Springdale StWestminster, CA 92683I came here because I needed to do laundry last minute and this was the only place near me that's open until 12 pm. I decided to try this place out for sure based on the positive
$laundry near me(714) 809-4636
Buena Park Laundromat8575 Knott AveBuena Park, CA 90620I love these laundromat coz its clean and spacious but 2 weeks ago when we did our laundry there some of out clothes were stolen from the washer..and they specifically digged out the
$laundry near me(714) 226-0986
Casa De Lavanderia689 S Hoover StLos Angeles, CA 90005Exposition Parklaundry near me(213) 533-0251
Cypress Bubbles16900 Lakewood BlvdBellflower, CA 90706I went on a Sunday and it wasn't too packed. There are a lot of machines and a variety of sizes. It was clean, and the staff was helpful. I'm new to the area and felt comfortable
$laundry near me
Tower Cleaners3460 W 7th StLos Angeles, CA 90005Wilshire Center, Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 387-1575
Coin Laundry9083 Woodman AveLos Angeles, CA 91331Vallarta, etc. I can't say that about most laundromat locations. Plus, it's never truly packed here even on weekends when a whole bunch of people want to do their laundry. It's
$Panorama Citylaundry near me
Hollyway Cleaners8359 Santa Monica BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90069Come bask in the eye-watering stench of 1000 soiled armpits, in a stifling reception area where the only relief comes from an incredibly dusty floor fan. That being said, Hollyway
$$laundry near me(323) 654-1271
Coin Laundry2030 Valley StLos Angeles, CA 90057By far the absolute WORST laundry mat I've ever been to in my life. I don't even know where to start. Shall I talk about the walls that are crumbling? Or the fact that it was
$$$$Westlakelaundry near me(213) 483-1550
Bae Hyung2940 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006Harvard Heightslaundry near me(323) 737-1561
Coin Laundry and Water18240 Prairie AveTorrance, CA 90504whoa am i the 1st review or is my internet tripping? well if i am then cool, i think its my first as well. anyways, love this spot, i don't do laundry often in laundromats but when i
$Torrancelaundry near me
J C Cleaner3250 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90010Wilshire Center, Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 480-0830
Eco Coastal CleanersI have been using the laundry service from Eco coastal cleaners for about 3 months. I am a health care practitioner in Santa Monica and have a very eco friendly non-toxic office as I
$$laundry near me(310) 450-7878
Lucys Laundry Mart5440 Central AveLos Angeles, CA 90011$$Central Alamedalaundry near me(310) 315-3539
Rocket Cleaners & Laundry2518 Daly StLos Angeles, CA 90031$$$Lincoln Heightslaundry near me
Magic Cleaners828 S Atlantic Blvd FrontMonterey Park, CA 91754Brought my Jiu Jitsu gi's in to get some patches put on them on Sat. They were y today, price was great. The woman (Diane I presume) was very friendly, and did an absolutely
$$laundry near me(626) 281-6880
Coin Laundry4169 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90004$East Hollywoodlaundry near me
Buena Coin Laundry6565 N Figueroa AveLos Angeles, CA 90042Nice little spot. I had been going to Eagle Rock Coin Laundry (which is great!), but this one is closer. Pleasantly surprised at how clean it is, mostly due to the nice attendant who
$$Highland Parklaundry near me(818) 456-2663
Westland DryCleaning1363 Westwood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90024I viewed Westland Laundries reviews online and made a few phone calls to see how much it would cost for dry cleaning 8 dress shirts and a few sweaters. They seemed to have reasonable
$$Westwoodlaundry near me(310) 479-5725
Effreys Custom Cleaners8917 Melrose AveLos Angeles, CA 90069Dealt with Jennifer in a tough spot after a dry cleaner I used previously almost destroyed my tuxedo. She was professional and gave me the information I needed to decide how to
$$$$laundry near me(310) 858-7400
Dr Cleaners4444 Lankershim BlvdToluca Lake, CA 91602plastic cases comforters come in when purchasing one in the store (with the zippers). NOT a plastic bag like other cleaners. Very swank! The comforter itself is spot free (it has
$$Toluca Lakelaundry near me(818) 508-9145
LaunderTree Coin Laundry301 W Las Tunas DrSan Gabriel, CA 91776bill changers were not working.. I had to go to the nearest laundry mat to change my bills.. Took am hour of my laundry time. Very inconvenient! Those machines should be working
$laundry near me(310) 562-2610
24 Hour Coin Laundry8142 Commonwealth AveBuena Park, CA 90621can feel cramped with a few people in it trying to get their laundry. the place is clean enough and it has an attendant at night, also very convenient if you like to wash your
$laundry near me(714) 986-4494
Spin Cycle909 N Euclid StAnaheim, CA 92801They were closed when I came at 12:30 to do my load of laundry. I was upset and woman like in posting a very unnecessary review, I BC apologize Carlos, sincerely i do. You had spoken
$laundry near me
Gateway Cleaners2515 S Barrington AveLos Angeles, CA 90064Been going to Gateway Cleaners for years for a number of reasons: 1) Quick turnaround always 2) The staff is always very friendly and 3) they fix my buttons!
$$Sawtellelaundry near me(310) 473-4527
Orsini Cleaners550 N Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90012I liked that this cleaners is conveniently located if you live in the Orsini and the girl at the front seems nice. However, I can't recommend working with them for alterations or if
Downtownlaundry near me(213) 346-9980
Clean Scene2301 Artesia BlvdRedondo Beach, CA 90278I have laundry/dryer capabilities at my apartment but chose to sell them to come to this laundromat because I have fallen in love with their high capacity machines and I can tackle
$laundry near me(310) 370-7739
Super Wash116 E Whittier BlvdMontebello, CA 90640Lots of large washers and the nicest workers. You also get bonus money and they have weekly specials. No need to bring a bag of quarters it's a card store. You can tell they work
$laundry near me
Target Coin Laundry6624 S BroadwayLos Angeles, CA 9000324 days still no answer my three dollars I have not received not even in the mail this place is not the place to come although they have a nice place  management need to hire
Florencelaundry near me(323) 778-7787
Coin Laundry5968 Westminster BlvdWestminster, CA 92683good place to do laundry one of the cleanest and great washers and dryers.
$laundry near me
Sharp Dry CleanersSunset BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90046Very honest and friendly people, i never get tickets for my clothes and i always get all of them back (i count how many pieces i am leaving ) great price...but not very well done dry
Hollywood Hills Westlaundry near me
Milos Cleaners & Laundry4404 Vineland AveNorth Hollywood, CA 91602I dropped off 35 lbs of sheets, towels, and non-delicate clothing for the fluff and fold. At $1/lb, the price is right, and I was able to get same day service. Quality was good -
$$Studio Citylaundry near me(818) 769-0758
Mission Cleaner512 S Garfield AveAlhambra, CA 91801The owner is so courteous and friendly. I have been here for the past two years, great place for dry cleaning and other laundry services. Convenient location and fair pricing. You
$laundry near me(626) 293-7694
Figueroa Coin Laundry4321 N Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90065$$Highland Parklaundry near me(323) 276-8530
A Carriage Regal Cleaner11803 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90025;DR Carriage Regal Cleaner is a great place you can trust as long as you remember to limit each batch of laundry to 15 pieces. Come in on Wednesday and ask for a 40% off discount!
$$Brentwoodlaundry near me(310) 477-8088
Express Coin Laundry5940 Atlantic BlvdMaywood, CA 90270I'm new to the area and today was the first day I needed to do laundry. Checked yelp and saw this place had 1 review and it was a 5-star review. The place is nice, clean and
$laundry near me(323) 809-6518
El Lavadero Coin Laundry10041 Laurel Canyon BlvdPacoima, CA 91331Clean, affordable, nice people and they will do the laundry for you even pick it up and deliver clean and folded.
$Pacoimalaundry near me(818) 660-2492
Just For You Laundry 54404 Compton AveLos Angeles, CA 90011Last call to wash is 9 pm but they close at 11pm. I am never washing here I got here at 9:05 and  the lady got all emotional. Plus you have to purchase a $2 debit card to was
Central Alamedalaundry near me(323) 234-7442
La Lavanderia Coin Wash2601 E 4th StLos Angeles, CA 90033Boyle Heightslaundry near me(626) 422-6775
Super Wash ˜n Dry Laundry16331 Harbor BlvdFountain Valley, CA 92708So I spent all day scouring yelp for coin laundry reviews because I had a super late doctor's appointment in Fountain Valley and a basket full of dirty laundry that couldn't wait
$laundry near me(949) 310-8877
Ocean Blue Cleaners3216 Manhattan AveHermosa Beach, CA 90254This place is as good as it gets for cleaners. If you're a local to Hermosa or Manhattan Beach, there's no real reason you shouldn't be getting your dry cleaning here. I've
$$laundry near me(310) 372-6900
Best Price Laundromat366 N Allen AvePasadena, CA 91106chose Best Price, and we will patronize this local merchant again. "One of us", a first timer to the laundromat scene, did leave a load of laundry in one of the washers, and did not
$Pasadenalaundry near me(626) 486-2858
Loft Cleaners609 S Los Angeles StLos Angeles, CA 90014Downtownlaundry near me(213) 489-3772
Launderland Coin-op Laundry445 El SegundoLos Angeles, CA 90061$laundry near me
Sunshine Coin & Laundry9505 Garvey AveSouth El Monte, CA 91733My go to laundry place in this area. I hate the laundry facility in my apartment complex because its super expensive! I always pile up my laundry then load my car and head here...
$laundry near me
Nicks VIP Cleaners5231 Lindley AveLos Angeles, CA 91356impeccable work, but he's proactive in suggesting a laundry vs. dry cleaning needs, thereby helping ME to save money! And he is sooo conscientious that he will redo any item that HE
$Tarzanalaundry near me(818) 343-7710
Union Cleaners3589 E 1st StLos Angeles, CA 90063Javier (owner) is the type of person that you either love or hate.  I personally, do not care for his personal chit chats every single time I come here.  BUT, you cannot get the work
$East Los Angeleslaundry near me(323) 261-2664
Ocean Express Cleaners625 Montana AveSanta Monica, CA 90403the Montana area of Santa Monica. I couldn't recommend enough. Price is fair, and you don't have to mess around with coupons or bulk discounts, just straight up fair prices everyday.
$$laundry near me(310) 451-1816
Cleaners on the Corner11766 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90025I have been waiting for these guys to open a shop since they left Green Lux in Westwood (which then, somehow, became Terrible). Every other dry cleaner has one of four problems. 1.
$Sawtellelaundry near me(310) 473-0206
The Wash Wizards170 W Foothill BlvdMonrovia, CA 91016Good find, kinda hard to spot this place is tucked back in a corner of a shopping center. The signage says " Coin" laundry or something like that so if you're looking for Wash
$$laundry near me(855) 212-9030
Olive Cleaners1728 W Verdugo AveBurbank, CA 91506Good prices, good service, good results. We take all our clothes for the laundry here and they come back looking great - clean, crisply pressed, and all the buttons in place. Easy
$$Burbanklaundry near me(818) 842-7786
Pride Card Laundry7042 Sepulveda BlvdVan Nuys, CA 91405Me and my husband have been coming to this laundry place for a little bit over a year aly. It's convenient and mostly always pleasantly clean. The machines work nice and we've
$Van Nuyslaundry near me(818) 901-2610
Couturier Cleaners9311 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90035Gotta tell you - it is really nice coming across a business that really is ethical and wants to really do right by their customers. Once when they made a mistake about when to get a
$$Pico-Robertsonlaundry near me(310) 860-9608
Gilford Wm3166 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019Harvard Heightslaundry near me(323) 733-0566
Minas Cleaners2164 W Slauson AveLos Angeles, CA 90047It was Oct. 1, 2006. My birthday. A ton of family and friends joined me at the Yardhouse in Long Beach for a hell of a good time.   They say I had plenty of drinks, in all varieties:
$Chesterfield Squarelaundry near me(323) 292-7103
Kims Hand Laundry8116 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90048im not sure if this is the laundry mat or not, but its in-between sushi time and kims hand laundry, but im yelping anyways. so this place is okay, not bad, and i have yet to have a
Beverly Grovelaundry near me(323) 653-8415
Beverly Crest Cleaners10301 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90025Their services are amazing. I have been a customer for nearly ten years and have yet to be disappointed. I highly recommend them to everyone for all of their services. The negative
$$Westwoodlaundry near me(310) 277-5165
Coin-Op Laundry15041 Mulberry DrWhittier, CA 90604smoothies if you're up to it, to pass the time. Spent a total of two hours here. People may complain about cleanliness but I say buy a washer/dryer for your apartment if you don't
$laundry near me
Plaza Dry CleanersMy to-go cleaner since I moved to Los Angeles last August. The prices aren't that expensive compared to other cleaners. I use them mainly to laundry my shirts and dry clean my suits.
$$laundry near me(310) 804-2901
Paris Dry Cleaners2916 Sawtelle BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064Note: review of laundry service only I came by and dropped off two dress shirts for laundry. Got them back in 2 business days. No problems with the cleaning, no buttons missing and
$$Sawtellelaundry near me(310) 478-7649
Baldwin Hills Cleaners5782 Rodeo RdLos Angeles, CA 90016Baldwin Hills/Crenshawlaundry near me(323) 389-8385
Adams Cleaners1859 W Adams BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90018Adams Normandielaundry near me(323) 734-7568
Master Tailor and Cleaners4513 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90004I was lucky enough to be recommended to this place by my hairstylist. Son and Sun are extremely helpful and friendly. I came in to have my bridesmaid dress altered mermaid style.
$East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 461-1335
Star Brite Cleaners139 S Verdugo RdGlendale, CA 91205Their customer service is great! Very friendly and nice. Im satisfied with the way my coat looks after they did their magic. Highly recommend!
$$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 246-6424
Sunshine Coin-Op Laundry233 Garfield AveMonterey Park, CA 91754Disturbed. Disturbed is the only way I can describe the service. Now being as this is a public offered establishment something's can not be helped. But what can be I shall inform. At
$$$laundry near me
Usa Laundromat1553 W Manchester AveLos Angeles, CA 90047For this area its very Clean and cheap 1cent per min dryers. Never too crowded and the attendant is very nice and friendly.
$Manchester Squarelaundry near me
Gateway Laundromat9528 Whittier BlvdPico Rivera, CA 90660Located in the Gateway Plaza shopping center on Whittier Blvd. You really can't miss it, with a giant red lit up sign. Not gonna lie this shopping center is a little ghetto. My dad
$laundry near me(714) 997-7956
Tres Toros Laundromat2551 E Gage AveHuntington Park, CA 90255Great laundry space and washers. Except for the lady that works there now. She's always in a bad mood and has -0 customer service skills. Would of gave it a 5 star rating
$$$laundry near me(323) 277-9106
Burbank Dry Cleaners3919 W Riverside DrBurbank, CA 91505for alterations. She was able to get me exactly what I wanted for the lowest price I've ever been quoted, and the clothes look perfect and very professional. I will be back for all
$$Burbanklaundry near me(818) 559-5599
Good Neighbor Services1611 Cordova StLos Angeles, CA 90007Pico-Unionlaundry near me(323) 732-8678
Abuelitas Lavanderia14034 Victory BlvdVan Nuys, CA 91401I live a few blocks from this Laundromat and although I have a washer and dryer in my house - I bring my laundry in bags every Monday to this lavanderia! To get it all done at once!!
Valley Glenlaundry near me(818) 636-0301
777 Cleaners2805 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90016West Adamslaundry near me(323) 373-1777
Maytag Coin Laundry and Fluff and Fold10311 Zelzah AveNorthridge, CA 91326In this review, I choose the 5 coin laundry that is the closest to where I live and review them from 5 stars (the best) to 1 star (the worst) in order. Check each place for my full
$Granada Hillslaundry near me(818) 217-4179
Buckboard Cleaners1465 E Valley BlvdAlhambra, CA 91801I went to Buckboard Cleaners to drop off laundry and a piece of dry cleaning. The lady at the counter was friendly and let me know when the items would be y. Sure enough, I went
$laundry near me(626) 248-8406
Yee Yuen Linen Service1729 W Adams BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90018Adams Normandielaundry near me(323) 734-7205
V & R Laundry & Dry Cleaners12432 Moorpark StStudio City, CA 91604solo HAPPY I found this hidden gem! Excellent service love the people who run this place, they always seem so happy to have my business. I use their fluff and fold when my laundry
$$Studio Citylaundry near me(818) 763-4095
Jm Coin Laundry4161 S Figueroa StLos Angeles, CA 90037Vermont Squarelaundry near me(323) 233-2623
Pico Laundromat2669 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006Pico-Unionlaundry near me(213) 384-5135
Mandys Coin Laundry11479 San Fernando RdSan Fernando, CA 91340fold too. There's 2 people on site assuming they're the owners, one old man and a younger guy. Really nice. Soda machine everything is $1. New laundry spot!
Pacoimalaundry near me(818) 925-0024
Neighborhood Wash3308 W 135th StHawthorne, CA 90250It's a little small but I like the idea that it takes debit/credit cards because I don't have to worry about quarters nor get a laundry card that I'll never get to use the last few
$$laundry near me(562) 704-6975
Master Cleaners1018 N Western AveSan Pedro, CA 90732Roy and his team do a great job every time. Super reasonable rates and truly a one stop shop for laundry, dry cleaning and tailoring. They have cleaned leather, suede, tailored, from
$San Pedrolaundry near me(310) 833-3803
Bubbles Laundromat12120 Saticoy StNorth Hollywood, CA 91617Clean quiet...They got Big screens, Air conditionig....Arcades...Its a fun place to do your Laundry.....
$Sun Valleylaundry near me(818) 759-9222
Rutleys Cleaners3333 W Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019I've never had any problems and have come here several times for dry cleaning. I used to patronize their old nearby location named Organic Cleaners. Great prices and service.
$$Koreatownlaundry near me(323) 732-7840
San Pedro Coin-Op Laundry1330 S Pacific AveLos Angeles, CA 90731This is a clean place. I've been there 3 times. First time....the owner needs to change his sign saying the last load is 8 or 8:30 because you can't possibly get laundry done in an
$San Pedrolaundry near me(213) 637-9000
Park Cleaners115 Rose AveVenice, CA 90291up, which is in a huge font. I definitely will not return. I wish I had taken a few minutes to quickly scan Yelp for a good and honest business, like Lizon Tailors or Rosebud Laundry
$$Venicelaundry near me(310) 392-0740
Youth Sing Chinese Laundry & Cleaner1326 N La Brea AveInglewood, CA 90302Great service and pretty good prices.  They do quality cleaning and alterations.  The only knock is limited hours (only till 6pm, 5pm on certain days) and sometimes will be randomly
laundry near me(310) 412-0671
Royce Cleaners10848 W Olympic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064like way tand she had no clue so she had to call the owner. The owner was gracious enough to give me a whole $5 off bringing the total down to the outrageous price of $21 for some
$West Los Angeleslaundry near me(310) 474-2338
Dickie Dobins Cleaners8387 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90048This place is the best cleaners, I just moved to Santa Monica and it's hard to replace Joe the friendliest guy at the counter. They're much reasonably priced that I've seen
$$Beverly Grovelaundry near me(323) 658-6830
Perfect Cleaners10531 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064clothes to a "cheaper" dry cleaner down the street. Well you get what you pay for, the other dry cleaner returned my laundry with wrinkles, and a hole in one of my shirts! You
$$West Los Angeleslaundry near me(310) 470-0330
Super Wash N Dry1210 W Imperial HwyLa Habra, CA 90631It's a laundry mat, what can anyone expect? than this place, that's for sure. Too few regular sized machines. Crabby faced attendant on site who can't seem to crack a smile or
$laundry near me(562) 691-3473
Magic Cleaners & Laundry89 N Lake AvePasadena, CA 91101I have had dry cleaning, laundry, alterations, and stain removal.. All categories exceeded my expectations.. All stains removed, new stitches held, they're fast efficient and great
$$Pasadenalaundry near me(626) 796-1975
J K Coin Laundry2205 N San Fernando RdLos Angeles, CA 90065Glassell Parklaundry near me(323) 221-1562
Sandras Coin Laundry3452 Foothill BlvdLa Crescenta, CA 91214When I got quarters, the owner yelled at me to show him my laundry. When I said my laundry is in my car, he yelled that I am a liar and looked for my car. When I tried to get my
$$Glendalelaundry near me(818) 957-3332
Elegance Dry Cleaners3339 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90026NEVER GO HERE!!! AWFUL! They are completely unprofessional. I went in for fluff and fold and they gave me a bag of someone else's underwear. Whats a bag of my laundry was
$$Silver Lakelaundry near me(323) 644-0524
Cleaners Depot333 S Spring StLos Angeles, CA 90013This is an honest review of my husbands experience that happened today. He had a pile of shirts that needed to be dry cleaned so he found local dry cleaners (Cleaners Depot LA). At
Downtownlaundry near me(213) 620-9333
Lucky Coin Laundromat4900 Compton AveLos Angeles, CA 90011Central Alamedalaundry near me(323) 235-4981
Angel Cleaners4052 W 3rd StLos Angeles, CA 90020Koreatown, Wilshire Centerlaundry near me(213) 365-0099
Flair Cleaners337 N Pass AveBurbank, CA 91505We LOVE this dry cleaners: 1) At our PREVIOUS dry cleaners, our bill some months would be $600 for laundry and drycleaning--since we changed to FLAIR, it was cut by 2/3, it is now
$$Burbanklaundry near me(818) 843-5657
Maytag Coin Laundry15708 Vanowen StLos Angeles, CA 91406Van Nuyslaundry near me(818) 383-7968
Baronet Cleaners & Laundry12831 W Washington BlvdCulver City, CA 90066Get your clothes done here. Been coming for years. Gary is the best and he can pick up and deliver too. They also do alterations.
$$Culver Citylaundry near me(310) 306-7976
Cipriano Custom Tailors6715 Hollywood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90028These guys do great great work... for much less then their competitors. I had some ripped jeans redone at bubbles laundry... the patches lasted about 2 weeks.. and I paid 30$. I was
Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 462-8172
Cleaners Depot6300 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90048Carthaylaundry near me(323) 951-1220
Hector Tailor Shop4475 Rosewood AveLos Angeles, CA 90004also does standard dry cleaning, laundry and shoe polishing & repair. I recommend you give him a try.
East Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 654-0669
Mission Coin Laundry14540 Brand BlvdSan Fernando, CA 91340The few times that I come I walk in to an amazing smell of detergent. I feel like I'm in laundry heaven. It's nice and peaceful and doesn't get too crowded, it's just perfect to come
Pacoimalaundry near me
Whitewater Laundry ServicesLos Angeles, CA 90041Bringing the convenience of laundry to your doorstep! Quality guaranteed, customer service unmatched.
Eagle Rocklaundry near me(323) 577-9810
VIP Cleaners3128 S Sepulveda BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90064Stellar customer service driven approach to the dry clean, laundry, and tailor business. Tang works long hours to keep his customers happy. He knows most customers by name after only
$$Palmslaundry near me(310) 235-2277
Union Coin Laundry1265 S Union AveLos Angeles, CA 90015Pico-Unionlaundry near me(213) 388-6179
De Leon Express Tailoring3757 Overland AveLos Angeles, CA 90034I have been using De Leon tailoring for years now for everything - dry cleaning, laundry, and alterations, and I'll never go anywhere else. You can't beat the top-notch service of
$Palmslaundry near me(310) 204-1947
A & D Coin Laundry8019 Garfield AveBell Gardens, CA 90201everything you need to get your laundry done. The best of all for me is that is not crowded ( I come here during weekends) which is perfect! I moved to San Diego and whenever I head
$$laundry near me(626) 899-5956
amigo laundry6024 VinelandNorth Hollywood, CA 91606WTF? I'm reviewing lavanderias now? Yes, yes, this is true! This place is a lavanderia. It's brand new! I really let my laundry build up and did not have the patience to do it for 4
North Hollywoodlaundry near me
Pants Cleaners10421 Santa Monica BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90024immediately). This place is UNBELIEVABLY dishonest. No one should even consider sending laundry or alterations to this place!!!!
$$$Westwoodlaundry near me(310) 481-0311
Laundry Mat3116 N BroadwayLos Angeles, CA 90031Lincoln Heightslaundry near me(323) 276-8025
Valet CleanersI have been using Valet Cleaners for years.  They have made my life so much easier by picking up and dropping off at the my doorstep.  It's a family biz, which is awesome in this age
$laundry near me(323) 294-7181
J K Coin Laundry3725 Gage AveBell, CA 90201Best laundromat in the area! Customer service is always best and the guy who work there is very nice. Plus the store is always clean and look in good condition. Highly recommend use
laundry near me(323) 583-8850
Mk Dry Cleaning3007 Ocean Park BlvdSanta Monica, CA 90405and pressed perfectly. I will use this place from now on. This place has no frills but hey, it's laundry.
$laundry near me(310) 450-0878
Clover Laundry Whittier8230 Norwalk BlvdWhittier, CA 90606This is my go to place for my laundry needs. It is very clean, well kept and the machines are always well maintained. It is a safe and secure area. Every time I have gotten my
$laundry near me(562) 821-5884
Fainas Classic Cleaners & Laundry7611 Santa Monica BlvdWest Hollywood, CA 90046laundry near me(323) 650-7878
Elegance Cleaners660 Silver Spur RdRolling Hills Estate, CA 90274I love this cleaner! Very sweet lady runs the front. They do alterations on site and are reasonably priced. They recycle hangers as well which I like.
$$laundry near me(310) 541-3299
Don Mar Cleaners11514 Burbank BlvdNorth Hollywood, CA 91601Very friendly, convenient, and reliable. They even text you when your laundry is y for pickup. All my cleaning was professionally done. If you live in the address, I recommend
$North Hollywoodlaundry near me(818) 980-3733
Palmieri Cleaners4527 Sepulveda BlvdSherman Oaks, CA 91403I am grateful to have such a great cleaners that cares about my cloths.  Highly recommended.
$Sherman Oakslaundry near me(818) 789-4385
Hyperion Cleaners2730 Hyperion AveLos Angeles, CA 90027If you need something hemmed this is your place.  The clerk asked me if I'd like the original hem on a pair of jeans that were a couple of inches too long.  I said "sure" not
$$Silver Lakelaundry near me(323) 661-4356
Tailor Cleaners & Laundry11469 Washington BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90066Culver Citylaundry near me(424) 228-4068
C&H Coin Op2236-2238 S Atlantic BlvdMonterey Park, CA 91754As I write I'm doing my laundry , the one star it's because nobody's in here like if you have problems with one of the machines nobody comes to your help, there's a number where you
$laundry near me
Plaza Cleaners & Laundry2039 Westwood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90025West Los Angeleslaundry near me(310) 470-9878
United Laundry Equip2401 S Atlantic BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90040laundry near me(323) 526-9137
Bubbles Dry Cleaners4222 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019This is my old post when I gave it only one star.  I have removed the one star in exchange for four based on meeting the manager's husband, the quality of the job they did and
Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 954-6486
Torrance Coin Laundry21600 Normandie AveTorrance, CA 90502Positive.. Every coin laundry is about all the same... I don't really like giving a place a bad review unless the person who works there is rude and doesn't really care about their
$laundry near me(310) 320-6630
S & H Wash And Dry2201 Beverly BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90057Westlakelaundry near me(213) 353-4562
Magical Dry Cleaners No 24222 W Pico BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019Mid-Citylaundry near me(323) 938-3871
Royal Couture Cleaners4051 S BroadwayLos Angeles, CA 90037$$$Historic South Centrallaundry near me(310) 451-3663
Laundry 360441 E Carson StCarson, CA 90745Used the wash and fold service, my laundry was clean, smelled good and folded nicely. Great customer service!
$laundry near me(424) 329-2338
Crown Cleaners840 N Fairfax AveLos Angeles, CA 90046I brought in a new pair of Theory pants to be dry cleaned and when I picked them up they had been hemmed! The clerk asked me to come back the next day to pick up the pants which they
$$$Fairfaxlaundry near me(323) 653-6016
CS Coin Laundry4350 Lincoln AveCypress, CA 90630This has got to be the worst laundry mat around now! I d having to come here when I have no other solution. Today though has to be the worst visit I've ever had since they
$laundry near me(424) 731-2341
Olympic Cleaners of Beverly Hills9225 W Olympic BlvdBeverly Hills, CA 90212Wonderful people.  Recommended to come here by a local, custom-clothing, designer.  It gives me that "small town cleaners" vibe.    You can park at metered parking on the North side
laundry near me(310) 274-2030
Western Coin Laundry7210 S Western AveLos Angeles, CA 90047Manchester Squarelaundry near me(323) 778-7350
Washington Garment Dyeing & Finishing1341 E Washington BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90021Downtownlaundry near me(213) 747-1111
Dove Master Cleaners2039 Westwood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90025Needed to clean a lady's leather jacket.  After finding a cleaning company online, it listed Dove as a nearby drop off place.  Dove explained how they send it to trusted place for
$$$West Los Angeleslaundry near me(310) 441-2760
Hans Alteration937 S Alvarado StLos Angeles, CA 90006a dry cleaning and laundry service. The price is very cheap and the service is quick and done right. Overall, I recommend this place!!!
Westlakelaundry near me(213) 385-5290
Cotton Club No 24354 S Vermont AveLos Angeles, CA 90037$$$Vermont Squarelaundry near me(323) 233-3199
Coin Laundry1896 W Jefferson BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90018Exposition Parklaundry near me(323) 731-4604
Logan Cleaners7300 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90046Hollywoodlaundry near me(323) 876-5570
Artistic Hand Laundry452 N Doheny DrWest Hollywood, CA 90048THE WORST laundry service EVER !! First of all , the owner (?) evidently is the only one who can handle customers and so the employees in the back run over to get him from the dry
$$$laundry near me(310) 276-8279
Mobile Cleaners5757 Wilshire BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90036Mid-Wilshirelaundry near me(323) 937-6654
Smith Quick Cleaners1901 Rodeo RdLos Angeles, CA 90018Exposition Parklaundry near me(323) 292-6208
Express Coin Laundry - Firestone Blvd2024 Firestone BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90001Dan saw a need in the Los Angeles community for a laundromat that consistently and effectively served its customers, so he opened Express Coin Laundry in 2010, and we've been going
Florence-Firestonelaundry near me(323) 809-6518
Laundry10319 Avalon BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90003Clean wash house. Friendly staff. Mon & Wed $1 off on machines. Parking available. Close to ither shopping centers.
Green Meadowslaundry near me(323) 820-1506
Joy Cleaners & Laundry13313 Moorpark StSherman Oaks, CA 91423located in a strip mall..... but the best cleaner's i have been too. they are reasonable, polite, and clean. they do dry cleaning, laundry & tailoring. if you need your leather
$$Sherman Oakslaundry near me(818) 784-3551
Rowenas Cleaners8430 Lincoln BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90045A one-stop for garment care, Rowena offers on-site dry cleaning, laundry and alterations, all under the same roof and at reasonable prices (for this area anyway). Friendly and
$$$Westchesterlaundry near me(310) 670-0156
Kims Dry Cleaning Agency2833 James M Wood BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90006Koreatownlaundry near me(213) 383-7527
Super Laundromat12017 Garvey AveEl Monte, CA 91732massage chairs, a place to get water, and vending machines with over priced laundry supplies, just walk across the street to the dollar tree if you need something. I prefer to come
$laundry near me
Quick & Clean1331 Huntington DrSouth Pasadena, CA 91030I'm very pleased with their service at Quick & Clean. I've never been disappointed with any Chinese Laundry. I've been using full service laundries for forty years and I've never
$$South Pasadenalaundry near me(323) 257-0098
U Cleaners725 Barrington AveLos Angeles, CA 90049PRICES! (trust me I have experimented with almost a dozen cleaners and no place matches there prices and esp. with there quality and service) The cleaners picked up about 20lbs of my
Brentwoodlaundry near me(310) 382-6447
Dollar Cleaners1601 Centinela AveInglewood, CA 90302I have heard that people who come here, experience a laundry-party type environment, with party-type old-school R&B music in stuff. I guess that can be fun if you are the type of
laundry near me(310) 641-9511
Cho Wonsik958 Crenshaw BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90019Koreatownlaundry near me(323) 935-0809
Press Dry Dleanerslaundry near me(818) 210-4899
Elegant Cleaners3339 W Sunset BlvdLos Angeles, CA 90026Silver Lakelaundry near me(323) 664-3470
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