Build a wardrobe of high-quality pieces that last more than just a few years.


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5 Steps to building your dream wardrobe. aim for quality

Aim for quality

Only a few years ago, the concept of “quality over quantity” seemed inherently flawed to me. I thought, why in the world would I want to blow all my money on one pair of jeans, when I can have five pairs instead?

I was firmly in the “more is more” camp, and so I put up with shoes that gave me blisters, flimsy polyester T-shirts that felt itchy, and pants that I had to readjust after every tiny movement, all in exchange for having more (equally flawed) options hanging in my closet. I didn’t bother caring properly for my clothes or storing them right, and to me, it wasn’t a big deal if a garment fell apart in the wash, a seam ripped, or a heel broke off of one of my shoes. Each individual piece simply wasn’t worth much to me, not just monetarily but also within the context of my jam-packed wardrobe.

The result of this approach was that I usually threw out the majority of my clothes at the end of a season: some pieces because they had literally fallen apart, others because the fabric was covered in pills, and many because they had simply turned out to be so uncomfortable or ill-fitting, I couldn’t bear the thought of ever wearing them again. And so, about twice a year after a thorough clean-out, my closet always looked frighteningly empty to me and the whole vicious cycle started again.

Sounds terribly wasteful? It was. Fortunately, my strategy did a complete 180 almost as soon as my goal had shifted from “be fashionable” to “cultivate my own personal style.” That process happened quite naturally for me, as it does for most people: once you become more selective about what you keep in your closet, you’ll attach a bigger value to each individual piece and will probably no longer be satisfied with cheap, badly manufactured stuff. You’ll want clothes that feel good on your skin. Clothes that are sturdy and durable and that won’t fall apart after a couple of seasons. Clothes that fit the contours of your body well, without distorting your silhouette or restricting movement.

Aiming for quality goes hand in hand with building a great wardrobe that expresses your style and supports your life. And that’s why this blog in addition to making sure your wardrobe aligns with your style from an aesthetic point of view— emphasizes choosing clothes that are high-quality, functional, and made to last.

You’ll learn how to put together a wardrobe that works for your lifestyle, is as versatile as possible, and gives you tons of outfit options for all your activities. You’ll become a pro at assessing the quality of garments based on factors like the craftsmanship of its seams or the composition of its fabric. You’ll get to know your own subjective preferences for materials, silhouettes, and details inside out. There’s also a whole chapter dedicated to choosing clothes that fit well, so you’ll eventually be able to instantly tell whether the construction of a potential new piece aligns well with the individual proportions of your body.

And don’t worry if you are on a budget: you don’t need a fat wallet to put together a high-quality wardrobe. The quality of a garment is rarely perfectly correlated with its price, and once you know all about assessing garments, you’ll be well equipped to find high-quality pieces at all price points.

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